2nd Regiment New Mexico Volunteer Infantry

2nd Regiment New Mexico Volunteer Infantry or 2nd New Mexico Regiment Infantry was a volunteer regiment in the Union Army, raised at Santa Fe, in the Territory of New Mexico, during July and August 1861.[1] Its commander was Colonel Miguel E. Pino.[2]

The regiment was attached to the Department of New Mexico, serving on duty at Fort Craig, N. M., until February, 1862, when it was in action at the Battle of Valverde on February 21, 1862. Lt. Col. Manuel Antonio Chaves led a detachment of 2nd New Mexican Volunteers whose scouts had detected the Confederate supply train at Johnson's Ranch nearby during the Battle of Glorietta Pass. Alerted by Chavez, Major John M. Chivington's command including Chavez fell upon the train, defeated its guards and destroyed it, forcing the withdrawal of the Confederate Army from the battle to Santa Fe, where they began a long and dangerous march back into Texas.

Following the defeat of the Confederates at Glorietta Pass, 2nd Regiment was part of the pursuit of the Confederate forces from April 13-22, wherein they fought in the Action at Peralta on April 15th, and at the Action at Socorro on April 25th.[1]

Following that campaign the regiment had duty in the Central, Northern and Santa Fe Districts of the Department until May, when it was consolidated with the 1st New Mexico Infantry to form the 1st New Mexico Cavalry on May 31, 1862.[1]

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