29th Berlin International Film Festival

The 29th annual Berlin International Film Festival was held from 20 February – 3 March 1979.[1] The Golden Bear was awarded to the German film David directed by Peter Lilienthal.[2]

29th Berlin International Film Festival
Festival poster
LocationWest Berlin, Germany
AwardsGolden Bear (David)
Festival date20 February – 3 March 1979

Michael Cimino's The Deer Hunter was removed from the festival after withdrawal of several countries from the festival in protest of its inclusion.[3] The retrospective dedicated to Rudolph Valentino was shown at the festival.[4]


The following people were announced as being on the jury for the festival:[5]

Films in competition

The following films were in competition for the Golden Bear award:

English title Original title Director(s) Country
A ménesgazda András Kovács Hungary
David David Peter Lilienthal Germany
The Marriage of Maria Braun Die Ehe der Maria Braun Rainer Werner Fassbinder Germany
The First Polka Die erste Polka Klaus Emmerich Germany
Heart of the Forest El corazón del bosque Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón Spain
Ernesto Ernesto Salvatore Samperi Italy
Hardcore Hardcore Paul Schrader USA
Alexandria... Why? Iskanderija... lih? Youssef Chahine Egypt
Kassbach – Ein Porträt Peter Patzak Austria
Kejsaren Jösta Hagelbäck Sweden
The Adolescent L'Adolescente Jeanne Moreau France
Love on the Run L'amour en fuite François Truffaut France
Meetings with Remarkable Men Meetings with Remarkable Men Peter Brook United Kingdom
Messidor Messidor Alain Tanner Switzerland
Movie Movie Movie Movie Stanley Donen USA
Nosferatu the Vampyre Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht Werner Herzog Germany
Winterborn Vinterbørn Astrid Henning-Jensen Denmark


Winner of the main award for best film in its section


The following films were shown in the retrospective dedicated to Rudolph Valentino:

English title Original title Director(s) Country
Eyes of Youth Eyes of Youth Albert Parker USA
The Conquering Power The Conquering Power Rex Ingram USA
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rex Ingram USA
The Sheik The Sheik George Melford USA
Monsieur Beaucaire Monsieur Beaucaire Sidney Olcott USA
The Eagle The Eagle Clarence Brown USA


The following prizes were awarded by the Jury:[2]


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