2016–17 WABA League

WABA League for the season 2016–17 was the sixteen season of the Adriatic League. Competition included ten teams from six countries. In this season participating clubs from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Slovenia and from Macedonia. WABA League for the season 2016–17 has begun to play October 2016. and ended on March 2017.

2016–17 WABA League
LeagueAdriatic League
Duration5 October 2016 – 19 March 2017
Number of games58
Number of teams10
Total attendance13157 (missing data for some matches)
TV partner(s) RTCG
Season champions Athlete Celje (2nd title)

It was originally intended that in group A play Nikšić 1995 from Montenegro, but after giving up this team, in its place was moved from Group B team Play Off Happy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1]

Team Play Off Sarajevo at the beginning of 2017 changed the general sponsor, and is the first part of the season appeared well Play Off Happy, and the other as Play Off Ultra.

Team information

CountryTeamsTeamCityVenue (Capacity)
Crvena zvezdaBelgradeBasket city Hall (1.600)
Partizan 1953BelgradeSports Hall Ranko Žeravica (5.000)
Hall Vizura Sport (1,500)
KraljevoKraljevoKraljevo Sports Hall (3.331)
Athlete CeljeCeljeDvorana Gimnazije Celje – Center (1.500)
Triglav KranjKranjŠportna dvorana Planina (800)
Montana 2003MontanaSports Hall Mladost
BeroeStara ZagoraMunicipal Hall (1.000)
Budućnost BemaxPodgoricaMorača Sports Center (4,570)
University Sports&Culture Hall (770)
Bosnia and Herzegovina1
Play Off UltraSarajevoSkenderija (5.616)
Ramiz Salčin Hall (1.500)
Badel 1862SkopjeNezavisna Makedonija (n / a)
Sports Hall Vardar (n / a)

Regular season

In the Regular season was played with 10 teams divided into 2 groups of 5 teams and play a dual circuit system, each with one game each at home and away. The four best teams in each group at the end of the regular season were placed in the League 8. The regular season began on 5 October 2016 and it will end on 11 January 2017.

Group A

Place Team Pld W L PF PA Diff Pts
1. Beroe871617479+13815 League 8
2. Triglav Kranj853471476-513
3. Play Off Ultra844545556-1112
4. Partizan 1953835560576-1611
5. Kraljevo817496602-1069

Group B

Place Team Pld W L PF PA Diff Pts
1. Budućnost Bemax862631510+12114 League 8
2. Montana 2003862574527+4714
3. Athlete Celje862652547+10513
4. Crvena zvezda826543562-1910
5. Badel 1862808396650-2548

League 8

In the League 8 was played with 8 teams and play a dual circuit system, each with one game each at home and away. The four best teams in League 8 at the end of the last round were placed on the Final Four. The regular season began on 18 January 2017 and it will end on 15 March 2017.

Place Team Pld W L PF PA Diff Pts
1. Montana 2003141041046965+8124 Final Four
2. Beroe141041039910+12924
3. Budućnost Bemax14104986857+12924
4. Athlete Celje14951041991+5023
5. Crvena zvezda14689721044-7220
6. Triglav Kranj (-1)1468765833-6819
7. Play Off Ultra1431110051107-10217
8. Partizan 1953142128891036-14716

Classification 9–12

Classification 9–12 of the WABA League took place between 25 January 2017 and it will end on 9 February 2017. Due to the withdrawal of individual teams before the season starts, match for 11th place have been canceled. Before the start of matches to 9th place, Badel 1862 is withdrew from playing this stage of the competition.[2]

Ninth place game

Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
Kraljevo40:0 Badel 186220:020:0

Final four

Final Four to be played from 18–19 March 2017 in the Podgorica, Montenegro.

18 March
19 March
Montana 2003 74
Athlete Celje 85
Athlete Celje 61
Beroe 57
Beroe 66
Budućnost Bemax 64
Third place
Montana 2003 41
Budućnost Bemax 44

2016–17 WABA League

Athlete Celje
2nd Title


1st Team

2nd Team

All-Defensive Team

Honorable Mention

All-Newcomers Team


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