2015 Hakkari assault

2015 South-Western Hakkari assault[2] refers to a large-scale operation of the Turkish military against Kurdish insurgents in the mountains of south-eastern Turkey, within the frame of the Kurdish–Turkish conflict (2015–present) resulting in the elimination of the PKK's mountain force structure network resulting in 119 militants killed and an estimated thousands of militants retreating to Iraq. The large scale assault was launched early September 2015 by Turkish Army commando battalions & concluded on early November 2015.[5][3]

June–2015 South-Eastern Hakkari assault
Part of Kurdish–Turkish conflict (2015–present)
  • September–November 2015 (duration of assault) [1]
  • July–September 2015 (duration of limited scale operations) [1]

Turkish victory

  • Successful operation.
 Turkey Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
Casualties and losses
6 killed[2] 119 killed[2][3][4]


According to Turkish sources on 5 November 2015, the military killed at least 31 PKK in ongoing security operations in Turkey’s southeastern Hakkari province within the last 24 hours. According to statements posted on the Turkish General Staff website, the military killed 15 PKK on Wednesday and another 16 members of the organization on Thursday in ongoing security operations in Hakkari province’s Yuksekova district.[6]

Anadolu Agency reported local Turkish army sources as saying that the operation in Hakkari lasted from September 27 to November 5 and targeted PKK mountain hideouts, seizing or destroying anti-aircraft guns and other heavy weapons.[2] Troops also destroyed 18 handmade bunkers and an ammunition cache, an army statement said.


Turkey announced that during the operation, 119 PKK were killed and anti-aircraft guns seized, while 6 Turkish soldiers killed.[2]


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