2018 Quebec general election

The 2018 Quebec general election was held on October 1, 2018, to elect members to the National Assembly of Quebec. The election saw a landslide victory for the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) led by François Legault won 74 of 125 seats, giving the party a majority and unseating the Quebec Liberal Party. The Liberals became the Official Opposition with 31 seats.

2018 Quebec general election

October 1, 2018 (2018-10-01)

125 seats in the National Assembly of Quebec
63 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
Turnout66.45% ( 4.98%)[1]
  Majority party Minority party
Leader François Legault Philippe Couillard
Party Coalition Avenir Québec Liberal
Leader since November 4, 2011 March 17, 2013
Leader's seat L'Assomption Roberval
Last election 22 seats, 23.05% 70 seats, 41.52%
Seats before 21 68
Seats won 74 31
Seat change 53 37
Popular vote 1,509,455 1,001,037
Percentage 37.42% 24.82%
Swing 14.37pp 16.70pp

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Jean-François Lisée Manon Massé (candidate for premier)[note 1]
Party Parti Québécois Québec solidaire
Leader since October 7, 2016 May 21, 2017
Leader's seat Rosemont (lost re-election) Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques
Last election 30 seats, 25.38% 3 seats, 7.63%
Seats before 28 3
Seats won 10 10
Seat change 18 7
Popular vote 687,995 649,503
Percentage 17.06% 16.10%
Swing 8.32pp 8.47pp

Popular vote by riding. As this is an FPTP election, seat totals are not determined by popular vote, but instead by the result in each riding. Riding names are listed at the bottom.

Premier before election

Philippe Couillard

Premier after election

François Legault
Coalition Avenir Québec

This election was the first won by the CAQ, which had previously been the third party in the legislature. It was also the first since 1966 that had been won by a party other than the Liberals or Parti Québécois.


In Quebec the Liberal Party had held power since 2003, save for a period of less than two years in 2012.

Under the province's fixed election date law, passed in 2013, "the general election following the end of a Legislature shall be held on the first Monday of October of the fourth calendar year following the year that includes the last day of the previous Legislature",[3] setting the date for October 1, 2018. However, the Chief Electoral Officer could have changed the election date in the event of a natural disaster. Furthermore, the Lieutenant Governor could have called an election sooner should the Premier have requested one, or in the event the government had been dissolved by a motion of no confidence.[4]


The CAQ won a decisive victory with 74 seats, exceeding all published opinion polling. The Liberals won 31 seats, Québec solidaire won 10 seats, and the Parti Québécois won only 10 seats.[5]

The CAQ formed government for the first time, mainly by dominating its traditional heartlands of Capitale-Nationale, Chaudière-Appalaches and Centre-du-Québec, while winning sweeps or near-sweeps in Mauricie, Estrie, Lanaudière, Montérégie the Laurentides and northern Quebec. Many of their gains came at the expense of the PQ. The CAQ took a number of seats that had been in PQ hands for four decades or more, in some cases by landslide margins.

The Parti Québécois lost its official status as a political party in the Quebec National Assembly, for having won less than 12 seats. It was easily the PQ's worst showing in a provincial election in 45 years. For the second election in a row, its leader was unseated in his own riding. According to a postmortem by The Globe and Mail, the PQ was so decisively beaten that there were already questions about whether it could survive.[6] Echoing this, Christian Bourque of Montreal-based pollster Léger Marketing told The Guardian that he believed the PQ was likely finished in its present form, and would have to merge with another sovereigntist party to avoid fading into irrelevance.[7]

The election was viewed as the Liberals' worst defeat since the 1976 election, and this was the first election in which Québec Solidaire garnered seats outside Montreal.

This is the second election in a row in which a single-term government was voted out of office.

The CAQ won 37.4 percent of the popular vote, a smaller vote share than the Liberals' 41 percent in 2014. However, their heavy concentration of support in the regions they dominated was enough to garner them a strong majority government. Quebec elections have historically seen large disparities between the raw vote and the actual seat count.

Following the elections, both Jean-François Lisée and Philippe Couillard resigned.

74 31 10 10
CAQ Liberal PQ QS
Party Votes Seats
Coalition Avenir Québec 1,509,455
74 / 125(59%)
Liberal 1,001,037
31 / 125(25%)
Parti Québécois 687,995
10 / 125(8%)
Québec solidaire 649,503
10 / 125(8%)
Others 185,548
0 / 125(0%)
Vote share

Summary analysis

Popular vote
party year votes change
CAQ 2014
23.05% +14.37%
Liberal 2014
41.52% 16.70%
PQ 2014
25.38% 8.32%
QS 2014
7.63% +8.47%
Others 2014
2.42% +2.18%
Elections to the National Assembly of Quebec – seats won/lost by party, 2014-2018
Party 2014 At dissolution Gain from (loss to) 2018
CAQ PQ Lib QS Ind New riding Dissolved riding
Coalition Avenir Québec 2221+17+30+3+374
Liberal 7068(30)(1)(3)+1(4)31
Parti Québécois 3028(17)+1(3)+110
Québec solidaire 33+3+3+110
Independent 05(3)(1)(1)0

Detailed analysis

 Summary of the National Assembly of Quebec election results (October 1, 2018)[8]
Political party[9] Party leader MNAs Votes
Candidates 2014 Dissol. 2018 ± # ± % ± (pp)
Coalition Avenir Québec François Legault 125 22 21 74 53 1,509,455 533,848 37.42 14.37
Liberal Philippe Couillard 125 70 68 31 37 1,001,037 756,034 24.82 16.70
Parti Québécois Jean-François Lisée 125 30 28 10 18 687,995 386,125 17.06 8.32
Québec solidaire Manon Massé, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois 125 3 3 10 7 649,503 326,379 16.10 8.47
  Independent 21 5 5 6,462 8,899 0.16 0.20
Green Alex Tyrrell 97 67,870 44,707 1.68 1.13
Conservative Adrien Pouliot 101 59,055 42,626 1.46 1.07
New Democratic Raphaël Fortin 59 22,863 New 0.57 New
  Citoyens au pouvoir du Québec Stéphane Blais (intérim) 56 13,768 12,477 0.34 0.31
Bloc Pot Jean-Patrick Berthiaume 29 4,657 1,967 0.12 0.06
Parti nul Renaud Blais 16 3,659 3,880 0.09 0.03
Marxist–Leninist Pierre Chénier 25 1,708 308 0.04 0.01
Parti libre Michel Leclerc 8 1,678 New 0.04 New
Équipe autonomiste Stéphane Pouleur 12 1,138 738 0.03 0.02
Parti 51 Hans Mercier 5 1,117 New 0.03 New
  Changement intégrité pour notre Québec Eric Emond 7 693 New 0.02 New
Alliance provinciale Sébastien Roy 2 521 New 0.01 New
Voie du peuple Marc Alarie 1 190 New New
Parti culinaire Jean-Louis Thémistocle 1 169 New New
Option nationale n/a Merged with QS 0.73
Parti équitable Patricia Domingos Did not campaign 0.04
Mon pays le Québec n/a Party dissolved 0.01
Unité Nationale n/a Party dissolved 0.01
Quebec – Democratic Revolution n/a Party dissolved
Parti indépendantiste n/a Party dissolved
Quebec Citizens' Union n/a Party dissolved
Total 940 125 125 125 4,033,538 198,724
Rejected ballots 66,085 3,292
Voter turnout 4,099,623 195,432 66.45% 4.99
Registered electors 6,169,772 157,282

Synopsis of riding results

2018 Quebec general election - synopsis of riding results, grouped by region[a 1]
Riding 2014 Winning party Turnout
[a 2]
Votes[a 3]
Party Votes Share Margin
CAQ Lib PQ QS Green Cons Ind Other Total
Abitibi-Est  Lib  CAQ 8,96742.7%4,87723.2%63.8%8,9673,9364,0903,28735635520,991
Abitibi-Ouest  PQ  CAQ 7,68034.1%1940.9%64.8%7,6802,5467,4863,73525424817238822,509
Rouyn-Noranda–Témiscamingue  Lib  QS 9,30432.1%5061.8%65.6%8,7984,7535,3119,30438925319529,003
Matane-Matapédia  PQ  PQ 20,65869.5%17,27958.1%65.4%3,3793,35120,6581,71835815911829,741
Rimouski  PQ  PQ 13,94043.9%6,03719.0%70.3%7,9033,91413,9405,53122012310631,737
Rivière-du-Loup–Témiscouata  Lib  CAQ 13,43939.2%1,9625.7%69.4%13,43911,4775,2303,78337334,302
Charlesbourg  Lib  CAQ 19,98548.1%10,66625.7%73.4%19,9859,3194,8685,6131,53021241,527
Charlevoix–Côte-de-Beaupré  Lib  CAQ 15,76137.1%1,1213.4%63.9%15,76111,1384,0554,23662445831033,080
Chauveau  CAQ  CAQ 18,42447.1%9,62724.6%70.8%18,4248,7973,6034,0526133,37128639,146
Jean-Lesage  Lib  QS 10,33134.7%6992.4%65.8%9,6325,3352,77410,33134352083629,771
Jean-Talon  Lib  Lib 11,06932.6%1,3634.0%75.2%9,70611,0694,9126,51561062023630733,975
La Peltrie  CAQ  CAQ 23,38957.7%16,66041.1%70.8%23,3896,7293,0504,0007001,92672340,517
Louis-Hébert  Lib  CAQ 16,24844.6%6,54818.0%80.5%16,2489,7004,5294,03055084124429836,440
Montmorency  Lib  CAQ 20,23350.9%12,83632.3%71.0%20,2337,3974,2215,2255581,5075616939,771
Portneuf  Lib  CAQ 15,99454.3%10,43535.4%70.3%15,9945,5592,7273,3641,52428229,450
Taschereau  PQ  QS 15,37342.5%8,51123.5%73.7%6,8626,3876,37915,37353462236,157
Vanier-Les Rivières  Lib  CAQ 18,26745.1%7,91619.5%71.8%18,26710,3514,0284,9466681,45429948740,500
Arthabaska  CAQ  CAQ 25,64061.8%20,42549.3%69.5%25,6404,7073,8975,21562096841841,465
Drummond–Bois-Francs  CAQ  CAQ 19,57756.3%14,35641.3%68.8%19,5774,5274,3605,22173325010634,774
Nicolet-Bécancour  CAQ  CAQ 15,56255.3%11,13939.6%71.8%15,5623,5394,4233,47440357617028,147
Beauce-Nord  CAQ  CAQ 20,03966.4%15,31050.7%70.8%20,0394,7291,5462,1311,41433430,193
Beauce-Sud  Lib  CAQ 20,93662.7%13,97841.9%69.1%20,9366,9581,3741,93450083087033,402
Bellechasse  Lib  CAQ 16,30253.9%8,07926.7%70.1%16,3028,2232,1982,27297630330,274
Chutes-de-la-Chaudière  CAQ  CAQ 25,77759.5%19,73945.6%76.6%25,7776,0384,0554,9501,85464243,316
Côte-du-Sud  Lib  CAQ 17,59553.6%10,38331.7%66.8%17,5957,2123,3153,56057554232,799
Lévis  CAQ  CAQ 19,41757.3%14,51642.8%71.4%19,4174,9013,4753,97969893149033,891
Lotbinière-Frontenac  Lib  CAQ 20,36053.8%12,61833.3%69.5%20,3607,7423,5913,5936551,41050437,855
Duplessis  PQ  PQ 7,02334.3%1270.6%55.8%6,8963,6687,0232,53434420,465
René-Lévesque  PQ  PQ 8,05542.2%1,6238.5%58.8%6,4322,4408,0551,94820419,079
Mégantic  Lib  CAQ 12,59347.5%7,33627.7%69.2%12,5935,2573,3254,22880928126,493
Orford  Lib  CAQ 12,11740.1%4,56915.1%70.7%12,1177,5483,7445,40688134421130,251
Richmond  Lib  CAQ 17,01139.6%8,50919.8%72.1%17,0118,5027,6548,11068060035342,910
Saint-François  Lib  CAQ 13,52434.7%4,45011.4%69.2%13,5249,0746,3048,83369151438,940
Sherbrooke  Lib  QS 12,31534.3%3,4509.6%71.5%8,4038,8655,24412,3154239558735,932
Bonaventure  PQ  PQ 8,41638.5%2,83012.9%62.3%3,5025,5868,4163,28231257520921,882
Gaspé  PQ  PQ 6,00333.4%410.2%60.8%3,5215,9626,0032,48217,968
Îles-de-la-Madeleine  Lib  PQ 2,95538.7%150.2%72.7%7142,9402,9551,0367,645
Berthier  PQ  CAQ 18,04845.1%6,48116.2%69.8%18,0483,05211,5676,16968746739,990
Joliette  PQ  PQ 17,68546.2%4,43111.6%71.9%13,2542,62017,6853,88152828338,251
L'Assomption  CAQ  CAQ 18,23757.0%12,81240.1%72.0%18,2372,5584,6255,42559617536331,979
Masson  CAQ  CAQ 17,56553.1%11,03833.3%72.9%17,5653,6066,5274,45169926333,111
Repentigny  CAQ  CAQ 18,79949.7%11,69831.0%74.2%18,7995,1667,1015,62244130935737,795
Rousseau  PQ  CAQ 14,46453.2%7,30424.9%66.2%14,4641,4197,1603,53127132327,168
Terrebonne  PQ  CAQ 17,63843.0%5,53213.5%72.3%17,6384,97612,1065,27952228724441,052
Argenteuil  Lib  CAQ 11,84838.9%5,40517.7%65.3%11,8485,3066,4433,7105524721,77836830,477
Bertrand  PQ  CAQ 13,86741.6%6,05218.1%67.6%13,8674,4717,8156,04761326130433,378
Blainville  CAQ  CAQ 20,45748.3%12,37529.2%74.6%20,4578,0825,7446,4081,14654042,377
Deux-Montagnes  CAQ  CAQ 16,03847.4%9,57428.3%71.1%16,0384,5236,4644,91272236877933,806
Groulx  CAQ  CAQ 14,77140.6%7,40220.4%70.3%14,7717,3695,7456,26880236881223536,370
Labelle  PQ  CAQ 11,78436.5%5991.9%67.2%11,7843,52411,1854,95439526518132,288
Les Plaines[a 4] New  CAQ 13,81851.2%7,42127.5%69.1%13,8182,1606,3973,73843429314026,980
Mirabel  CAQ  CAQ 21,60254.6%14,44036.5%70.7%21,6023,5267,1625,91668829635339,543
Prévost[a 5] New  CAQ 14,87647.0%7,13722.6%70.8%14,8764,0637,7394,41430323531,630
Saint-Jérôme  PQ  CAQ 17,22543.7%6,42516.3%65.9%17,2253,53410,8006,24367734555839,382
Chomedey  Lib  Lib 15,98252.7%7,96826.3%54.0%8,01415,9822,3012,1445381,08427630,339
Fabre  Lib  Lib 12,14737.5%1,6075.0%61.2%10,54012,1474,3723,48786168827932,374
Laval-des-Rapides  Lib  Lib 10,63731.5%2710.8%61.7%10,36610,6375,1955,72173836171233,730
Mille-Îles  Lib  Lib 10,40835.8%1,2064.2%66.5%9,20210,4084,3783,71182253729,058
Sainte-Rose  Lib  CAQ 13,49136.8%2,4626.7%70.0%13,49111,0295,3095,08292342336036,617
Vimont  Lib  Lib 11,47436.7%5671.8%69.2%10,90711,4743,8753,60265229111536131,277
Champlain  Lib  CAQ 21,15451.9%13,54433.2%70.5%21,1547,6104,9285,28578973329040,789
Laviolette  Lib Dissolved  
Laviolette–Saint-Maurice New  CAQ 16,26045.4%8,82024.6%63.8%16,2607,4405,6115,41463944435,808
Maskinongé  Lib  CAQ 13,19942.4%4,51714.5%71.6%13,1998,6823,9873,76460946320420631,114
Saint-Maurice  Lib Dissolved  
Trois-Rivières  Lib  CAQ 15,32341.1%6,80118.2%70.2%15,3238,5225,7586,41165363937,306
Beauharnois  PQ  CAQ 14,94746.7%7,95224.8%68.6%14,9474,0696,9954,81628888832,003
Borduas  CAQ  CAQ 20,85247.8%11,51326.4%76.4%20,8525,0129,3396,82883629048343,640
Brome-Missisquoi  Lib  CAQ 18,40744.4%8,36920.2%70.8%18,40710,0384,4467,16797843741,473
Chambly  CAQ  CAQ 18,94050.3%12,37632.8%75.4%18,9404,5996,5646,17768330941337,685
Châteauguay  Lib  CAQ 12,25937.1%1,1213.4%63.9%12,25911,1384,0554,23662445831033,080
Granby  Lib  CAQ 22,57062.4%17,49548.4%69.8%22,5703,8813,4915,07553135827736,183
Huntingdon  Lib  CAQ 10,89337.7%7112.5%67.6%10,89310,1823,1883,67644439612628,905
Iberville  CAQ  CAQ 15,89247.6%10,03530.1%70.9%15,8924,1065,8575,77963158352733,375
Johnson  CAQ  CAQ 20,90253.0%13,85135.1%67.5%20,9024,3625,1947,05174563058239,466
La Pinière  Lib  Lib 15,47647.1%5,99618.2%61.1%9,48015,4762,9213,30058543532935432,880
La Prairie  Lib  CAQ 14,51143.1%6,44219.2%74.9%14,5118,0695,2904,36269437932933,634
Laporte  Lib  Lib 12,51435.6%2,4797.1%66.3%10,03512,5144,6476,00798047548035,138
Marie-Victorin  PQ  PQ 8,95230.8%7052.4%62.9%8,2474,4188,9526,29562551329,050
Montarville  CAQ  CAQ 17,36841.1%7,07016.7%80.4%17,36810,2986,8206,7161,05042,252
Richelieu  PQ  CAQ 15,25849.8%8,19626.7%70.4%15,2583,4567,0624,10140236430,643
Saint-Hyacinthe  CAQ  CAQ 21,22752.0%14,40135.3%71.5%21,2275,7586,5246,82648640,821
Saint-Jean  PQ  CAQ 16,78939.5%3,6188.5%71.3%16,7894,94613,1716,13769436839942,504
Sanguinet  PQ  CAQ 12,98643.5%5,59718.8%72.5%12,9864,1697,3894,3904563558129,826
Soulanges  Lib  CAQ 15,30739.2%2,1425.5%70.3%15,30713,1654,0014,50872932298639,018
Taillon  PQ  CAQ 12,18633.8%2,0485.7%69.1%12,1866,04210,1386,38276623534936,098
Vachon  PQ  CAQ 15,62543.6%8,08922.6%70.9%15,6257,5366,1065,19443693135,828
Vaudreuil  Lib  Lib 15,14339.9%2,7657.3%65.7%12,37815,1433,8133,8111,0266441,11737,932
Verchères  PQ  CAQ 17,07337.5%8271.8%77.4%17,0734,01716,2466,72370138040345,543
Anjou–Louis-Riel  Lib  Lib 10,80239.1%2,80710.2%64.5%7,99510,8024,0644,01851925627,654
Bourassa-Sauvé  Lib  Lib 11,45646.2%5,63022.7%52.4%5,82611,4562,6403,4694333639253824,817
Bourget  PQ  CAQ 8,87027.6%5001.6%64.9%8,8706,0748,3707,86571928032,178
Gouin  QS  QS 17,97759.1%13,45444.3%69.6%3,0113,4834,52317,9771,04935630,399
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve  PQ  QS 13,38950.1%7,07926.5%63.4%3,4472,7666,31013,38916467626,752
Jeanne-Mance–Viger  Lib  Lib 18,21566.3%13,77050.1%55.3%4,44518,2151,5232,2375703918327,464
LaFontaine  Lib  Lib 14,49158.8%9,09136.9%59.0%5,40014,4912,0572,1814348024,643
Laurier-Dorion  Lib  QS 14,22647.3%5,30117.6%63.6%2,6648,9252,34414,2265303541,04830,091
Maurice-Richard  Lib  Lib 9,45929.5%5301.7%68.6%6,3309,4596,1318,92960259732,048
Mercier  QS  QS 15,91954.5%10,74736.8%65.6%2,3485,1723,54215,9191,1021221,10529,210
Pointe-aux-Trembles  PQ  CAQ 10,57939.0%1,8346.8%67.4%10,5793,4108,7454,03638627,156
Rosemont  PQ  QS 12,92035.3%2,5006.8%69.4%5,7036,14810,42012,92052121772436,653
Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques  QS  QS 12,42949.3%7,09428.1%59.4%2,7735,3353,52812,42988113014525,221
Viau  Lib  Lib 10,11348.6%4,83722.3%53.4%3,41110,1131,8035,27627415365621,686
Acadie  Lib  Lib 14,30553.8%9,91437.3%54.2%4,39114,3052,3943,65673757952926,591
D'Arcy-McGee  Lib  Lib 19,08574.3%17,22467.1%46.6%1,64319,0856571,8618371,15344525,681
Jacques-Cartier  Lib  Lib 21,13371.8%18,38962.5%65.1%2,74421,1338151,2911,9817627862729,431
Marguerite-Bourgeoys  Lib  Lib 15,36153.4%8,60529.9%54.8%6,75615,3612,4303,09567545628,773
Marquette  Lib  Lib 11,81943.0%4,02614.7%59.6%7,79311,8192,1393,1531,11159913474627,494
Mont-Royal  Lib Dissolved  
Mont-Royal–Outremont New  Lib 16,02651.3%11,20635.9%55.7%4,21816,0263,6724,8201,34450962731,216
Nelligan  Lib  Lib 22,42165.1%16,51048.0%59.6%5,91122,4211,5801,9021,0401,03853734,429
Notre-Dame-de-Grâce  Lib  Lib 16,84363.0%13,67751.1%56.1%2,14216,8431,4603,1661,7851511,19526,742
Outremont  Lib Dissolved  
Robert-Baldwin  Lib  Lib 22,42673.9%18,98862.5%55.6%3,43822,4269941,3177811,40930,365
Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne  Lib  Lib 11,83738.1%4,42414.2%56.6%5,80911,8373,5687,4131,0091,46631,102
Saint-Laurent  Lib  Lib 17,66962.0%13,34746.8%51.0%4,32217,6691,8462,45884986350728,514
Verdun  Lib  Lib 11,05435.5%3,59711.6%63.2%6,34311,0543,9297,4571,15721797331,130
Westmount–Saint-Louis  Lib  Lib 14,54766.7%12,31156.5%48.5%2,11014,5471,1052,23673047959821,805
Ungava  Lib  CAQ 2,27026.5%460.5%30.9%2,2702,1342,2241,4161831921458,564
Chapleau  Lib  CAQ 13,05740.4%2,5377.9%59.8%13,05710,5202,9225,12249718232,300
Gatineau  Lib  CAQ 14,58641.7%3,93211.3%59.8%14,58610,6543,1484,5171,2716977134,944
Hull  Lib  Lib 10,51933.8%2,2817.3%57.6%8,23810,5194,2385,7641,09945484631,158
Papineau  Lib  CAQ 16,97546.9%8,61723.8%60.9%16,9758,3583,8285,43454746356336,168
Pontiac  Lib  Lib 14,86953.9%9,23733.5%53.5%5,63214,8691,5202,96491985383527,592
Chicoutimi  PQ  CAQ 12,12339.3%4,41614.3%68.5%12,1236,0947,7073,97755142630,878
Dubuc  Lib  CAQ 10,53540.2%4,67617.9%65.9%10,5355,8595,5413,16364544526,188
Jonquière  PQ  PQ 14,88748.4%4,89015.9%69.3%9,9973,02914,8872,24229633730,788
Lac-Saint-Jean  PQ  CAQ 11,43739.5%2,2997.9%68.7%11,4373,6309,1384,30527219928,981
Roberval  Lib  Lib 11,80742.5%5,08818.3%63.4%6,71911,8075,2902,97547854127,810
  1. "General elections - October 1, 2018: Official results by electoral divisions". electionsquebec.qc.ca. Retrieved December 5, 2019.
  2. including spoilt ballots
  3. minor political parties receiving less than 1% of the national popular vote are aggregated under "Other"; independent candidates are aggregated separately
  4. Riding created from parts of Mirabel, Blainville and Masson
  5. Riding created from parts of Bertrand and Rousseau


Party standings

Summary of the pre-election standings of the
National Assembly of Quebec

Party Party leader Seats
2014 Dissolution
Liberal Philippe Couillard 7068
Parti Québécois Jean-François Lisée 3028
Coalition Avenir Québec François Legault 2221
Québec solidaire Manon Massé 33
  Independent 05
  Vacant 0
Total 125125

Seat changes (2014–2017)

41st National Assembly of Quebec - Movement in seats held from 2014 to 2018
Party Leader 2014 Gain/(loss) due to 2018
Resignation Resigned from party Death in office Withdrawn from caucus Expulsion By-election hold By-election gain
Liberal Philippe Couillard 70(6)(1)(2)5167
Parti Québécois Jean-François Lisée 30(5)(1)(1)528
Coalition Avenir Québec François Legault 22(2)(1)(1)1221
Québec solidaire Manon Massé 3(1)13
Independent N/A 2(1)146
Changes in seats held (2014-2018)
Seat Before Change
Date Member Party Reason Date Member Party
Lévis August 15, 2014[10] Christian Dubé  CAQ Resignation October 20, 2014[11] François Paradis  CAQ
Richelieu September 29, 2014[12] Élaine Zakaïb  Parti Québécois Resignation March 9, 2015[13] Sylvain Rochon  Parti Québécois
Jean-Talon February 26, 2015[14] Yves Bolduc  Liberal Resignation[a 1] June 8, 2015[15] Sébastien Proulx  Liberal
Chauveau April 7, 2015[16] Gérard Deltell  CAQ Resignation[a 2] June 8, 2015[17] Véronyque Tremblay  Liberal
Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne August 21, 2015[18] Marguerite Blais  Liberal Resignation November 9, 2015[19] Dominique Anglade  Liberal
Fabre August 24, 2015[20] Gilles Ouimet  Liberal Resignation November 9, 2015 Monique Sauvé  Liberal
Arthabaska August 26, 2015[21] Sylvie Roy  CAQ Resigned from party  Independent
René-Lévesque September 3, 2015[22] Marjolain Dufour  Parti Québécois Resignation November 9, 2015 Martin Ouellet  Parti Québécois
Beauce-Sud September 22, 2015[23] Robert Dutil  Liberal Resignation November 9, 2015 Paul Busque  Liberal
Chicoutimi October 22, 2015[24] Stéphane Bédard  Parti Québécois Resignation April 11, 2016[25] Mireille Jean  Parti Québécois
Saint-Jérôme May 2, 2016[26] Pierre Karl Péladeau  Parti Québécois Resignation[a 3] December 5, 2016 Marc Bourcier  Parti Québécois
Marie-Victorin June 13, 2016 Bernard Drainville  Parti Québécois Resignation[a 4] December 5, 2016 Catherine Fournier  Parti Québécois
Arthabaska July 31, 2016[27] Sylvie Roy  Independent Died in office December 5, 2016 Éric Lefebvre  CAQ
Verdun August 19, 2016 Jacques Daoust  Liberal Resignation[a 5] December 5, 2016 Isabelle Melançon  Liberal
Laurier-Dorion October 20, 2016[28] Gerry Sklavounos  Liberal Expulsion  Independent
Gouin January 19, 2017[29] Françoise David  QC solidaire Resignation May 29, 2017 Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois  QC solidaire
Groulx January 25, 2017[30] Claude Surprenant  CAQ Expulsion  Independent
Brome-Missisquoi January 27, 2017[31] Pierre Paradis  Liberal Expulsion  Independent
Vachon February 5, 2017[32] Martine Ouellet  Parti Québécois Resigned from party[a 6]  Independent
Louis-Hébert April 27, 2017[33] Sam Hamad  Liberal Resignation October 2, 2017[34][35] Geneviève Guilbault  CAQ
Gaspé May 16, 2017[36] Gaétan Lelièvre  Parti Québécois Expulsion  Independent
Argenteuil April 17, 2018 Yves St-Denis  Liberal Withdraws from caucus  Independent
  1. also from the position of Minister of Education
  2. to run for the Conservatives in Louis-Saint-Laurent
  3. also from the positions of PQ leader and Leader of the Opposition
  4. also from the position of Opposition House Leader
  5. also from the position of Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification
  6. to seek the Bloc Québécois leadership

Other developments

April 7, 2014The Quebec Liberal Party wins a majority government in the 41st Quebec general election, and Philippe Couillard becomes Quebec's Premier-designate. Outgoing Premier Pauline Marois announces her resignation as Parti Québécois leader.[37]
April 10, 2014The Parti Québécois caucus unanimously approves Stéphane Bédard as interim leader.[38]
October 4, 2014PQ riding association presidents meet to decide rules and timeline for its leadership race.[39]
May 15, 2015Pierre Karl Péladeau is elected leader of the Parti Québécois.[40]
May 6, 2016Sylvain Gaudreault is appointed interim PQ leader.
October 7, 2016Jean-François Lisée is elected leader of the Parti Québécois.
March 24, 2017Québec solidaire announces that its party members will vote on a proposition at its party convention in May to begin talks to merge with Option nationale.[41]
May 21, 2017Manon Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois are elected as co-spokespersons for Québec solidaire.[42][43]
October 5, 2017Executives of QS and ON reach an agreement to propose a merger, which has yet to be approved by members/delegates in two special congresses.[44]
October 26, 2017Guy Ouellette, MNA for Chomedey, withdraws from the caucus of the Liberal Party. He rejoins the caucus on November 21.
December 10, 2017ON and QS decide to merge: ON's special congress approves merger at 90%, 8 days after QS's special congress approved it at 80%.
May 10, 2018Paul Busque, MNA for Beauce-Sud, withdraws from the caucus of the Liberal Party during an investigation by the ethics commissioner.[45] On June 15, 2018 he is readmitted into the caucus.[46]
August 23, 2018 Phillippe Couillard goes to see the Lieutenant-Governor and calls the election for October 1, 2018.
August 29, 2018The 41st Legislature ends.[47]
September 13, 2018First televised debate (Radio-Canada).[48]
September 15, 2018Candidate nominations close.[49]
September 17, 2018Second televised debate (CTV).[50] English debate.
September 20, 2018Third televised debate (TVA).[51]

Incumbents not running for reelection

As of September 5, 2018, a total of 45 MNAs elected in 2014 will not run in the 2018 election, of whom 12 resigned[52] from the National Assembly, one died in office and 32 announced that they will not seek re-election[53] including one who got fired.[54] The latter comprise the following:

Electoral District Incumbent at dissolution and subsequent nominee New MNA
Abitibi-Ouest   François Gendron Sylvain Vachon   Suzanne Blais
Beauce-Nord   André Spénard Luc Provençal   Luc Provençal
Beauharnois   Guy Leclair Mireille Théorêt   Claude Reid
Bertrand   Claude Cousineau Gilbert Lafrenière   Nadine Girault
Bourassa-Sauvé   Rita de Santis Paule Robitaille   Paule Robitaille
Brome-Missisquoi   Pierre Paradis Ingrid Marini   Isabelle Charest
Côte-du-Sud   Norbert Morin Simon Laboissonnière   Marie-Eve Proulx
Gaspé   Gaétan Lelièvre   Méganne Perry-Mélançon
Gatineau   Stéphanie Vallée Luce Farrell   Robert Bussière
Îles-de-la-Madeleine   Germain Chevarie Maryse Lapierre   Joël Arseneau
Jacques-Cartier   Geoffrey Kelley Greg Kelley   Greg Kelley
Jean-Lesage   André Drolet Gertrude Bourdon   Sol Zanetti
Lac-Saint-Jean   Alexandre Cloutier William Fradette   Éric Girard
Laurier-Dorion   Gerry Sklavounos   Andrés Fontecilla
Laviolette   Julie Boulet Pierre Giguère (riding merged)   Marie-Louise Tardif
Lotbinière-Frontenac   Laurent Lessard Pierre-Luc Daigle   Isabelle Lecours
Marguerite-Bourgeoys   Robert Poëti Hélène David   Hélène David
Marquette   François Ouimet Enrico Ciccone   Enrico Ciccone
Mégantic   Ghislain Bolduc Robert G. Roy   François Jacques
Mercier   Amir Khadir Ruba Ghazal   Ruba Ghazal
Montmorency   Raymond Bernier Marie France Trudel   Jean-François Simard
Nelligan   Martin Coiteux Monsef Derraji   Monsef Derraji
Orford   Pierre Reid Guy Madore   Gilles Bélanger
Pointe-aux-Trembles   Nicole Léger Jean-Martin Aussant   Chantal Rouleau
Portneuf   Michel Matte Philippe Gasse   Vincent Caron
Richmond   Karine Vallières Annie Godbout   André Bachand
Saint-François   Guy Hardy Charles Poulin   Geneviève Hébert
Saint-Laurent   Jean-Marc Fournier Marwah Rizqy   Marwah Rizqy
Taschereau   Agnès Maltais Diane Lavallée   Catherine Dorion
Vachon   Martine Ouellet   Ian Lafrenière
Viau   David Heurtel Frantz Benjamin   Frantz Benjamin
Westmount–Saint-Louis   Jacques Chagnon Jennifer Maccarone   Jennifer Maccarone

At the end of his term, Gendron, Dean of the National Assembly, will have served for 41 years and 10 months, representing Abitibi-Ouest for 11 terms.



Parties and coalitions French English Refs
 Liberal Pour faciliter la vie des Québécois "To facilitate the lives of Quebecers"
"To make life easier for Quebecers"
 Parti Québécois Sérieusement. "Seriously." [55][57]
 CAQ Maintenant. "Now." [55][58]
 QC solidaire Populaires. "Popular." [55][59]
 Green Bien plus qu'une couleur. "More than just a color." [55][60]
 Conservative Je vote conservateur. "I vote conservative." [55][61]


2018 Quebec election – issues and respective party platforms[62][63][64]
Economy and Public Finance
  • Have tabled five budgets since taking power in 2014; four of them have been balanced. The 2018 budget increased spending by 4.7 per cent, one of the highest increases in the past 20 years.
  • Plan to spend $440 million over the next five years encouraging entrepreneurship in the province.
  • Advocates economic nationalism. They want Quebec's pension fund manager — the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec — to help prevent corporate headquarters from leaving the province.
  • The party would also impose a 25 per cent-Quebec content requirement on all Caisse infrastructure projects.
  • Wants to limit the amount you can save on books, to protect small businesses.
  • CAQ Leader François Legault has promised to reduce the tax burden of Quebecers. A CAQ government, he says, will further harmonize school taxes across the province, a tax cut valued at $700 million.
  • A long-standing party proposal is to create a Quebec version of Silicon Valley, which they've dubbed "The Saint-Laurent Project". It envisions turning the Saint-Lawrence Valley into a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, with the collaboration of universities.
  • Hoping to eliminate tens of thousands of jobs from the province's civil service.
  • Supports a $15/hour minimum wage, extending minimum vacation from two to four weeks and ending forced overtime.
  • The party platform mentions the possibility of nationalizing natural resources in the province, including the mining and forestry industries.
  • Will offer rebates on electric vehicles, and establish a ban on gas-powered vehicles by 2050.
  • Endorsed a plan that will see Quebec accept between 49,000 and 53,000 immigrants in 2018.
  • Have promised to spend $25 million over the next four years to provide more French lessons for immigrants and help their integration in rural communities.
  • Believes 50,000 immigrants is too much for Quebec to accept each year. Lisée wants the auditor general to suggest a different figure.
  • Would ensure that 25 per cent of newcomers settle in rural communities.
  • The PQ also wants immigrants to have sufficient knowledge of French and Quebec values before arriving in the province. It is not clear if this would involve additional testing.
  • As premier, Legault says he would temporarily reduce the number of immigrants Quebec accepts annually from 50,000 to 40,000.
  • To qualify for a Quebec selection certificate, the CAQ wants immigrants to pass a values and language test. Immigrants would also have to prove they have been looking for employment.
  • Would create a network of resource centres for immigrants, in order to provide easier access to information about jobs and French lessons, among other things.
  • Has also promised to streamline the recognition of foreign credentials.
Health Care
  • The Couillard government passed two major health care reforms bills aimed at centralizing administration and boosting the number of people with a family doctor.
  • As part of the reforms, 1,400 health care managers were laid off. In 2013–2014, 65 per cent of Quebecers had a family doctor. That number rose to 75 per cent by 2016-2017.
  • Would reopen a recently signed agreement with province's medical specialists in order to cut their pay.
  • The party favours decentralizing health-care administration, while maintaining a universal free public health care system, Legault was quoted saying "The important thing is the universality of care. ... I do not want more private. Our public [health care] is a jewel of Quebec."
  • Like the PQ, the CAQ also vowed to renegotiate with the Quebec's medical specialists in order to cut their compensation by an average of $80,000 per year. Legault believes the specialists will be open to striking a new deal.
  • Would overhaul the province's longterm care system (CHSLDs) with a new network of smaller, more "humane" homes at an initial cost of $1 billion.
  • Have proposed a series of measures to reduce how much doctors are paid. Along with revisiting the medical-specialists deal, they want to prevent doctors from incorporating and limit fee-for-service billing.
  • The party maintains the vast majority of family medicine groups (GMFs) are for-profit enterprises. QS wants to force them to register as non-profits in order to receive public funds.
  • Increased education system spending by 1.2 and 0.2 per cent, respectively, in the first two years of their mandate. Experts say annual increases of between three and four per cent were necessary to keep pace with inflation.
  • Tabled a plan in 2017 to boost the high school graduation rate from 68 per cent to 85 per cent by 2030, and hired 1,500 education professionals (including 600 more teachers) last year.
  • Promised to fix up schools and add physical activity and coding classes.
  • Has promised to gradually move toward free CEGEP and university tuition, beginning with low-income students. This measure, they estimate, will cost $400 million.
  • Will reduce funding for English-language CEGEPs in order to offer better quality English-language instruction in French CEGEPs.
  • Will provide affordable lunches for elementary school students at a cost of $39 million as well as cheaper school supplies, by having schools make bulk purchases on parents' behalf.
  • Wants to abolish school boards and replace them with service centres that would provide administrative support to schools. The party believes this would give schools greater autonomy and make the education system cheaper to run.
  • Wants to increase the mandatory age of staying in school to 18, to reduce the drop out rate.
  • Wants added homework help, extracurricular activities (sport and culture), additional funding for career guidance and tutors assigned to more vulnerable students.
  • Free education for all people living in the province, from daycare through to university. The party estimates that providing free education for Quebecers between the ages of 0-17 will cost the government $950 million annually.
Child Care and families
  • Offer free educational services for four-year olds in government-subsidized daycare and child care centres (CPEs). They estimate this will cost Quebec an additional $250 million.
  • Families with children under 18 will get an extra $150 to $300 — per child, per year and tax-free — depending on family income.
  • Promise to cancel progressive pricing of subsidized daycare places. First child would cost $8.05/day, regardless of income. Second child: $4/day. Third would be free. Day care would also be free for families with revenue under $34,000.
  • The CAQ is also proposing to do away with progressive daycare pricing, though over a period of four years. All Quebec parents would be charged the same daily rate, regardless of their annual income.
  • Are proposing free daycare as part of their plan to offer free education between the ages of 0 and 17.
Identity, diversity, and secularism
  • Passed a religious neutrality law last year (known as Bill 62). The law requires, among other things, that people show their faces when either giving or receiving public services. This provision has been suspended pending a court decision on the law's constitutionality.
  • Couillard believes local police forces should decide whether women officers can wear the hijab.
  • Believes judges, prosecutors, prison guards and police should not be allowed to display religious symbols, such as wearing a hijab. They want the same prohibition to apply to all newly hired pre-school, elementary and high school teachers.
  • Opposes the wearing of religious symbols, including the hijab, by police officers and others who wield coercive state power. The party would also ban school teachers from wearing religious symbols.
  • Would pass a "Secularism Charter" to reduce the scope of religious accommodations available to civil servants.
  • Opposes the wearing of religious symbols, including the hijab, by police officers and others who hold coercive state power.
  • Believes citizens should be able to wear religious symbols and still access public services.
  • Couillard is a well-known ardent federalist. He's expressed his desire to have Quebec sign the constitution, outlined in a 200-page document called "Quebecers: Our Way of Being Canadians".
  • While the party remains committed to Quebec independence, Lisée has promised not to hold a referendum on sovereignty in the first mandate of a PQ government. The earliest one would be held, he says, is 2022.
  • Calls itself nationalist. It wants more power for Quebec, but within Canada. Legault, a former PQ cabinet minister, has promised a CAQ government will never hold a referendum on Quebec sovereignty.
  • Legault wants to seek additional powers for Quebec, including control over immigration, increased fiscal capacity and a say in the nomination of Supreme Court justices. Some of these measures would require re-opening the Constitution.
  • Advocates independence. A QS government would organize elections for a constituent assembly, which would draft a constitution for an independent Quebec. That constitution would be put to a referendum.
  • Couillard has promised to spend an additional $2.9 billion by 2023 on sustainable mobility.
  • Supports existing cap-and-trade system designed to reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Would ban all new fossil fuel projects and existing projects would be subject to stricter oversight.
  • The Caisse de dépôt, Quebec's pension fund, would be instructed to divest from fossil fuel exploration, production and pipeline companies.
  • Supports international greenhouse gas reduction targets and would promote "technological innovations to ensure their achievement".
  • An ambitious program with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 95 per cent in the next 30 years.
  • More sustainable waste management, including prohibiting the use of certain toxic products. Institute a "polluter pays" policy when it comes to waste.

Opinion polls


Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QSOther
Bonaventure François Whittom Sylvain Roy Hélène Desaulniers Catherine Cyr Wright Daniel Bouchard (CAP)
Guy Gallant (Ind.)
Heather Imhoff (Green)
Sylvain Roy
Côte-du-Sud Simon Laboissonnière Michel Forget Marie-Eve Proulx Guillaume Dufour Renaud Blais (Nul)
Gabriel Dubé (BP)
Marc Roussin (Cons.)
Norbert Morin[68]
Gaspé Alexandre Boulay Méganne Perry-Mélançon Louis LeBouthillier Alexis Dumont-Blanchet Gaétan Lelièvre[69]
Îles-de-la-Madeleine Maryse Lapierre Joël Arseneau Yves Renaud Robert Boudreau-Welsh Germain Chevarie[70]
Matane-Matapédia Annie Fournier Pascal Bérubé Mathieu Quenum Marie-Phare Boucher Pierre-Luc Coulombe (Green)
Jocelyn Rioux (CAP)
Paul-Émile Vignola (Cons.)
Pascal Bérubé
Rimouski Claude Laroche Harold LeBel Nancy Levesque Carol-Ann Kack Denis Bélanger (Ind.)
Dany Levesque (BP)
Alexie Plourde (Green)
Harold LeBel
Rivière-du-Loup–Témiscouata Jean D'Amour Vincent Couture Denis Tardif Goulimine Sylvie Cadôret Martin Perron (Cons.) Jean D'Amour

Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Côte-Nord and Nord-du-Québec

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS ConservativeOther
Chicoutimi Marie-Josée Morency Mireille Jean Andrée Laforest Pierre Dostie Leonard Gagnon Tommy Philippe (Green) Mireille Jean
Dubuc Serge Simard Marie-Annick Fortin François Tremblay Marie Francine Bienvenue François Pelletier Line Bélanger (Nul) Serge Simard
Duplessis Laurence Méthot Lorraine Richard Line Cloutier Martine Roux Alexandre Leblanc Lorraine Richard
Jonquière Alexandre Duguay Sylvain Gaudreault Benoit Rochefort Marcel Lapointe Jimmy Voyer Julie Sion (Green) Sylvain Gaudreault
Lac-Saint-Jean Mathieu Huot William Fradette Éric Girard Manon Girard Michael Grecoff Maude Gouin Huot (Auto.) Alexandre Cloutier[71]
René-Lévesque Jonathan Lapointe Martin Ouellet André Desrosiers Sandrine Bourque Eric Barnabé Martin Ouellet
Roberval Philippe Couillard Thomas Gaudreault Denise Trudel Luc-Antoine Cauchon Carl C. Lamontagne Julie Boucher (CAP)
Lynda Lalancette (Nul)
Philippe Couillard
Ungava Jean Boucher Jonathan Mattson Denis Lamothe Alisha Tukkiapik Alexandre Croteau Louis R. Couture (NDP)

Cristina Roos (Green)

Jean Boucher


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative NDPOther
Charlesbourg François Blais Annie Morin Jonatan Julien Élisabeth Germain Valérie Tremblay Daniel Pelletier (Auto.) François Blais
Charlevoix–Côte-de-Beaupré Caroline Simard Nathalie Leclerc Émilie Foster Jessica Crossan Andréanne Bouchard Albert Chiasson (CAP) Caroline Simard
Chauveau Véronyque Tremblay Jonathan Gagnon Sylvain Lévesque Francis Lajoie Sabir Isufi Adrien Pouliot Mona Belleau Véronyque Tremblay
Jean-Lesage Gertrude Bourdon Claire Vignola Christiane Gamache Sol Zanetti Alex Paradis-Bellefeuille Anne Deblois Raymond Côté Marie-Pierre Deschênes (CAP)
Nicolas Bouffard-Savoie (Auto.)
Claude Moreau (ML)
Charles Verreault-Lemieux (Nul)
André Drolet[72]
Jean-Talon Sébastien Proulx Sylvain Barrette Joëlle Boutin Patrick Provost Macarena Diab Carl Bérubé Hamid Nadji Ginette Boutet (ML)
Ali Dahan (Ind.)
Stéphane Pouleur (Auto.)
Sébastien Proulx
La Peltrie Stéphane Lacasse Doni Berberi Éric Caire Alexandre Jobin-Lawler Sandra Mara Riedo Julie Plamondon Kevin Bouchard (Nul)
Yohann Dauphinais (CAP)
Josée Mélanie Michaud (Auto.)
Stephen Wright (P51)
Éric Caire
Louis-Hébert Julie-Maude Perron Normand Beauregard Geneviève Guilbault Guillaume Boivin Daydree Vendette Natalie Bjerke Caroline Côté Vincent Bégin (Ind.)
Jean-Luc Rouckout (Auto.)
Geneviève Guilbault
Montmorency Marie France Trudel Alexandre Huot Jean-François Simard Marie-Christine Lamontagne Nicholas Lescarbeau Daniel Beaulieu Jean Bédard (ML)
Jean-François Simard (Ind.)
Raymond Bernier[73]
Portneuf Philippe Gasse Christian Hébert Vincent Caron Odile Pelletier Guy Morin Constance Guimont (CAP) Michel Matte[74]
Taschereau Florent Tanlet Diane Lavallée Svetlana Solomykina Catherine Dorion Élisabeth Grégoire Roger Duguay Christian Lavoie (CAP)
Guy Boivin (Auto.)
Nicolas Pouliot (Nul)
Agnès Maltais[75]
Vanier-Les Rivières Patrick Huot William Duquette Mario Asselin Monique Voisine Samuel Raymond Alain Fortin Carl Côté (Ind.)
David Dallaire (CAP)
Carl-André Poliquin (Nul)
Patrick Huot


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green ConservativeOther
Champlain Pierre-Michel Auger Gaëtan Leclerc Sonia LeBel Steven Roy Cullen Stéphanie Dufresne Pierre-Benoit Fortin Éric Gauthier (Auto.)
Anthony Rouss (BP)
Pierre-Michel Auger
Laviolette–Saint-Maurice Pierre Giguère Jacynthe Bruneau Marie-Louise Tardif Christine Cardin Ugo Hamel Jacques Gosselin (CAP) Julie Boulet[76]
Merged riding
Pierre Giguère
Maskinongé Marc H. Plante Nicole Morin Simon Allaire Simon Piotte Amélie St-Yves Maxime Rousseau Jonathan Beaulieu Richard (Ind.)
Alain Bélanger (CAP)
Marc H. Plante
Trois-Rivières Jean-Denis Girard Marie-Claude Camirand Jean Boulet Valérie Delage Adis Simidzija Daniel Hénault Jean-Denis Girard


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green CAPOther
Mégantic Robert G. Roy Gloriane Blais François Jacques Andrée Larrivée Sylvain Dodier Richard Veilleux Ghislain Bolduc[77]
Orford Guy Madore Maxime Leclerc Gilles Bélanger Annabelle Lalumière-Ting Stéphanie Desmeules Tommy Poulin Joseph Tremblay-Bonsens (Cons.) Pierre Reid[78]
Richmond Annie Godbout Véronique Vigneault André Bachand Colombe Landry Yves la Madeleine Déitane Gendron Karl Brousseau (Cons.) Karine Vallières[79]
Saint-François Charles Poulin Solange Masson Geneviève Hébert Kévin Côté Mathieu Morin Cyrille Mc Elreavy Guy Hardy[80]
Sherbrooke Luc Fortin Guillaume Rousseau Bruno Vachon Christine Labrie Marie-Maud Côté-Rouleau Éric Lebrasseur Luc Lainé (Ind.)
Mona Louis-Jean (NDP)
Sara Richard (Nul)
Jossy Roy (BP)
Patrick Tétreault (Ind.)
Luc Fortin



Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative NDPOther
Anjou–Louis-Riel Lise Thériault Karl Dugal Michèle Gamelin Marie-Josée Forget Hamza Madani Vincent Henes Lise Thériault
Bourassa-Sauvé Paule Robitaille Karine Gauvin Julie Séide Alejandra Zaga Mendez Karina Barros Michel Boissonneault Abed Louis Jean-François Brunet (BP)
Sabrinel Laouadi (CINQ)
Jean Marie Floriant Ndzana (Ind.)
Rita de Santis[81]
Bourget Vincent Girard Maka Kotto Richard Campeau Marlène Lessard Marieke Hassell-Crépeau Dany Roy (CAP)
Claude Brunelle (ML)
Maka Kotto
Gouin Alessandra Lubrina Olivier Gignac Arianne Lebel Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois Alice Sécheresse Jenny Cartwright (Nul)
Ana da Silva (BP)
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Julien Provencher-Proulx Carole Poirier Sarah Beaumier Alexandre Leduc Mathieu Beaudoin Éric-Abel Baland Gabriel Boily (CAP)
Christine Dandenault (ML)
Etienne Mallette (BP)
Carole Poirier
Jeanne-Mance–Viger Filomena Rotiroti Marie-Josée Bruneau Sarah Petrari Ismaël Seck Sylvie Hétu Sylvain Dallaire Garnet Colly (ML) Filomena Rotiroti
LaFontaine Marc Tanguay Claude Gauthier Loredana Bacchi David Touchette Caleb Lavoie Yves Le Seigle (ML) Marc Tanguay
Laurier-Dorion George Tsantrizos Marie-Aline Vadius Simon Langelier Andrés Fontecilla Juan Vazquez Mohammad Yousuf Apostolia Petropoulos Arezki Malek (ML)
Mathieu Marcil (Nul)
Eric Lessard (CAP)
Hugô St-Onge (BP)
Chef Jean Louis Thémis (Cul.)
Gerry Sklavounos[82]
Maurice-Richard Marie Montpetit Frédéric Lapointe Manon Gauthier Raphaël Rebelo Gilles Fournelle Jean Rémillard Morgan Ali (BP)
Manon Dupuis (Nul)
Daniel St-Hilaire (CAP)
Marie Montpetit
Mercier Gabrielle Collu Michelle Blanc Johanne Gagné Ruba Ghazal Stephanie Rochemont Ludovic Proulx Conrad Thompson Serge Lachapelle (ML)
Malou Marcil (Nul)
Amir Khadir[83]
Pointe-aux-Trembles Eric Ouellette Jean-Martin Aussant Chantal Rouleau Céline Pereira Louis Chandonnet (Auto.)
Geneviève Royer (ML)
Pierre Surette (BP)
Nicole Léger[84]
Rosemont Agata La Rosa Jean-François Lisée Sonya Cormier Vincent Marissal Karl Dubois Alexandra Liendo Paulina Ayala Stéphane Chénier (ML)
Coralie Laperrière (BP)
Catherine Raymond-Poirier (Nul)
Jean-François Lisée
Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques Louis Charron Jennifer Drouin Anna Klisko Manon Massé Anna Calderon Don Ivanski Alexis Cossette-Trudel (CAP)
Henri Ladouceur (BP)
Manon Massé
Viau Frantz Benjamin Mounddy Sanon Janny Gaspard Sylvain Lafrenière Patrick St-Onge Mamoun Ahmed Beverly Bernardo (Ind.)
Hugo Pépino (BP)
David Heurtel[85]


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative NDPOther
Acadie Christine St-Pierre Farida Sam Sophie Chiasson Viviane Martinova-Croteau Laurence Sicotte Jocelyn Chouinard Michel Welt Yvon Breton (ML) Christine St-Pierre
D'Arcy-McGee David Birnbaum Eliane Pion Mélodie Cohn Jean-Claude Kumuyange Jérémie Alarco Yaniv Loran Leigh Smit Diane Johnston (ML) David Birnbaum
Jacques-Cartier Greg Kelley Martine Bourgeois Karen Hilchey Nicolas Chatel-Launay Catherine Polson Louis-Charles Fortier France Séguin Cynthia Bouchard (CAP)
Teodor Daiev (Ind.)
Geoffrey Kelley[86]
Marguerite-Bourgeoys Hélène David Jeannot Desbiens Vicky Michaud Camille St-Laurent Smail Louardiane Nashaat Elsayed Robert Poëti[87]
Marquette Enrico Ciccone Carole Vincent Marc Hétu Anick Perreault Kimberly Salt Olivia Boye John Symon Roger Déry (Ind.)
Patrick Desjardins (CAP)
François Ouimet[88]
Mont-Royal–Outremont Pierre Arcand Caroline Labelle Anne-Marie Gagnon Eve Torres Vincent J. Carbonneau Yaakov Pollak Rebecca Anne Clark Normand Fournier (ML) Pierre Arcand
Merged riding
Hélène David
Nelligan Monsef Derraji Chantal Legendre Angela Rapoport Simon Tremblay-Pepin Giuseppe Cammarrota Mathew Levitsky-Kaminski Leslie Eric Murphy Martin Coiteux[89]
Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Kathleen Weil Lucie Bélanger Nathalie Dansereau Kathleen Gudmundsson Chad Walcott Souhail Ftouh David-Roger Gagnon Rachel Hoffman (ML)
Cynthia Nichols (Ind.)
Kathleen Weil
Robert-Baldwin Carlos J. Leitão Marie-Imalta Pierre-Lys Laura Azéroual Zachary Williams Catherine Richardson Michael-Louis Coppa Luca Brown Carlos Leitão
Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne Dominique Anglade Dieudonné Ella-Oyono Sylvie Hamel Benoit Racette Jean-Pierre Duford Caroline Orchard Steven Scott Félix Gagnon-Paquin (BP)
Linda Sullivan (ML)
Christopher Young (CINQ)
Dominique Anglade
Saint-Laurent Marwah Rizqy Elias Dib Nicolas Marc Baaklini Marie Josèphe Pigeon Halimatou Bah Guy Morissette Jacques Dago Fernand Deschamps (ML) Jean-Marc Fournier[90]
Verdun Isabelle Melançon Constantin Fortier Nicole Leduc Vanessa Roy Alex Tyrrell Yedidya-Eitan Moryoussef Raphaël Fortin Marc-André Milette (Nul)
Hugo Richard (BP)
Eileen Studd (ML)
Isabelle Melançon
Westmount–Saint-Louis Jennifer Maccarone J. Marion Benoit Michelle Morin Ekaterina Piskunova Samuel Dajakran Kuhn Mikey Colangelo Lauzon Nicholas Peter Lawson Jacques Chagnon[91]

Outaouais and Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative CAPOther
Abitibi-Est Guy Bourgeois Élizabeth Larouche Pierre Dufour Lyne Cyr Mélina Paquette Éric Caron Guy Bourgeois
Abitibi-Ouest Martin Veilleux Sylvain Vachon Suzanne Blais Rose Marquis Yan Dominic Couture Eric Lacroix Stéphane Lévesque Maxim Sylvestre (Ind.) François Gendron[84]
Rouyn-Noranda–Témiscamingue Luc Blanchette Gilles Chapadeau Jérémy G. Bélanger Émilise Lessard-Therrien Jessica Wells Guillaume Lanouette Fernand St-Georges Luc Blanchette
Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative Marxist-LeninistOther
Chapleau Marc Carrière Blake Ippersiel Mathieu Lévesque Alexandre Albert Rowen Tanguay Françoise Roy Marc Carrière
Gatineau Luce Farrell Jonathan Carreiro-Benoit Robert Bussière Milan Bernard Jasper Boychuk Mario Belec Alexandre Deschênes Stéphanie Vallée[92]
Hull Maryse Gaudreault Marysa Nadeau Rachel Bourdon Benoit Renaud Patricia Pilon Jean-Philippe Chaussé Pierre Soublière Marco Jetté (CAP)
Nichola St-Jean (NDP)
Maryse Gaudreault
Papineau Alexandre Iracà Yves Destroismaisons Mathieu Lacombe Mélanie Pilon-Gauvin Michel Tardif Joanne Godin Lynn Boyer (CAP)
Claude Flaus (P51)
Isabelle Yde (Nul)
Alexandre Iracà
Pontiac André Fortin Marie-Claire Nivolon Olive Kamanyana Julia Wilkie Roger Fleury Kenny Roy Louis Lang Samuel Gendron (NDP) André Fortin

Chaudière-Appalaches and Centre-du-Québec

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative CAPOther
Arthabaska Pierre Poirier Jacques Daigle Éric Lefebvre William Champigny-Fortier Jean-Charles Pelland Lisette Guay Gaudreault Jean Landry (Prov.) Éric Lefebvre
Beauce-Nord Myriam Taschereau Daniel Perron Luc Provençal Fernand Dorval Isabelle Villeneuve Nicole Goulet André Spénard[93]
Beauce-Sud Paul Busque Guillaume Grondin Samuel Poulin Diane Vincent Cassandre Poulin Milan Jovanovic Jean Paquet Hans Mercier (P51) Paul Busque
Bellechasse Dominique Vien Benoît Béchard Stéphanie Lachance Benoit Comeau Dominique Messner Simon Guay (BP)
Sébastien Roy (Prov.)
Dominique Vien
Chutes-de-la-Chaudière Ghyslain Vaillancourt Serge Bonin Marc Picard Olivier Bolduc Philippe Gaboury Stéphane Blais Evelyne Henry (NDP) Marc Picard
Drummond–Bois-Francs Kevin Deland Diane Roy Sébastien Schneeberger Lannïck Dinard François Picard Sylvain Marcoux (Ind.)
Steve Therion (Auto.)
Sébastien Schneeberger
Johnson François Vaes Jacques Tétreault André Lamontagne Sarah Saint-Cyr Lanoie Émile Coderre Jean-François Vignola Yves Audet Andrew Leblanc-Marcil (NDP) André Lamontagne
Lévis Abdulkadir Abkey Pierre-Gilles Morel François Paradis Georges Goma Maude Bussière Michel Walters Nancy Fournier Lorraine Chartier (NDP)
Stéphane L'heureux-Blouin (BP)
François Paradis
Lotbinière-Frontenac Pierre-Luc Daigle Yohann Beaulieu Isabelle Lecours Normand Beaudet Marie-Claude Dextraze Réjean Labbé Yves Roy Daniel Croteau (P51) Laurent Lessard[94]
Nicolet-Bécancour Marie-Claude Durand Lucie Allard Donald Martel François Poisson Vincent Marcotte Jessie Mc Nicoll Blak D. Blackburn (BP) Donald Martel


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative NDPOther
Chomedey Guy Ouellette Ouerdia Nacera Beddad Alice Abou-Khalil Rabah Moulla Fatine Kabbaj Nick Keramarios Omar El-Harrache Guy Ouellette
Fabre Monique Sauvé Odette Lavigne Adriana Dudas Nora Yata David Gilbert-Parisée Juliett Zuniga Lopez Karim Mahmoodi Monique Sauvé
Laval-des-Rapides Saul Polo Jocelyn Caron Christine Mitton Graciela Mateo Estelle Obeo Benoit Larocque Jean Phariste Pharicien Bianca Bozsodi (CAP)
Elias Progakis (PL)
Saul Polo
Mille-Îles Francine Charbonneau Michel Lachance Mauro Barone Jean Trudelle Alain Joseph Dwayne Cappelletti (PL)
Jason D'Aoust (BP)
Francine Charbonneau
Sainte-Rose Jean Habel Marc-André Constantin Christopher Skeete Simon Charron Caroline Bergevin Benoit Blanchard Alain Giguère Valérie Louis-Charles (CINQ) Jean Habel
Vimont Jean Rousselle Sylvie Moreau Michel Reeves Caroline Trottier-Gascon Mélanie Messier Rachel Landerman Andriana Kocini Jean-Marc Boyer (Ind.)
Rachel Demers (CAP)
Jean Rousselle


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative CAP
Berthier Robert Magnan André Villeneuve Caroline Proulx Louise Beaudry Jérôme St-Jean Rémi Bourdon André Villeneuve
Joliette Emilie Imbeault Véronique Hivon François St-Louis Judith Sicard Étienne St-Jean Sébastien Dupuis Véronique Hivon
L'Assomption Virginie Bouchard Sylvie Langlois Brouillette François Legault Marie-Claude Brière Eve Bellavance Charles-Etienne Everitt-Raynault Sylvie Tougas François Legault
Masson Maryanne Beauchamp Diane Gadoury Hamelin Mathieu Lemay Stéphane Durupt Véronique Dubois David Morin Mathieu Lemay
Repentigny Emilie Therrien Eric Tremblay Lise Lavallée Olivier Huard Chafika Hebib Pierre Lacombe Julie Girard Lise Lavallée
Rousseau Patrick Watson Nicolas Marceau Louis-Charles Thouin Hélène Dubé Richard Evanko Michel Lacasse Nicolas Marceau
Terrebonne Margaux Selam Mathieu Traversy Pierre Fitzgibbon Anne B-Godbout Carole Dubois Jules Néron Mathieu Goyette Mathieu Traversy


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative CAPOther
Argenteuil Bernard Bigras-Denis Patrick Côté Agnès Grondin Céline Lachapelle Carole Thériault Sherwin Edwards Louise Wiseman Stéphanie Boyer (PL)
Yves St-Denis (Ind.)
Yves St-Denis
Bertrand Diane de Passillé Gilbert Lafrenière Nadine Girault Mylène Jaccoud Natacha Alarie Kathy Laframboise Benoît Pigeon Benoit Martin (PL) Claude Cousineau[84]
Blainville Lucia Carvalho Gabriel Gousse Mario Laframboise William Lepage Valérie Fortier Jean Bastien Thierry Gervais (NDP) Mario Laframboise
Deux-Montagnes Fabienne Fatou Diop Daniel Goyer Benoit Charette Audrey Lesage-Lanthier Isabelle Dagenais Delia Fodor Denis Paré Martin Brulé (PL)
Eric Emond (CINQ)
Hans Roker Jr (BP)
Benoit Charette
Groulx Sabrina Chartrand Jean-Philippe Meloche Eric Girard Fabien Torres Robin Dick Vincent Aubé Chantal Lavoie Claude Surprenant (Ind.) Claude Surprenant
Labelle Nadine Riopel Sylvain Pagé Chantal Jeannotte Gabriel Dagenais René Fournier Francis Brosseau Régis Ostigny Sylvain Pagé
Les Plaines Vincent Orellana-Pepin Marc-Olivier Leblanc Lucie Lecours Kévin St-Jean Boris Geynet Mathieu Laliberté Mathieu Stevens (PL) New district
Mirabel Camille Arsenault Brideau Denise Beaudoin Sylvie D'Amours Marjolaine Goudreau Émilie Paiement Désiré Mounanga Vincent Laurin (BP)
Patricia Vaca (CINQ)
Sylvie D'Amours
Prévost Naömie Goyette Paul St-Pierre Plamondon Marguerite Blais Lucie Mayer Malcolm Mulcahy Michel Leclerc (PL) New district
Saint-Jérôme Antoine Poulin Marc Bourcier Youri Chassin Ève Duhaime Annabelle Desrochers Normand Michaud Sylvie Brien Christine Simon (NDP)
Giuseppe Starnino (PL)
Marc Bourcier



Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative NDPOther
Borduas Martin Nichols Cédric G.-Ducharme Simon Jolin-Barrette Annie Desharnais Nicolas Gravel André Lecompte André Martin Razz E. (BP)
Stéphane Thévenot (CAP)
Simon Jolin-Barrette
Brome-Missisquoi Ingrid Marini Andréanne Larouche Isabelle Charest Alexandre Legault Elisabeth Dionne Marc Alarie (VP)
Manon Gamache (CAP)
Pierre Paradis[95]
Chambly François Villeneuve Christian Picard Jean-François Roberge Francis Vigeant Camille B. Jannard Guy L'Heureux Gilles Létourneau Gilles Guindon (CINQ)
Benjamin Vachon (BP)
Jean-François Roberge
Granby Lyne Laverdure Chantal Beauchemin François Bonnardel Anne-Sophie Legault Daphné Poulin Pierre Bélanger Stéphane Deschamps (Nul)
Kevin Robidas (BP)
François Bonnardel
Iberville Mylène Gaudreau Nicolas Dionne Claire Samson Philippe Jetten-Vigeant Michelle Kolatschek Serge Benoit Marc-André Renaud Dany Desjardins (BP) Claire Samson
Richelieu Sophie Chevalier Sylvain Rochon Jean-Bernard Émond Sophie Pagé-Sabourin Ksenia Svetoushkina Patrick Corriveau Sylvain Rochon
Saint-Hyacinthe Annie Pelletier Daniel Breton Chantal Soucy Marijo Demers Luc Chulak Chantal Soucy
Saint-Jean Vanessa Parent Dave Turcotte Louis Lemieux Simon Lalonde Véronique Langlois Philippe Perreault Geneviève Ruel Louis Saint-Jacques (CAP) Dave Turcotte
Verchères Agnieszka Wnorowska Stéphane Bergeron Suzanne Dansereau Jean-René Péloquin Pierre-Olivier Downey Lisette Benoit Vincent Hillel Stéphane Bergeron

South Shore

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
 Liberal PQ CAQ QS Green Conservative NDPOther
Beauharnois Félix Rhéaume Mireille Théorêt Claude Reid Pierre-Paul St-Onge Yannick Campeau François Mantion Tommy Mathieu (CAP) Guy Leclair[96]
Châteauguay Pierre Moreau Jean-Philippe Thériault MarieChantal Chassé Sandrine Garcia-McDiarmid Stephanie Stevenson Jeff Benoit Marie-Ève Masucci-Lauzon Pierre Moreau
Huntingdon Stéphane Billette Huguette Hébert Claire IsaBelle Aiden Hodgins-Ravensbergen Victoria Mary Haliburton Jérémie Ouellette Charles Orme Stéphane Billette
La Pinière Gaétan Barrette Suzanne Gagnon Sylvia Baronian Marie Pagès Aziza Dini Anwar El Youbi Djaouida Sellah Patrick Hayes (Ind.)
Fang Hu (Ind.)
Gaétan Barrette
Laporte Nicole Ménard Annie Lessard Jacinthe-Eve Arel Claude Lefrançois Sabrina Huet-Côté Linda Therrien Marc André Audet Nicole Ménard
La Prairie Richard Merlini Cathy Lepage Christian Dubé Daniel Blouin Alexandre Caron Alain Desmarais Boukare Tall Normand Chouinard (ML)
Liana Minato (P51)
Richard Merlini
Marie-Victorin Sonia Ziadé Catherine Fournier Martyne Prévost Carl Lévesque Laeticia Poiré-Hill Myriam de Grandpré-Ruel Shirley Cedent (CINQ)
Pierre Chénier (ML)
Florent Portron (Auto.)
Catherine Fournier
Montarville Ludovic Grisé Farand Daniel Michelin Nathalie Roy Caroline Charette Lise Roy Jean Dury (BP) Nathalie Roy
Sanguinet Marcelina Jugureanu Alain Therrien Danielle McCann Maya Fréchette-Bonnier Antonino Geraci Nikolai Grigoriev Hélène Héroux (ML) Alain Therrien
Soulanges Lucie Charlebois Samuelle Ducrocq-Henry Marilyne Picard Maxime Larue-Bourdages Bianca Jitaru Felice Trombino Etienne Madelein Jean-Patrick Berthiaume (BP)
Patrick Marquis (Auto.)
Dominik Prud'homme (CAP)
Lucie Charlebois
Taillon Mohammed Barhone Diane Lamarre Lionel Carmant Manon Blanchard Mel-Lyna Cadieux Walker Gerardin Verty Jonathan Leduc Diane Lamarre
Vachon Linda Caron Patrick Ney Ian Lafrenière André Vincent Lise des Greniers Ian Lecourtois Hugo Bluntss (BP)
Stéphane Marginean (CAP)
Martine Ouellet
Vaudreuil Marie-Claude Nichols Philip Lapalme Claude Bourbonnais Igor Erchov Jason Mossa Ryan Robertson Ryan Young Camille Piché-Jetté (BP)
Daniel Pilon (CAP)
Marie-Claude Nichols

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  1. Québec solidaire designated Massé as its candidate for Premier, and Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois as co-spokespeople. The party's power is held by the general meetings of the members and a board of 16 directors; the de jure leader recognized by the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec (DGE) is Gaétan Châteauneuf.[2]


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