30th National Hockey League All-Star Game

The 30th National Hockey League All-Star Game was held at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, home of the Vancouver Canucks, on January 25, 1977. Wales Conference All-Star team defeated the Campbell Conference for the third consecutive year. Rick Martin scored two goals in the third period including the game-winning goal with under two minutes to play, and was voted most valuable player.

30th NHL All-Star Game
123 Total
Wales 112 4
Campbell 111 3
DateJanuary 25, 1977
ArenaPacific Coliseum
MVPRick Martin (Buffalo)
 1976 1978 

Team Lineups

Wales Conference All-Stars

# Nat. Player Pos. Team
29Ken DrydenMontreal Canadiens
30Gerry DesjardinsBuffalo Sabres
2Ian TurnbullToronto Maple Leafs
5Guy LapointeMontreal Canadiens
6Jim SchoenfeldBuffalo Sabres
18Serge SavardMontreal Canadiens
19Larry RobinsonMontreal Canadiens
21Borje SalmingToronto Maple Leafs
22Brad ParkBoston Bruins
7Rick MartinLWBuffalo Sabres
8Peter McNabCBoston Bruins
9Lanny McDonaldRWToronto Maple Leafs
10Guy LafleurRWMontreal Canadiens
12Gilbert PerreaultCBuffalo Sabres
14Nick LibettLWDetroit Red Wings
15Guy CharronCWashington Capitals
16Marcel DionneCLos Angeles Kings
20Jean PronovostRWPittsburgh Penguins
23Bob GaineyLWMontreal Canadiens
25Al MacAdamRWCleveland Barons

Campbell Conference All-Stars

# Nat. Player Pos. Team
1Bernie ParentPhiladelphia Flyers
30Glenn ReschNew York Islanders
2Harold SnepstsVancouver Canucks
3Tom BladonPhiladelphia Flyers
4Phil RussellChicago Black Hawks
5Denis PotvinNew York Islanders
14Joe WatsonPhiladelphia Flyers
20Jim WatsonPhiladelphia Flyers
7Rod GilbertRWNew York Rangers
8Garry UngerCSt. Louis Blues
10Wilf PaiementRWColorado Rockies
11Tom LysiakCAtlanta Flames
12Gary DornhoeferRWPhiladelphia Flyers
15Don MurdochRWNew York Rangers
16Bobby ClarkeCPhiladelphia Flyers
17Tim YoungCMinnesota North Stars
19Rick MacLeishCPhiladelphia Flyers
23Bob NystromRWNew York Islanders
27Eric VailLWAtlanta Flames
77Phil EspositoCNew York Rangers

    G = Goaltenders; D = Defencemen; C = Centre; LW/RW = Left Wing/Right Wing

    Game summary

    #ScoreTeamGoalscorer (Assist(s))To,e
    First period
    10-1CampbellVail (Potvin)2:54
    21-1WalesMcDonald (Gainey - McNab)6:22
    Penalties : Campbell bench 15:32 ;

    Dornhoefer (Cam.) 16:24 ; Lapointe (Wal.) 16:24

    Second period
    31-2CampbellMacLeish (Nystrom - Potvin)11:56
    42-2WalesMcDonald (Perreault - Robinson)19:27
    Penalties : Potvin (Cam.) 4:11 ; Lapointe (Wal.) 5:08 ;
    Paiement (Cam.) 8:34 ; Joe Watson (Cam.) 14:02
    Third period
    53-2WalesMartin (Dionne - Robinson)4:00
    63-3CampbellEsposito (Gilbert - Dornhoefer)12:23
    74-3WalesMartin (Dionne - Lafleur)18:04
    Penalties : Russell (Cam.) 3:17 ; Salming (Wal.) 15:48

    Goaltenders :

    • Wales  : Dryden (31:27 minutes), Desjardins (28:33 minutes).
    • Campbell : Parent (31:27 minutes), Resch (27:41 minutes).

    Shots on goal :

    • Wales (36) 14 - 10 - 12
    • Campbell (25) 10 - 08 - 07

    Referee : Bruce Hood

    Linesmen : Matt Pavelich, Ron Finn

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