2016 United States Mixed Doubles Curling Championship

The 2016 United States Mixed Doubles Curling Championship was held from December 2-7, 2015 at the Denver Curling Club in Denver, Colorado.[1][2] Jason Smith and Jessica Schultz, both from Minnesota, won the tournament.[3] The champions, along with the silver and bronze medal winners, earned a spot in the United States Mixed Doubles World Trials in February 2016, where the US representative for the 2016 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in Karlstad, Sweden was decided.[4]

2016 United States Mixed Doubles Curling Championship
Host cityDenver, Colorado
ArenaDenver Curling Club
DatesDecember 2-7, 2015
WinnerJessica Schultz and Jason Smith
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Twenty nine teams qualified to compete in the championship.[2][5][6]

Female Male State(s)
Taylor Anderson Alex Fenson  Minnesota
Danielle Buchbinder Michael Rupp  New York
Cristin Clark Brady Clark  Washington
Stephanie Senneker Bret Jackson  Michigan
Christon Clark Logan Tingley  Indiana,  Ohio
Becca Wood Brett Davis  Colorado
Frances Walsh Stephen Grant  Washington
Emily Good MacAllan Guy  Washington
Jessica Schultz Jason Smith  Minnesota
Keri VanNorman Cameron Kim  California
Dena Rosenberry Darrick Kizlyk  Colorado
Tracy Heuermann Ron Kloth  Arizona
Alexandra Carlson Alex Leichter  Minnesota,  Massachusetts
Jenny Levy Ben Levy  Michigan
Kathy Jackson Murray Jackson  North Carolina
Jillian Walker Derrick McLean  Washington
Nina Roth Kroy Nernberger  Wisconsin
Teri Olson Scott Olson  Massachusetts
Kelsey Ostrowski Gary Mazzotta  Minnesota
Catharine Persinger Greg Persinger  Alaska
Allison Pottinger Doug Pottinger  Minnesota
Cynthia Smith Matthew Culbertson  Colorado
Elaine Smith-Koop Joshua Engle  Oregon
Maureen Stolt Peter Stolt  Minnesota
Larissa Unruh Samuel Unruh  North Dakota
Nicole Vassar Sam Williams  Massachusetts
Monica Walker Sean Beighton  Massachusetts,  Washington
Sarah Thuriot Doug Weimerskirch  Minnesota
Stephanie Martin Dan Wiza  Illinois,  Wisconsin



Instead of the usual round robin group play leading into playoffs, the 2016 Championship was structured with three tiers of brackets to create a triple elimination tournament. All 29 teams began in the A event bracket, if they lost they moved down to the B event bracket and if they lost again they moved to the C event bracket. If a team lost a game in the C event they were eliminated from the tournament. The winners of the A and B brackets played for the championship. However, all three bracket winners qualified for the US World Trials to compete to represent the United States at the 2016 World Mixed Doubles Championship. [7]

A event bracket[8]

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Martin/Wiza 7
Levy/Levy 3 Martin/Wiza 6
Clark/Clark 8
Clark/Clark 4
Leichter/Carlson 6 Leichter/Carlson 6
Smith-Koop/Engle 4 Leichter/Carlson 8
Persinger/Persinger 9 Persinger/Persinger 7
Culbertson/Smith 1 Leichter/Carlson 7
Nernberger/Roth 15 Nernberger/Roth 6
Kim/VanNorman 1 Nernberger/Roth 9
Olson/Olson 8 Unruh/Unruh 3
Unruh/Unruh 10 Nernberger/Roth 12
Anderson/Fenson 7 Anderson/Fenson 10
Kloth/Heuermann 3 Anderson/Fenson 12
Good/Guy 9 Good/Guy 5
Davis/Wood 2 Leichter/Carlson 6
Williams/Vassar 6 Smith/Schultz 7
Weimerskirch/Thuriot 3 Williams/Vassar 3
Pottinger/Pottinger 8
Pottinger/Pottinger 10
Walker/Beighton 13 McLean/Walker 4
Clark/Tingley 1 Walker/Beighton 4
McLean/Walker 6 McLean/Walker 7
Grant/Walsh 4 Pottinger/Pottinger 4
Jackson/Senneker 18 Smith/Schultz 10
Ostrowski/Mazzotta 4 Jackson/Senneker 6
Stolt/Stolt 7
Stolt/Stolt 7
Smith/Schultz 10 Smith/Schultz 10
Jackson/Jackson 4 Smith/Schultz 11
Kizlyk/Rosenberry 7 Kizlyk/Rosenberry 2
Buchbinder/Rupp 3


The winners of the A and B brackets played for the championship.

Monday, December 7, 11:00 am MT[9]

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Final
Smith/Schultz 0 3 3 1 1 0 1 X 9
Pottinger/Pottinger 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 X 3


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