2020 European Aquatics Championships

The 2020 European Aquatics Championships will take place in Budapest, Hungary, from 11 to 24 May 2020.[1][2]

35th European Aquatics Championships
Host city Budapest, Hungary
Date(s)11-24 May 2020
Venue(s)Danube Arena (swimming, diving, artstic swimming)
Lupa Lake (open water swimming)


Competition dates by discipline are:[2][3]

  • Swimming: 11-17 May
  • Diving: 18-24 May
  • Open water swimming: 18-24 May
  • Artistic swimming: 18-24


The venues of the competition will be the Danube Arena, in central Budapest, for swimming, diving and artistic swimming events and the Lupa Lake, located in the town of Budakalász (part of the Budapest metropolitan area) for open water swimming events. Three other venues will be used for practice and training: the Komjádi Pool, the BVSC Pool and the Széchy Tamás Pool.[3][4]

Budapest Budakalász
Danube Arena Lupa Lake
Capacity: 5,300


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