30th meridian east

The meridian 30° east of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, Europe, Turkey, Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole.

30th meridian east

The 30th meridian east forms a great circle with the 150th meridian west.

The meridian is the mid point of Eastern European Time.

The 1992 BBC travel documentary Pole to Pole followed Michael Palin's journey along the 30° east meridian, which was selected as his travel axis as it covered the most land.

From Pole to Pole

Starting at the North Pole and heading south to the South Pole, the 30th meridian east passes through:

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
90°0′N 30°0′E Arctic Ocean
80°9′N 30°0′E Barents Sea Passing between the islands of Kongsøya and Abel Island, Svalbard,  Norway
70°42′N 30°0′E  Norway
70°4′N 30°0′E Varangerfjord
69°51′N 30°0′E  Norway Passing just west of Kirkenes
69°25′N 30°0′E  Russia
67°41′N 30°0′E  Finland For about 8 km
67°37′N 30°0′E  Russia
66°0′N 30°0′E  Finland
65°41′N 30°0′E  Russia
64°47′N 30°0′E  Finland
63°45′N 30°0′E  Russia For about 2 km
63°44′N 30°0′E  Finland
61°45′N 30°0′E  Russia
60°0′N 30°0′E Baltic Sea Gulf of Finland, 300 meters of Lisy Nos, Saint Petersburg coast
59°52′N 30°0′E  Russia Passing just west of Saint Petersburg proper
55°51′N 30°0′E  Belarus
51°29′N 30°0′E  Ukraine
46°30′N 30°0′E  Moldova For about 12 km
46°23′N 30°0′E  Ukraine
45°44′N 30°0′E Black Sea
41°8′N 30°0′E  Turkey
36°13′N 30°0′E Mediterranean Sea
31°17′N 30°0′E  Egypt
22°0′N 30°0′E  Sudan
10°17′N 30°0′E  South Sudan
4°13′N 30°0′E  Democratic Republic of the Congo
0°51′N 30°0′E  Uganda
1°26′S 30°0′E  Rwanda Passing just west of Kigali
2°21′S 30°0′E  Burundi
4°18′S 30°0′E  Tanzania
6°29′S 30°0′E Lake Tanganyika
7°8′S 30°0′E  Democratic Republic of the Congo
8°19′S 30°0′E  Zambia
15°38′S 30°0′E  Zimbabwe
22°13′S 30°0′E  South Africa Limpopo
Eastern Cape
31°18′S 30°0′E Indian Ocean
60°0′S 30°0′E Southern Ocean
69°18′S 30°0′E Antarctica Queen Maud Land, claimed by  Norway

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