2018 Clarkson Cup

The 2018 Clarkson Cup was held at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto on 25 March 2018 with the Markham Thunder defeating the Kunlun Red Star by a score of 2–1. Laura Stacey scored the game-winning goal with 2 minutes 11 seconds remaining in the overtime period. Markahm's earlier goal had been scored by Nicole Brown. Markham's goaltender Erica Howe was named the Most Valuable Player.[1][2]

Game summary

Scoring summary
Team Goal Assist(s) Time Score
1st period: Erica Howe (Markham) vs. Noora Raty (Kunlun)
Markham Nicole Brown (1) Laura Fortino, Nicole Kosta 8:24 1-0, Markham
2nd period: Howe (Markham) vs. Raty (Kunlun)
Kunlun Kelli Stack (1), PP None 19:12 Tied, 1-1
3rd period: Howe (Markham) vs. Raty (Kunlun)
Overtime: Howe (Markham) vs. Raty (Kunlun)
Markham Laura Stacey (1) Nicole Kosta 2 :49 Markham, 2-1


Clarkson Cup playoffs

Laura Stacey would score against Noora Raty of the Kunlun Red Star with 2:11 left in the 4-on-4 overtime, as Markham prevailed by a 2–1 score for its first Clarkson Cup win.[4]

Clarkson Cup semifinals
Clarkson Cup Championship
1 Les Canadiennes 0
4 Markham Thunder 2
4 Markham Thunder 2 (OT)
2 Kunlun Red Star WIH 1
2 Kunlun Red Star WIH 2
3 Calgary Inferno 1

Markham Thunder – 2018 Clarkson Cup champions

Coaching and Administrative Staff:
  • Jim Jackson (Head coach)
  • Kevin Stone, Assistant coach
  • Candice Moxley, Assistant coach
  • Jess Pemberton, Trainer
  • Chelsea Purcell, General Manager

Awards and honors


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