2017 Clarkson Cup

The 2017 Clarkson Cup was a women's ice hockey championship that was contested for the second straight year at Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, to determine the champion of the Canadian Women's Hockey League. Held on March 5, 2017, the Calgary Inferno competed against the Canadiennes de Montreal, a rematch of the 2016 Clarkson Cup finals. This marked the first time that the same two teams skated in consecutive Clarkson Cup finals.

Game summary

Scoring summary
Team Goal Assist(s) Time Score
1st period: Emerance Maschmeyer (Calgary) vs. Charline Labonte (Montreal)
Montreal Katia Clement-Heydra (1) PPG Noemie Marin (1), Karell Emard (1) 12:36 1-0, Montreal
2nd period: Emerance Maschmeyer (Calgary) vs. Charline Labonte (Montreal)
Montreal Marie-Philip Poulin (1) Cathy Chartrand (1), Julie Chu (1) 05:24 2-0, Montreal
3rd period: Maschmeyer (Calgary) vs. Labonte (Montreal)
Calgary Jillian Saulnier (1) Rebecca Johnston (1) 12:57 2-1, Montreal
Montreal Marie-Philip Poulin (2) Empty Net Julie Chu (2) 18:08 3-1, Montreal


Canadiennes de Montreal – 2017 Clarkson Cup champions

Coaching and Administrative Staff:
  • Dany Brunet (Head coach)
  • Marc Beaudoin, Assistant coach
  • Lisa-Marie Breton-Lebreux (Assistant coach)
  • Kelly Sudia, Technical coach
  • Gilles Charron, Goalie coach
  • Jenny Lavigne, Assistant goalie coach
  • Steve Lortie, Video coach

Awards and honors


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