2020 Chilean constitutional referendum

A constitutional referendum is tentatively scheduled to be held in Chile on 26 April 2020.[1][2][3] The planned referendum will ask Chileans if they want a new constitution, and if they want it to be drafted by a "Constitutional Convention" (made up by members elected directly for this convention) or a "Mixed Constitutional Convention" (made up in halves by currently-sitting members of Parliament and directly-elected citizens).[2] A second vote —expected to occur in October 2020, alongside with municipal and regional elections— would elect the members of the Constitutional Convention, and a third vote would accept or reject the new constitution after it is drafted, expected to occur in early 2022.[2]

Chilean constitutional referendum, 2020
Date26 April 2020
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The plebiscite is a response to the 2019 Chilean protests.[2]

Opinion polling

Date Pollster Question 1: Do you want a new Constitution? Question 2: What kind of organ should write the new Constitution?
Approve Reject DK/NA Constitutional Convention Mixed Convention DK/NA
15-nov al 16-nov CADEM 82% 16% 2% 60% 35% 5%
15-nov al 17-nov ACTIVA 81.1% 8.2% 4.4% 63.5% 24.4% 5.9%
21-nov al 22-nov CADEM 85% 12% 3% 62% 33% 5%
19-nov al 26-nov CRITERIA 72% 13% 10% 51% 32% 10%
22-nov al 26-nov ACTIVA 77.2% 6.6% 6% 58.3% 26.5% 9.7%


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