2019 Tell Rifaat clashes

The 2019 Tell Rifaat Clashes was a military confrontation between Turkey and allied Free Syrian Army groups against the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in early May 2019.

2019 Tell Rifaat Clashes
Part of Turkish involvement in the Syrian Civil War, Operation Olive Branch and the Syrian Civil War
Date4–5 May 2019
(1 day)

Turkey/TSFA cancel the offensive[1]

  • Turkish and TFSA forces capture three villages before withdrawing due to SDF shelling[2]
  • Frontlines remain the same


Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (TFSA)


Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE)[3]
 Syrian Arab Republic[4][5]

Commanders and leaders
Azaz Ahmad Jamil Harboushi [3] Unknown
Units involved


Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (TFSA)

  • Third Legion[6]

Syrian Democratic Forces

Syrian Arab Armed Forces

Casualties and losses
4 killed, 8 injured(per SOHR)[7][8]
8 killed (per SOHR)[2][9]
40 killed (per SDF)[3]
23 killed or captured (per Turkey)[7]


The clashes began after two Turkish soldiers were killed on 4 May 2019 in a confrontation with YPG and one was injured. In retaliation the Turkish Defense Ministry stated to have killed a total of 23 YPG fighters, following the incident a Turkish official told Reuters that a larger operation would be launched "if necessary".[7] The aim of the operation is also to stop insurgent attacks on FSA and Turkish forces in Afrin coming from the Tell Rifaat area.[10]


On 4 May 2019, the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (TFSA) announced it had initiated an operation against the YPG in the villages near Tell Rifaat. The TFSA managed to initially capture the three villages of Mar'anaz, Al-Malikiyah, and Shawarighat al Arz. Facing little resistance.[11] After taking the villages the TFSA stated “Our aspiration is to reach Tel Rifaat and what is beyond it.”[12] However, subsequently, due to heavy shelling by SDF as well as pro-government forces and a large number of landmines in the area, the TFSA and the Turkish Armed Forces were forced to withdraw and the Kurdish-led forces recaptured all three villages.[2][13]

The following day, it was reported that the offensive had been cancelled in favor of more negotiations between Turkey and Russia to set up a joint demilitarized zone in the area.[1]


On 18 May 2019, new fighting erupted in the Tell Rifaat area,[14] with five rebels and one civilian being killed.[15] On 9 June 2019, fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces attacked the Turkish troops, killing 1 soldier and wounding 7. In response, the Turkish Armed Forces responded days later with shelling.[8]

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