2016 Democratic Party (Japan, 2016) leadership election

The Democratic Party held a presidential election on 15 September 2016. It was the party's first election since the formation of the party from the merger of the Democratic Party of Japan and the Japan Innovation Party. The race determined the successor of acting president Katsuya Okada who decided against running for a full term.[1]

2016 Democratic Party leadership election

15 September 2016
Candidate Renho Seiji Maehara Yuichiro Tamaki

President before election

Katsuya Okada

Elected President




Potential or has publicly expressed interest

Declined to run


Voting was held on 15 September, following a campaign period from 2 September.[8]

Voting results[9]
CandidatesTotal pointsCaucusEndorsed candidatesLocal councillorsParty members & supporters
Renhō 503pts (59.25%)80 (160pts)50 (50pts)847 (126pts)59,539 (167pts)
Seiji Maehara 230pts (27.09%)42 (84pts)44 (44pts)335 (50pts)26,045 (52pts)
Yūichiro Tamaki 116pts (13.66%)25 (50pts)24 (24pts)207 (30pts)9,808 (12pts)
Invalid votes-004789
Total849pts (100%)147 (294pts)118 (118pts)1,393 (206pts)96,181 (231pts)


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