2016 Sarawak state election

The eleventh Sarawak state election was held on Saturday, 7 May 2016 after nomination for candidates on Monday, 25 April 2016. The 82 members of the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly, were elected in single-member constituencies using first-past-the-post voting. More than 1.1 million who had their names entered or retained in an electoral register for a particular electoral district in Sarawak was eligible to vote at the time of the election. Malaysia does not practice compulsory voting and automatic voter registration. The voting age is 21 although the age of majority in the country is 18. The election was conducted by the Election Commission of Malaysia.

2016 Sarawak state election

7 May 2016

All 82 seats in the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly
42 seats needed for a majority
Turnout778,819 (68.33%)
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Adenan Satem Chong Chieng Jen Jofri Jaraiee
Party Barisan Nasional (PBB) Pakatan Harapan (DAP) Gagasan Sejahtera (PAS)
Leader since 1 March 2014 10 June 2013 unknown
Leader's seat Tanjong Datu Kota Sentosa Pujut
(lost seat)
Last election 55 seats, 55.36% 15 seats, 39.79%
(Pakatan Rakyat)
No seats, 1.44%
(Pakatan Rakyat)
Seats before 55 14 0
Seats won 72 10 0
Seat change 17 4
Popular vote 474,953 230,309 13,210
Percentage 62.19% 30.16% 1.73%
Swing 6.83% 9.63% 0.29%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Soo Lina Patrick Uren
Party State Reform Party Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru
Leader since 9 April 2016 2013
Leader's seat Batu Lintang
(lost seat)
(lost seat)
Last election New party New party
Seats before 0 0
Seats won 0 0
Seat change
Popular vote 2,841 1,244
Percentage 0.37% 0.16%
Swing 0.37% 0.16%

Chief Minister before election

Adenan Satem

Chief Minister-designate

Adenan Satem

The Sarawak State Legislative Assembly would automatically dissolve on 20 June 2016, the fifth anniversary of the first sitting, and elections must be held within ninety days (three months) of the dissolution (on or before 20 September 2016, with the date to be decided by the Election Commission), unless dissolved prior to that date by the Head of State (Yang di-Pertua Negeri of Sarawak) on the advice of the Head of Government (Chief Minister of Sarawak).

The previous state election was held at 2011. The state assemblymen is elected to 5 years term each. It is expected to be the most hotly contested election in Sarawak's poll history. At the previous election, the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat made historic gains by doubling its State Assembly seats, while the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional retained a two-third majority.[1]

Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem has unexpectedly announced that 18 April will possibly be the nomination day and 30 April the polling day for the 11th Sarawak state election. Adenan was addressing a pre-election seminar for PBB’s Satok branch at a seaside resort here at about 9pm yesterday when he made the announcement. “I have already met the Election Commission (EC) and decided to set 18 April as nomination day and polling day on 30 April,” he reportedly said at the seminar, speaking in Bahasa Malaysia.[2] However, Adenan said the final decision was up to the Election Commission.[3]

On 14 April, the Election Commission announced that the election will be held on 7 May, with 12 days of campaigning and the nomination day set on 25 April. The legislative assembly was dissolved on Monday, 11 April.[4]

List of candidates by party

Analysis of previous election results

Constituency # Incumbent Party Previous election popular vote % Status after 2016 election 2016 election popular vote %
Ngemah N49Alexander VincentPRS44.3 Retained 46.1
Telang Usan N77Dennis NgauPBB46.2 Retained 51.3
Senadin N75Lee Kim SinSUPP49.5 Retained 58.8
Kakus N60John Sikie TayaiPRS51.2 Retained 75.2
Beting Maro N29Razali GaporPBB52.8 Retained 60.1
Kedup N22Maclaine Ben @ Martin BenPBB53.4 Retained 73.2
Machan N50Gramong JunaPBB53.4 Retained 60.4
Lambir N72Ripin LamatPBB52.9 Retained 68.7
Mambong (previously Bengoh) N19Jerip SusilSUPP54.6 Retained 53.0
Tasik Biru N2Peter Nansian NgusieSPDP55.2 Retained 55.1
Tarat N20Roland Sagah Wee InnPBB55.2 Retained 73.6
Fairly safe
Tamin N59Joseph Mauh IkehPRS56.2 Retained 55.0
Opar N1Ranum MinaSUPP56.5 Retained 50.1
Bawang Assan N53Wong Soon KohSUPP56.6 Retained 61.6
Meluan N48Wong JudatSPDP57.4 Retained 37.4
Pakan N47William Mawan IkomSPDP58.0 Retained 50.9
Jepak N67Talib ZulpilipPBB60.8 Retained 68.8
Katibas N62Ambrose Blikau EnturanPBB61.6 Retained 74.2
Layar N36Alfred Jabu NumpangPBB62.0 Retained 61.1
Balai Ringin N30Snowdan LawanPRS63.3 Retained 58.1
Saribas N35Ricky@Mohamad Razi Bin SitamPBB63.3 Retained 79.6
Kemena N69Stephen Rundi UtomPBB63.4 Retained 75.6
Simanggang N32Francis Harden HollisSUPP66.4 Retained 50.7
Bukit Begunan N31Mong DagangPRS67.1 Retained 86.7
Tebedu N21Michael Manyin JawongPBB67.2 Retained 86.3
Belaga N65Liwan LagangPRS67.2 Retained 90.0
Kalaka N38Abdul Wahab AzizPBB67.3 Retained 77.6
Sebuyau N27Julaihi NarawiPBB67.7 Retained 69.9
Bukit Saban N37Robert Lawson ChuatPBB67.7 Retained 85.7
Tupong N6Daud Abdul RahmanPBB68.1 Retained 79.1
Bekenu N71Rosey YunusSPDP69.3 Retained 71.7
Lingga N28Simoi PeriPBB69.7 Retained 66.8
Satok N8Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Abang OpengPBB69.8 Retained 79.1
Asajaya N15Abdul Karim Rahman HamzahPBB69.8 Retained 74.7
Batu Danau N80Palu @ Paulus GumbangSPDP70.2 Retained 75.4
Batang Ai N34Malcom Mussen LamohPRS71.0 Retained 74.2
Marudi N76Sylvester Entri MuranSPDP71.1 Retained 56.9
Engkilili N33Johnical Rayong NgipaSUPP71.2 Retained 70.8
Jemoreng N44Gani @ Abu Seman JahwiePBB71.6 Retained 77.4
Sadong Jaya N24Aidel LariwooPBB71.7 Retained 82.2
Bukit Kota N79Abdul Rahman IsmailPBB72.2 Retained Uncontested
Daro N43Murni SuhailiPBB73.4 Retained 89.8
Pantai Damai N4Abdul Rahman JunaidiPBB74.0 Retained 86.8
Simunjan N25Naroden MajaisPBB74.2 Retained 71.1
Samariang N7Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman GhazaliPBB74.4 Retained 80.2
Demak Laut N5Hazland Abang HipniPBB74.6 Retained 88.1
Balingian N58Abdul Taib MahmudPBB75.0 Retained 77.2
Nangka N55Annuar Rapa'eePBB75.1 Retained 77.6
Muara Tuang N16Mohamad Ali MahmudPBB75.8 Retained 80.5
Tanjung Datu N3Adenan SatemPBB76.5 Retained 93.4
Dalat N56Fatimah Abdullah @ Ting Sai MingPBB77.9 Retained 90.1
Semop N42Abdullah SaidolPBB81.4 Retained 85.8
Baleh N64James Jemut MasingPRS81.6 Retained 91.7
Bukit Sari N82Awang Tengah Ali HassanPBB85.2 Retained Uncontested
Kuala Rajang (previously Belawai) N41Banyi BeriakPBB85.4 Retained 88.6
Constituency # Incumbent Party Previous election popular vote % Status after 2016 election 2016 election popular vote %
Dudong N52Yap Hoi LiongDAP49.6 Lost to BN 36.1
Batu Kawa N14Christina Chiew Wang SeeDAP50.9 Lost to BN-SUPP 36.5
Piasau N73Ling Sie KiongDAP53.4 Lost to BN-SUPP 42.2
Ba'kelalan N81Baru BianPKR54.6 Retained 55.2
Fairly safe
Pelagus N61George LagongIND57.3 Lost to BN-PRS
Repok N45Wong Hua SehDAP59.0 Lost to BN-SUPP 45.4
Krian N39Ali BijuPKR59.6 Retained 59.0
Kota Sentosa N12Chong Chieng JenDAP61.2 Retained 58.2
Meradong N46Ting Tze FuiDAP61.4 Lost to BN-SUPP 43.8
Pujut N74Fong Pau TeckDAP62.9 Retained 52.6
Pelawan N54Wong Kee WoanDAP65.4 Retained 58.3
Pending N10Violet Yong Wui WuiDAP67.5 Retained 62.6
Tanjung Batu (previously Kidurong) N68Chiew Chu SingDAP68.2 Retained 59.1
Batu Lintang N11See Chee HowPKR71.6 Retained 61.6
Padungan N9Wong King WeiDAP72.2 Retained 64.3
Bukit Assek N51Wong Ho LengDAP73.0 Retained 61.0

Proposed Sarawak electoral districts

A proposal by the Election Commission to increase the number of state seats from 71 to 82 was challenged in the High Court and nullified. However this was overturn by a Court of Appeal reasoning that the increase in seats would not breach voters' constitutional rights and was in accordance with the 13th Schedule of the Federal Constitution.[5]

The composition of seats by ethnic majority consists of 22 Dayak-Iban majority seats, 17 Muslim-Malay majority seats, 16 Chinese-majority seats, 9 Melanau-majority seats, 8 Dayak-Bidayuh majority seats, 6 Dayak-Orang Ulu majority seats, 2 Kedayan-majority seats, and 2 Brunei-Malay majority seats.

EC Full Report
EC Notice
EC Electoral District Map
Number of
constituents 2015
Number of
constituents 2015
Number of constituents 2016 Early votes Postal votesEthnic Majority
P.192 Mas Gading26,171N.01 Opar9,531 9,714 5 0Bidayuh
N.02 Tasik Biru16,640 17,041 157 0Bidayuh
P.193 Santubong37,826N.03 Tanjong Datu9,301 9,899 186 0Muslim-Malay
N.04 Pantai Damai16,160 18,409 29 1Muslim-Malay
N.05 Demak Laut12,365 13,830 1 0Muslim-Malay
P.194 Petra Jaya51,987N.06 Tupong20,713 21,499 64 7Muslim-Malay
N.07 Samariang17,694 18,250 29 4Muslim-Malay
N.08 Satok13,580 13,550 786 7Muslim-Malay
P.195 Bandar Kuching81,992N.09 Padungan22,873 22,301 262 3Chinese
N.10 Pending30,881 30,488 957 4Chinese
N.11 Batu Lintang
Previously under P.196 Stampin
28,238 28,105 75 13Chinese
P.196 Stampin58,111N.12 Kota Sentosa21,247 25,761 3,163 7Chinese
N.13 Batu Kitang
New state constituency established
20,819 17,494 39 4Chinese
N.14 Batu Kawah16,045 16,991 1,241 8Chinese
P.197 Kota Samarahan39,029N.15 Asajaya10,706 10,967 23 0Muslim-Malay
N.16 Muara Tuang15,562 16,186 267 1Muslim-Malay
N.17 Stakan
New state constituency established
12,761 14,846 7,055 0Iban
P.198 Puncak Borneo
Renamed from Mambong
42,142N.18 Serembu
New state constituency established
8,965 9,065 8 0Bidayuh
N.19 Mambong
Renamed from Bengoh
16,227 17,467 996 1Bidayuh
N.20 Tarat16,950 16,391 13 0Bidayuh
P.199 Serian34,602N.21 Tebedu12,699 11,521 15 0Bidayuh
N.22 Kedup9,150 10,370 3 0Bidayuh
N.23 Bukit Semuja
New state constituency established
12,753 13,365 191 1Bidayuh
P.200 Batang Sadong20,977N.24 Sadong Jaya6,752 6,749 1 0Muslim-Malay
N.25 Simunjan7,513 7,774 96 0Muslim-Malay
N.26 Gedong
New state constituency established
6,712 7,087 1 0Muslim-Malay
P.201 Batang Lupar27,212N.27 Sebuyau8,804 9,041 7 0Muslim-Malay
N.28 Lingga8,731 8,988 3 0Muslim-Malay
N.29 Beting Maro9,677 10,474 0 0Muslim-Malay
P.202 Sri Aman30,443N.30 Balai Ringin9,811 9,945 4 1Iban
N.31 Bukit Begunan9,266 9,389 1,075 0Iban
N.32 Simanggang11,366 11,472 256 1Iban
P.203 Lubok Antu19,819N.33 Engkilili10,384 10,682 19 1Iban
N.34 Batang Ai
Renamed from Batang Air
9,435 9,492 36 0Iban
P.204 Betong26,807N.35 Saribas9,296 9,879 3 0Muslim-Malay
N.36 Layar8,835 9,094 111 0Iban
N.37 Bukit Saban8,676 8,897 5 0Iban
P.205 Saratok28,175N.38 Kalaka7,324 7,327 110 0Muslim-Malay
N.39 Krian11,694 11,959 0 0Iban
N.40 Kabong
New state constituency established
9,157 9,287 13 0Muslim-Malay
P.206 Tanjong Manis19,627N.41 Kuala Rajang
Renamed from Belawai
9,995 10,256 7 2Melanau
N.42 Semop9,632 9,617 0 0Melanau
P.207 Igan18,082N.43 Daro8,554 8,491 79 0Melanau
N.44 Jemoreng9,528 9,699 0 1Melanau
P.208 Sarikei37,083N.45 Repok20,282 20,263 236 0Chinese
N.46 Meradong16,801 16,882 71 0Chinese
P.209 Julau22,932N.47 Pakan9,923 10,322 0 1Iban
N.48 Meluan13,009 13,103 62 0Iban
P.210 Kanowit19,862N.49 Ngemah8,930 8,899 0 1Iban
N.50 Machan10,932 10,947 71 0Iban
P.211 Lanang57,477N.51 Bukit Assek28,908 28,341 0 1Chinese
N.52 Dudong28,569 29,028 690 2Chinese
P.212 Sibu66,375N.53 Bawang Assan17,645 18,340 4 0Chinese
N.54 Pelawan31,388 32,233 636 6Chinese
N.55 Nangka17,342 18,605 3,043 1Melanau
P.213 Mukah27,167N.56 Dalat10,985 11,440 71 1Melanau
N.57 Tellian
New state constituency established
8,698 8,914 125 0Melanau
N.58 Balingian7,484 7,967 4 0Melanau
P.214 Selangau27,071N.59 Tamin14,469 14,948 16 0Iban
N.60 Kakus12,602 12,953 42 0Iban
P.215 Kapit27,899N.61 Pelagus6,839 7,186 0 0Iban
N.62 Katibas9,601 9,666 40 0Iban
N.63 Bukit Goram
New state constituency established
11,459 11,510 68 0Iban
P.216 Hulu Rajang24,293N.64 Baleh9,427 9,624 0 0Iban
N.65 Belaga7,218 7,096 69 0Orang Ulu
N.66 Murum
New state constituency established
7,648 8,242 0 0Orang Ulu
P.217 Bintulu57,887N.67 Jepak12,873 13,789 10 0Melanau
N.68 Tanjong Batu
Renamed from Kidurong
19,289 19,674 270 2Chinese
N.69 Kemena12,798 13,991 0 0Iban
N.70 Samalaju
New state constituency established
12,927 13,251 0 2Iban
P.218 Sibuti28,634N.71 Bekenu12,238 12,250 37 0Kedayan
N.72 Lambir16,396 17,533 695 3Kedayan
P.219 Miri74,861N.73 Piasau21,343 21,120 413 0Chinese
N.74 Pujut26,532 26,202 0 9Chinese
N.75 Senadin26,986 27,874 444 4Chinese
P.220 Baram31,476N.76 Marudi14,085 14,858 82 1Iban
N.77 Telang Usan9,343 10,000 12 0Orang Ulu
N.78 Mulu
New state constituency established
8,048 8,600 0 0Orang Ulu
P.221 Limbang24,977N.79 Bukit Kota16,316 16,437 317 1Brunei-Malay
N.80 Batu Danau8,661 8,657 2 2Orang Ulu
P.222 Lawas18,138N.81 Ba'kelalan7,087 7,375 0 0Orang Ulu
N.82 Bukit Sari11,051 12,418 101 1Brunei-Malay
Average35,779Average13,524 13,898
Total eligible voters1,109,134Total eligible voters1,109,134 1,139,647 25,022 105
Voting age population (aged 21 years and above) :


The Sarawak state government was alleged to have abused their power, by banning several opposition MPs and members from entering the state during campaigning, as under Section 67 of the Immigration Act, a person cannot be denied entry into Sarawak if the visit was “for the sole purpose of engaging in legitimate political activity”.[6][7] Opposition leaders like Lim Guan Eng and Azmin Ali were allowed into the state on a temporary basis to campaign during the election period but were told to leave after five days.[8]


Breakaway parties such as TERAS and UPP have their members contest seats under the Barisan banner as direct election candidates under a deal by Adenan Satem after their parties were prevented from joining Barisan after opposition from parties such as SUPP and SPDP.[9] Candidates from Barisan have been seen handing out money, foodstuffs and other election goodies to potential voters.[10][11] The government is also trying to tie the election to the development of the state such as upgrading roads and building the Pan-Borneo Highway.[12]


Due to disagreements in contesting several seats between both DAP and PKR, both parties would be facing each other and Barisan in 6 multi-cornered fights in Batu Kitang, Mulu, Murum, Simanggang, Ngemah and Mambong.[13] The opposition has brought up the issue of minimum wage being lower in Sarawak compared to Peninsula Malaysia and that many younger Sarawakians were migrating to Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore for better job opportunities.[14]

Election pendulum

The 11th Sarawak State Election that helds on May 7, 2016 witnessed 72 governmental seats and 10 non-governmental seats filled the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly. The government side has 49 safe seats and 6 fairly safe seats, while the non-government side has 4 safe seats and 4 fairly safe seats. In addition, 2 seats was win uncontested in governmental seats.

2016 Sarawak state election
MeluanRolland Duat JubinPDP37.40
NgemahAlexander VincentPRS46.13
DudongTiong Thai KingUPP46.36
OparRanum MinaUPP50.06
SerembuMiro SimuhPBB50.43
SimanggangFrancis Harden HollisSUPP50.70
PakanWilliam Mawan IkomPBB50.90
Telang UsanDennis NgauPBB51.33
RepokHuang Tiong SiiSUPP51.96
MambongJerip SusilUPP52.96
Batu KitangIr. Lo Khere ChiangSUPP53.48
MurumChukpai UgonPRS54.00
Batu KawahProf. Dr. Sim Kui HianSUPP54.12
TaminChristopher Gira SambangPRS54.99
Tasik BiruHarry @ Henry JinepPDP55.13
Fairly safe
MeradongDing Kuong HiingSUPP56.21
MarudiPenguang ManggilPDP56.89
PiasauSebastian Ting Chiew YewSUPP57.83
Balai RinginSnowdan LawanPRS58.10
SenadinLee Kim ShinSUPP58.84
Bukit SemujaJohn IlusPBB59.64
Beting MaroRazaili GaporPBB60.14
MachanAllan Siden GramongPBB60.43
MuluGerawat GalaPBB61.08
LayarGerald Rentap JabuPBB61.10
SamalajuMajang RenggiPRS61.34
Bawang AssanWong Soon KohUPP61.62
LinggaSimoi PeriPBB66.84
LambirRipin LamatPBB68.66
JepakTalib ZulpilipPBB68.82
Bukit GoramJefferson Jamit UnyatPBB69.57
SebuyauJulaihi NarawiPBB69.88
EngkililiJohnical Rayong NgipaUPP70.75
SimunjanAwla IdrisPBB71.14
BekenuRosey YunusPBB71.68
KedupMartin BenPBB73.23
TaratRoland Sagah Wee InnPBB73.61
KatibasAmbrose Blikau EnturanPBB74.20
Batang AiMalcom Mussen LamohPRS74.20
AsajayaAbdul Karim Rahman HamzahPBB74.72
KakusJohn Sikie TayaiPRS75.21
Batu DanauPaulus GumbangPBB75.37
KemenaStephen Rundi UtomPBB75.58
BalingianAbdul Yakub ArbiPBB77.18
KabongMohamad Chee KadirPBB77.35
JemorengDr. Juanda JayaPBB77.43
KalakaAbdul Wahab AzizPBB77.57
NangkaDr. Annuar RapaeePBB77.62
GedongMohd. Naroden MajaisPBB78.77
SatokAbang Abdul Rahman Zohari Abang OpengPBB79.12
TupongFazzrudin Abdul RahmanPBB79.12
SaribasMohammad Razi SitamPBB79.57
SamariangSharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman GhazaliPBB80.16
Muara TuangIdris BuangPBB81.61
Sadong JayaAidel LariwooPBB82.22
PelagusWilsong Nyabong IjangPRS82.26
StakanMohamad Ali MahmudPBB83.22
Bukit SabanDouglas Uggah EmbasPBB85.66
SemopAbdullah SaidolPBB85.77
TebeduMichael Manyin JawongPBB86.34
Bukit BegunanMong DagangPRS86.65
Pantai DamaiDr. Abdul Rahman JunaidiPBB86.62
Demak LautDr. Hazland Abang HipniPBB88.07
TellianYussibnosh BaloPBB88.42
Kuala RajangLen Talif SallehPBB88.60
DaroSafiee AhmadPBB89.78
BelagaLiwan LagangPRS89.96
DalatFatimah Abdullah @ Ting Sai MingPBB90.14
BalehDr. James Jemut MasingPRS91.67
Tanjong DatuAdenan SatemPBB93.15
*Win uncontested
Bukit KotaDr. Abdul Rahman IsmailPBBn/a
Bukit SariAwang Tengah Ali HassanPBBn/a
PujutDr. Ting Tiong ChoonDAP52.57
Ba'kelalanBaru BianPKR55.20
Fairly safe
Kota SentosaChong Chieng JenDAP58.16
PelawanDavid Wong Kee WoanDAP58.30
KrianAli BijuPKR58.98
Tanjong BatuChiew Chiu SingDAP59.10
Bukit AssekIrene Mary Chang Oi LingDAP61.05
Batu LintangSee Chee HowPKR61.61
PendingViolet Yong Wui WuiDAP62.60
PadunganWong King WeiDAP64.31


Two seats were won by Barisan Nasional uncontested, which are Bukit Kota and Bukit Sari,[15][16] due to several issues with the opposition.

Results by party

Enrolled voters1,139,647Votes cast778,819Turnout68.33 %
Did not vote360,828Informal votes25,127Informal3.33 %
Party Party leader # of
Seats Popular vote
2011 Dissolution Elected % Change # % Change
Barisan NasionalBNAdenan Satem8255457287.8017466,95362.19+6.83
Parti Pesaka Bumiputera BersatuPBBAdenan Satem3935353947.564235,48730.83+2.17
Sarawak United Peoples' PartySUPPDr. Sim Kui Hian136278.54188,20511.55−5.07
Parti Rakyat SarawakPRSDr. James Jemut Masing11881113.41353,0046.94+1.72
Sarawak Progressive Democratic PartySPDPTiong King Sing66044.88221,8462.86−2.00
Barisan Nasional-DirectBN-Direct13118.541176,41110.01+10.01
Pakatan HarapanPHChong Chieng Jen8416151012.205230,30930.16−9.63
Democratic Action PartyDAPChong Chieng Jen31121178.545145,87319.10−0.95
People's Justice PartyPKRBaru Bian403333.6676,0039.95−7.46
National Trust PartyPANMohamad Fidzuan Zaidi13NewNew00.00New8,4331.11+1.11
Pan-Malaysian Islamic PartyPASJofri Jaraiee110000.0013,2101.73+0.29
State Reform PartySTARLina Soo10NewNew00.00New2,8410.37+0.37
Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak BaruPBDS BaruPatrick Uren5NewNew00.00New1,2440.16+0.16

Results by Seats

# Constituency Winner Party Votes Opponent(s) Party Votes Majority Incumbent
BN 72 | PH 10
N1 Opar Ranum Anak Mina BN 3,665 Francis Teron Kadap Noyet PH-PKR 1,549 2,082 Ranum Anak Mina
Patrick Anek Uren PBDSB 524
Niponi Undek IND 1,583
N2 Tasik Biru Henry Jinep BN-SPDP 6,922 Mordi Bimol PH-DAP 5,634 1,288 Peter Nansian Ngusie
N3 Tanjung Datu Adenan Satem BN-PBB 6,630 Jazolkipli Numan PH-PKR 468 5,892 Amar Haji Adenan Haji Satem
N4 Pantai Damai Abdul Rahman Junaidi BN-PBB 10,918 Zainal Abidin Yet PAS 1,658 9,260 Abdul Rahman Junaidi
N5 Demak Laut Hazland Abang Hipni BN-PBB 8,539 Mohd Fidzuan Zaidi PH-PAN 1,157 7,382 Hazland Abang Hipni
N6 Tupong Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman BN-PBB 10,942 Nurhanim Mokhsen PH-PKR 2,887 8,055 Ir. Haji Daud Abdul Rahman
N7 Samariang Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman Ghazali BN-PBB 9,795 Yusof Assidiqqi Ahmad Sharkawi PAS 2,035 7,760 Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman Ghazali
Nani Sahari PH-PAN 389
N8 Satok Amar Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Tun Abang Haji Openg BN-PBB 6,854 Mohammad Salleh Shawkatali PH-PKR 1,809 5,045 Amar Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Tun Abang Haji Openg
N9 Padungan Wong King Wei PH-DAP 9,332 Peter Pau BN-SUPP 5,062 4,270 Wong King Wei
Teo Kuang Kim STAR 116
N10 Pending Violet Yong Wui Wui PH-DAP 12,454 Milton Foo Tiang Wee BN-SUPP 7,442 5,012 Violet Yong Wui Wui
N11 Batu Lintang See Chee How PH-PKR 10,758 Sih Hua Tong BN-SUPP 6,373 4,385 See Chee How
Lina Soo STAR 331
N12 Kota Sentosa Chong Chieng Jen PH-DAP 10,047 Wilfred Yap Yau Sin BN-SUPP 7,228 2,819 Chong Chieng Jen
N13 Batu Kitang Lo Khere Chiang BN-SUPP 6,466 Voon Shiak Ni PH-PKR 883 1,842 New Seat
Abdul Aziz Isa PH-DAP 4,624
Othman Bojeng IND 54
Sulaiman Kadir IND 61
N14 Batu Kawa Sim Kui Hian BN-SUPP 6,414 Christina Chiew Wang See PH-DAP 4,329 2,085 Christina Chiew Wang See
Liu Thian Leong IND 1,109
N15 Asajaya Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah BN-PBB 6,163 Abang Junaidi Abang Gom PH-PKR 2,085 4,078 Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah
N16 Muara Tuang Idris Buang BN-PBB 9,503 Zulkipli Ramzi PAS 1,542 7,961 Mohamad Ali Mahmud
Abang Abdul Halil Abang Naili PH-PAN 753
N17 Stakan Mohamad Ali Mahmud BN-PBB 8,820 Leslie Ting Xiang Zhi PH-DAP 1,778 7,042 New Seat
N18 Serembu Miro Simuh BN 3,452 Athina Klaywa Sim PH-PKR 1,218 1,397 New Seat
Buln Patrick Ribos STAR 120
Peter Nyomek Nyeap IND 2,055
N19 Mambong (previously known as Bengoh) Jerip Anak Susil BN 6,161 Willie Mongin PH-PKR 2,645 3,333 Jerip Anak Susil
Sanjan Daik PH-DAP 2,828
N20 Tarat Roland Sagah Wee Inn BN-PBB 8,450 Musa Ngog PH-PKR 3,029 5,421 Roland Sagah Wee Inn
N21 Tebedu Michael Manyin Jawong BN-PBB 7,357 Alex Saben Nipong @ Nyipong PH-PKR 1,164 6,193 Michael Manyin Jawong
N22 Kedup Maclaine Ben @ Martin Ben BN-PBB 5,769 Andrew Nyabe PH-DAP 1,941 3,828 Maclaine Ben @ Martin Ben
Mark Murau Sumon PBDSB 168
N23 Bukit Semuja John Ilus BN 5,451 Edward Andrew Luwak PH-DAP 2,307 3,144 New Seat
Frederick Bayoi Manggie IND 1,196
Johnny Aput STAR 53
Cobbold Lusoi PBDSB 133
N24 Sadong Jaya Aidel Lariwoo BN-PBB 3,925 Asan Singkro PAS 458 3,467 Aidel Lariwoo
Othman Mustapha @ Mos PH-PAN 157
Awang Rabiee Awang Hosen IND 234
N25 Simunjan Awla Idris BN-PBB 4,101 Jamilah Baharuddin PH-PKR 1,389 2,712 Haji Naroden Majais
Hipni Kanaini IND 275
N26 Gedong Mohd Naroden Majais BN-PBB 4,064 Rapelson Richard Hamit PH-PAN 699 3,365 New Seat
Uja Bansi IND 396
N27 Sebuyau Julaihi Narawi BN-PBB 4,531 Wan Abdillah Wan Ahmad PAS 1,789 2,742 Julaihi Narawi
Andrew Jain PH-PAN 164
N28 Lingga Hajjah Simoi Peri BN-PBB 4,169 Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh PH-PKR 1,226 2,943 Hajjah Simoi Peri
Wan Abdillah Edruce Wan Abdul Rahman IND 842
N29 Beting Maro Razaili Gapor BN-PBB 4,758 Hamidah Mokhtar PAS 3,051 1,707 Razaili Gapor
Andri Zulkarnaen Hamden PH-PAN 103
N30 Balai Ringin Snowdan Lawan BN-PRS 4,478 Nicholas Mujah Ason PH-PKR 700 2,039 Snowdan Lawan
Pok Ungkut PBDSB 90
Entusa Imam IND 2,439
N31 Bukit Begunan Mong Dagang BN-PRS 5,550 Jubri Atak PH-PKR 855 4,695 Mong Dagang
N32 Simanggang Francis Harden Hollis BN-SUPP 4,096 Norina Umoi Utot PH-PKR 580 1,390 Francis Harden Hollis
Leon Jimat Donald PH-DAP 695
Ngu Piew Seng IND 2,706
N33 Engkilili Johnical Rayong Ngipa BN 5,513 Nicholas Bawin Anggat PH-PKR 532 3,857 Johnical Rayong Ngipa
Ridi Bauk IND 1,656
Adan Sandom IND 91
N34 Batang Ai (previously known as Batang Air) Malcom Mussen Lamoh BN-PRS 4,884 Kolien Liong PH-PKR 1,698 3,186 Malcom Mussen Lamoh
N35 Saribas Ricky@Mohamad Razi Sitam BN-PBB 5,963 Yakup Daud PH-PKR 1,531 4,432 Ricky@Mohamad Razi Sitam
N36 Layar Gerald Rentap Jabu BN-PBB 3,931 Vernon Aji Kedit PH-PKR 2,503 1,428 Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang
N37 Bukit Saban Douglas Uggah Embas BN-PBB 5,524 Noel Changgai Bucking PH-PKR 925 4,599 Robert Lawson Chuat
N38 Kalaka Abdul Wahab Aziz BN-PBB 3,988 Jemat Panjang PH-PKR 1,153 2,835 Abdul Wahab Aziz
N39 Krian Ali Anak Biju PH-PKR 5,388 Kilat Beriak BN-SPDP 3,748 1,640 Ali Anak Biju
N40 Kabong Mohd Chee Kadir BN-PBB 5,069 Jini Sahini PH-PAN 1,484 3,585 New Seat
N41 Kuala Rajang (previously known as Belawai) Len Talif Salleh BN-PBB 6,235 Sopian Julaihi PH-PAN 649 5,586 Len Talif Salleh
Asbor Abdullah IND 153
N42 Semop Abdullah Saidol BN-PBB 5,290 Mohamad Fadillah Sabali PH-PAN 878 4,412 Abdullah Saidol
N43 Daro Safiee Ahmad BN-PBB 5,001 Ibrahim Bayau PH-PAN 569 4,432 Murni Suhaili
N44 Jemoreng Juanda Jaya BN-PBB 5,084 Kiprawi Suhaili PH-PAN 187 3,789 Abu Seman Jahwie
Abdullah Saminan IND 1,295
N45 Repok Huang Tiong Sii BN-SUPP 7,446 Yong Siew Wei PH-DAP 6,503 943 Wong Hua Seh
Wong Ching King IND 381
N46 Meradong Ding Kuong Hiing BN-SUPP 6,865 Ting Tze Fui PH-DAP 5,349 1,516 Ting Tze Fui
N47 Pakan William Mawan Ikom BN 3,999 Rinda Juliza Alexander PH-DAP 285 426 William Mawan Ikom
Jawie Jingot @ Jenggot IND 3,573
N48 Meluan Rolland Duat Jubin BN-SPDP 3,363 Semana Sawang PH-PKR 2,008 677 Wong Judat
Remiguis Noel @ Jerry Clement IND 934
Elly Lawai Ngalai IND 2,686
N49 Ngemah Alexander Vincent BN-PRS 2,888 Thomas Laja Besi PH-PKR 396 154 Alexander Vincent
Richard Lias PH-DAP 243
Joseph Jawa Kendawang IND 2,734
N50 Machan Allan Siden Gramong BN-PBB 4,550 George Chen Nguk Fa PH-PKR 1,381 2,952 Gramong Juna
Semawi Paong IND 1,598
N51 Bukit Assek Irene Mary Chang Oi Ling PH-DAP 11,392 Chieng Buong Toon BN-SUPP 6,895 4,497 Vacant
Moh Hiong King STAR 374
N52 Dudong Tiong Thai King BN 9,700 Yap Hoi Liong PH-DAP 7,554 2,146 Yap Hoi Liong
Mary Ting Yiik Hong STAR 152
Casper Kayong Umping IND 228
Lee Chung Fatt IND 3,288
N53 Bawang Assan Wong Soon Koh BN 9,015 Chiew Sung Ngie PH-DAP 4,884 4,131 Wong Soon Koh
Wong Sing Wei STAR 100
Watson Bangau Johnathan Renang IND 569
Yeu Bang Keng IND 63
N54 Pelawan David Wong Kee Woan PH-DAP 13,056 Janet Lau Ung Hie BN 8,742 4,314 David Wong Kee Woan
Priscilla Lau STAR 597
N55 Nangka Annuar Rapaee BN-PBB 9,617 Abdul Raafidin Majidi PH-PKR 2,000 7,617 Annuar Rapaee
Tiong Ing Tung STAR 773
N56 Dalat Hajjah Fatimah Abdullah BN-PBB 7,107 Sim Eng Hua PH-PKR 777 6,330 Hajjah Fatimah Abdullah
N57 Tellian Yussibnosh Balo BN-PBB 5,087 Asini @ Hasni Yahya PH-PKR 666 4,421 New Seat
N58 Balingian Abdul Yakub Arbi BN-PBB 4,208 Nurzaiti Hamdan PH-PAN 1,244 2,964 Abdul Taib Mahmud
N59 Tamin Christopher Gira Sambang BN-PRS 6,230 Simon Joseph PH-PKR 954 2,085 Joseph Mauh Ikeh
Ali Puji IND 4,145
N60 Kakus John Sikie Tayai BN-PRS 7,054 Joshua Jabing @ Jabeng PH-PKR 1,843 5,211 John Sikie Tayai
Clement Bayang PAS 482
N61 Pelagus Wilsong Nyabong Ijang BN-PRS 3,778 Frankie Bendindang Manjah PH-DAP 494 3,284 George Lagong
Yong Sibat IND 321
N62 Katibas Ambrose Blikau Enturan BN-PBB 4,681 Paren Nyawi PH-DAP 1,628 3,053 Ambrose Blikau Enturan
N63 Bukit Goram Jefferson Jamit Unyat BN-PBB 4,596 Larry Asap PH-DAP 2,010 2,586 New Seat
N64 Baleh James Jemut Masing BN-PRS 5,272 Agop Linsong PH-DAP 479 4,793 James Jemut Masing
N65 Belaga Liwan Lagang BN-PRS 4,149 Alexander Lehan PH-PKR 463 3,686 Liwan Lagang
N66 Murum Chukpai Ugon BN-PRS 3,265 Abun Sui Anyit PH-PKR 1,065 2,200 New Seat
Mathew Silek PH-DAP 687
Stanley Ajang Batok IND 1,029
N67 Jepak Talip Zulpilip BN-PBB 6,342 Abdul Jalil Bujang PH-PKR 2,141 4,201 Talip Zulpilip
Kiprawi Aman PAS 406
Mohammed Anuar Abd Hamid STAR 136
Wong Hau Ming IND 190
N68 Tanjung Batu (previously known as Kidurong) Chiew Chiu Sing PH-DAP 7,984 Pau Chiong Ung BN-SUPP 5,436 2,548 Chiew Chiu Sing
Chieng Lea Phing STAR 89
N69 Kemena Stephen Rundi Utom BN-PBB 7,192 Leighton Manjah PH-DAP 2,324 4,868 Stephen Rundi Utom
N70 Samalaju Majang Renggi BN-PRS 5,456 Zharudin Narudin PAS 447 2,464 New Seat
Baba Emperan PH-DAP 2,992
N71 Bekenu Rosey Yunus BN 6,009 Bill Kayong PH-PKR 1,220 4,789 Rosey Yunus
Jou @ Peter Jelin IND 565
Austin Sigi Melu IND 589
N72 Lambir Ripin Lamat BN-PBB 7,503 Mohdar Ismail PH-PKR 2,596 4,907 Ripin Lamat
Mohammad Arifiriazul Paijo PAS 829
N73 Piasau Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew BN-SUPP 7,799 Alan Ling Sie Kiong PH-DAP 5,687 2,112 Alan Ling Sie Kiong
N74 Pujut Ting Tiong Choon PH-DAP 8,899 Hii King Chiong BN 7,140 1,759 Fong Pau Teck
Jofri Jaraiee PAS 513
Fong Pau Teck IND 375
N75 Senadin Lee Kim Shin BN-SUPP 10,683 Bob Baru Langub PH-DAP 7,145 3,538 Lee Kim Shin
Philemon John Edan PBDSB 329
N76 Marudi Penguang Manggil BN-SPDP 5,493 Elia Bit PH-PKR 4,106 1,387 Sylvester Entri Muran
Louis Jalong IND 56
N77 Telang Usan Dennis Ngau BN-PBB 3,231 Ronald Engan PH-PKR 3,064 167 Dennis Ngau
N78 Mulu Gerawat Jala BN 3,198 Paul Baya PH-PKR 1,490 1,708 New Seat
Paul Anyie Raja PH-DAP 309
Roland Dom Mattu IND 239
N79 Bukit Kota Abdul Rahman Ismail BN-PBB Uncontested Abdul Rahman Ismail
N80 Batu Danau Paulus Gumbang BN 4,366 Ali Adap IND 1,427 2,939 Paulus Gumbang
N81 Ba'Kelalan Baru Bian PH-PKR 2,858 Willie Liau BN-SPDP 2,320 538 Baru Bian
N82 Bukit Sari Amar Hj. Awang Tengah Ali Hassan BN-PBB Uncontested Amar Hj. Awang Tengah Ali Hassan

Seats that changed allegiance

No. Seat Previous Party (2011) Current Party (2016)
N14 Batu Kawa Pakatan Harapan (DAP) Barisan Nasional (SUPP)
N45 Repok Pakatan Harapan (DAP) Barisan Nasional (SUPP)
N46 Meradong Pakatan Harapan (DAP) Barisan Nasional (SUPP)
N52 Dudong Pakatan Harapan (DAP) Barisan Nasional (Direct member)
N61 Pelagus Independent Barisan Nasional (PRS)
N73 Piasau Pakatan Harapan (DAP) Barisan Nasional (SUPP)

Government formation

Adenan Satem formed the state cabinet after being invited by Abdul Taib Mahmud to begin a new government following 7 May 2016 state election in Sarawak. To be the Chief Minister, Adenan sworn in before the Yang di-Pertua Negeri at 10.00 p.m. Malaysia Standard Time on 7 May 2016 at The Astana, Sarawak.[17]


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