33rd National Hockey League All-Star Game

The 33rd National Hockey League All-Star Game was held in The Forum in Inglewood, home to the Los Angeles Kings, on February 10, 1981.

33rd NHL All-Star Game
123 Total
Campbell 211 4
Wales 001 1
DateFebruary 10, 1981
ArenaThe Forum
MVPMike Liut (St. Louis)
 1980 1982 

Game summary

Campbell ConferenceWales Conference
Final Score41
Head Coach Pat Quinn (Philadelphia Flyers) Scotty Bowman (Buffalo Sabres)
Lineup Starting Lineup:


Starting Lineup:


Scoring Summary
  • Nilsson (Barber, Holmgren) 0:45 1st
  • Barber (Johnstone) 8:06 1st (Shorthanded)
  • Babych (Johnstone, Federko) 16:12 2nd
  • Wilson (Bossy, Gretzky) 10:18 3rd
  • Ogrodnick (Howe, Kehoe) 5:13 3rd
  • Bourne 7:47 1st
Shots9-8-8 (25)18-13-12 (43)
Win/LossMike LiutDon Beaupre


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