2014 AFL draft

The 2014 AFL draft consists of the various periods where the 18 clubs in the Australian Football League (AFL) can trade and recruit players following the completion of the 2014 AFL season. Additions to each club's playing list are not allowed at any other time during the year. This was the last year in which any team passed on a selection in the national draft.

2014 AFL draft
General information
Date(s)27 November 2014
3 December 2014
Time5:00 pm AEST (27 November)
11:00 am AEDT (3 December)
LocationGold Coast Convention Centre,
Gold Coast, Queensland
Network(s)Fox Footy
Sponsored byNational Australia Bank
First selectionPaddy McCartin (St Kilda)

The key dates for the trading and drafting periods are:[1][2]

  • The free agency offer period between 3 October and 13 October. Three further free agency periods are held for delisted players, between 1 November and 12 November, 14 November to 19 November and 28 November to 1 December.
  • Father-son and academy players were nominated by 3 October, with a bidding process held on 6 October.
  • The trade period; which was held between 6 October and 16 October
  • The 2014 national draft; which was conducted on 27 November 2014 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.
  • The 2015 pre-season draft which was held on 3 December 2014 and
  • The 2015 rookie draft, also held on 3 December 2014.

Final club lists for the 2015 AFL season were lodged to the AFL on 5 December 2014.

The 2014 draft was the best draft from a NSW/ACT perspective in recent history, as there were as many as seven players recruited from the region. Isaac Heeney was taken at pick 18, followed by Jack Hiscox, Abe Davis, Jack Steele, Dougal Howard, Logan Austin and Jeremy Finlayson. This total of seven new recruits (Dan Robinson was a rookie upgrade) was just one player less than what was recruited from the traditional football state of Western Australia.[3]

Player movements

Free agency

The initial list of free agents, published in March 2014, consisted of 48 unrestricted free agents and nine restricted free agents. The mid-year revision in July listed 27 unrestricted free agents and only two restricted free agents, due to players re-signing with their existing clubs or announcing their retirement.[4]

The final free agents list issued on 29 September, the week before the trade period commenced, consisted of 13 unrestricted free agents and only Shaun Higgins on the restricted free agent list, reflecting that most of the original list had either re-signed with their current club or retired from the AFL. James Frawley, Jarrad Waite, Dustin Fletcher, Brad Sewell, Luke McPharlin, Adam Goodes and Nick Malceski were the highest profile players remaining on the list.[5]

2014 AFL free agency period signings
Player Date Free agent type Former club New club Compensation Ref
Jarrad Waite 3 October 2014 Unrestricted Carlton North Melbourne None [6]
Shaun Higgins 3 October 2014 Restricted Western Bulldogs North Melbourne 2nd round [7]
James Frawley 6 October 2014 Unrestricted Melbourne Hawthorn 1st round [8]
Nick Malceski 6 October 2014 Unrestricted Sydney Gold Coast 2nd round [9]
James Gwilt 11 October 2014 Unrestricted St Kilda Essendon None [10]
Taylor Hunt 2 November 2014 Delisted Geelong Richmond None [11][12]
Tim Membrey 5 November 2014 Delisted Sydney St Kilda None [13]
Joel Hamling 2 November 2014 Delisted Geelong Western Bulldogs None [14]
Sam Blease 3 November 2014 Delisted Melbourne Geelong None [15]
Mitch Robinson 3 November 2014 Delisted Carlton Brisbane Lions None [16]
Ben Newton 5 November 2014 Delisted Port Adelaide Melbourne None [17]
Matthew Dick 5 November 2014 Delisted Sydney Carlton None [18]


The AFL trade period will run from Monday 6 October until Thursday 16 October. The AFL announced that it was shortening the trade period by one day from the usual Friday deadline due to Etihad Stadium, which is used by the AFL clubs during the trade period, being booked on the Friday for the International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses.[19]

On 9 October it was revealed that the AFL had banned the Sydney Swans from recruiting players, either by trading or through free agency signing, for the next two trading periods (until the end of the 2016 season), unless the club was prepared to give up its cost of living allowance (COLA), the allowance above the base salary cap which the club is permitted to pay its players to reflect the higher cost of living in Sydney compared with Melbourne. Sydney opted to abide by the restrictions in order to retain its COLA, and recruited no players. The club was not restricted from receiving draft picks in exchange for players leaving the club.[20]

2014 AFL trade period
# Player(s) Traded from Traded to Traded for Ref
1 Jonathan O'Rourke
Pick 43
Greater Western Sydney Hawthorn Pick 19
Pick 40
2 Jeff Garlett
Pick 83
Carlton Melbourne Pick 61
Pick 79
3 Joel Patfull Brisbane Lions Greater Western Sydney Pick 21 [23]
4 Allen Christensen Geelong Brisbane Lions Pick 21 [24]
5 Heritier Lumumba Collingwood Melbourne Mitch Clark [25]
Mitch Clark Melbourne Geelong Travis Varcoe
Travis Varcoe Geelong Collingwood Heritier Lumumba
6 Dayne Beams
Pick 67
Collingwood Brisbane Lions Jack Crisp
Pick 5
Pick 25
7 Levi Greenwood North Melbourne Collingwood Pick 25 [27]
8 Rhys Stanley
Pick 60
St Kilda Geelong Pick 21 [28]
9 Kristian Jaksch
Mark Whiley
Pick 19
Greater Western Sydney Carlton Pick 7 [29]
10 Ryan Griffen
Pick 6
Western Bulldogs Greater Western Sydney Tom Boyd [30]
11 Jonathan Giles
Pick 62
Greater Western Sydney Essendon Pick 53 [31]
12 Paddy Ryder Essendon Port Adelaide Pick 17
Pick 37
13 Adam Cooney Western Bulldogs Essendon Pick 37 [33]
14 Mitch Hallahan Hawthorn Gold Coast Pick 47
Pick 49
15 Sam Frost
Pick 40
Pick 53
Greater Western Sydney Melbourne Pick 23 [35]
16 Shane Biggs
Pick 39
Sydney Western Bulldogs Pick 37 [36]
17 Liam Jones Western Bulldogs Carlton Pick 46 [37]
18 Kyle Cheney
Luke Lowden
Pick 43
Pick 47
Pick 59
Hawthorn Adelaide Pick 31
Pick 50
Pick 68
19 Pick 10
Pick 47
Adelaide Geelong Pick 14
Pick 35

Note: The numbering of the draft picks in this list may be different to the agreed draft picks at the time of the trade, due to adjustments from either the insertion of free agency compensation draft picks or clubs exiting the draft before later rounds.

Retirements and delistings

2014 national draft

The 2014 AFL national draft was held on 27 November 2014 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.[1]

Final draft order[112]
Round Pick Player Drafted to Recruited from League Notes
1 1 Paddy McCartin St Kilda Geelong Falcons TAC Cup
1 2 Christian Petracca Melbourne Eastern Ranges TAC Cup
1 3 Angus Brayshaw Melbourne Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Free agency compensation pick (Frawley)
1 4 Jarrod Pickett Greater Western Sydney South Fremantle WAFL
1 5 Jordan De Goey Collingwood Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Traded from Brisbane Lions
1 6 Caleb Marchbank Greater Western Sydney Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Traded from Western Bulldogs
1 7 Paul Ahern Greater Western Sydney Calder Cannons TAC Cup Traded from Carlton
1 8 Peter Wright Gold Coast Calder Cannons TAC Cup
1 9 Darcy Moore Collingwood Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Father–son rule selection – son of Peter Moore
1 10 Nakia Cockatoo Geelong NT Thunder NEAFL Traded from Adelaide
1 11 Liam Duggan West Coast Western Jets TAC Cup
1 12 Corey Ellis Richmond Western Jets TAC Cup
1 13 Lachie Weller Fremantle Southport/Broadbeach NEAFL
1 14 Jake Lever Adelaide Calder Cannons TAC Cup Traded from Geelong
1 15 Jarrod Garlett Gold Coast South Fremantle WAFL Traded from Geelong; compensation pick from 2012 (Ablett)
1 16 Sam Durdin North Melbourne West Adelaide SANFL
1 17 Kyle Langford Essendon Northern Knights TAC Cup Traded from Port Adelaide
1 18 Isaac Heeney Sydney Cardiff BDAFL Academy player
1 19 Blaine Boekhorst Carlton Swan Districts WAFL Traded from Greater Western Sydney; received from Hawthorn
1 20 Jayden Laverde Essendon Western Jets TAC Cup First selection at end of first round due to supplements scandal penalty
1 21 Hugh Goddard St Kilda Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Traded from Geelong; received from Brisbane Lions; received from Greater Western Sydney; received from Gold Coast via a trade in 2012; traded by Brisbane Lions in 2010; Compensation pick from 2010 (Brennan)
2 22 Daniel McKenzie St Kilda Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup
2 23 Pat McKenna Greater Western Sydney Gisborne Bendigo Football League Traded from Melbourne
2 24 Jack Steele Greater Western Sydney Belconnen NEAFL Academy player
2 25 Daniel Nielson North Melbourne Eastern Ranges TAC Cup Traded from Collingwood; received from Brisbane Lions
2 26 Toby McLean Western Bulldogs Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup
2 27 Lukas Webb Western Bulldogs Gippsland Power TAC Cup Free agency compensation pick (Higgins)
2 28 Dillon Viojo-Rainbow Carlton Western Jets TAC Cup
2 29 Touk Miller Gold Coast Calder Cannons TAC Cup
2 30 Brayden Maynard Collingwood Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup
2 31 Daniel Howe Hawthorn Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Traded from Adelaide
2 32 Tom Lamb West Coast Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup
2 33 Connor Menadue Richmond Western Jets TAC Cup
2 34 Connor Blakely Fremantle Swan Districts WAFL
2 35 Harrison Wigg Adelaide North Adelaide SANFL Traded from Geelong
2 36 Ed Vickers-Willis North Melbourne Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup
2 37 James Rose Sydney Sturt SANFL Traded from Western Bulldogs; received from Essendon; received from Port Adelaide
2 38 Jack Hiscox Sydney Sydney University NEAFL Academy player
2 39 Declan Hamilton Western Bulldogs Port Adelaide SANFL Traded from Sydney; Free agency compensation pick (Malceski)
2 40 Alex Neal-Bullen Melbourne Glenelg SANFL Traded from Greater Western Sydney; received from Hawthorn
3 41 Jack Lonie St Kilda Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup
3 42 Billy Stretch Melbourne Glenelg SANFL Father-son rule selection – son of Steven Stretch
3 43 Mitch McGovern Adelaide Claremont WAFL Traded from Hawthorn; received from Greater Western Sydney
3 44 Liam Dawson Brisbane Lions Aspley NEAFL Academy player
3 45 Bailey Dale Western Bulldogs Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup
3 46 Caleb Daniel Western Bulldogs South Adelaide SANFL Traded by Carlton
3 47 Cory Gregson Geelong Glenelg SANFL Traded from Adelaide; received from Hawthorn; received from Gold Coast
3 48 Matthew Goodyear Collingwood Calder Cannons TAC Cup
3 49 Teia Miles Hawthorn Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Traded from Gold Coast; received from West Coast via a trade in 2013; traded by Collingwood in 2010; Compensation pick from 2010 (Fraser)
3 50 Marc Pittonet Hawthorn Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Traded by Adelaide
3 51 Jackson Nelson West Coast Geelong Falcons TAC Cup
3 52 Nathan Drummond Richmond Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup
3 53 Oscar McDonald Melbourne North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Traded from Greater Western Sydney; received from Essendon
3 54 Ed Langdon Fremantle Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup
3 55 Dean Gore Geelong Sturt SANFL
3 56 Dougal Howard Port Adelaide Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup
3 57 Passed Sydney
3 58 Harry Dear Adelaide Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Traded by Hawthorn
4 59 Jordan Cunico Geelong Gippsland Power TAC Cup Traded by St Kilda
4 60 Clem Smith Carlton Perth WAFL Traded from Melbourne
4 61 Harris Andrews Brisbane Lions Aspley NEAFL Academy player
4 62 Zaine Cordy Western Bulldogs Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Father-son rule selection – son of Brian Cordy
4 63 Jayden Foster Carlton Calder Cannons TAC Cup
4 64 Passed Gold Coast
4 65 Josh Watts Brisbane Lions Glenorchy TSL Traded by Collingwood
4 66 Damien Cavka West Coast Calder Cannons TAC Cup
4 67 Dan Butler Richmond North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup
4 68 Josh Deluca Fremantle Subiaco WAFL
4 69 Logan Austin Port Adelaide Belconnen NEAFL
4 70 Abe Davis Sydney UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Sydney AFL Academy player
5 71 Passed Carlton Traded from Melbourne
5 72 Passed Greater Western Sydney
5 73 Jaden McGrath Brisbane Lions Bendigo Pioneers TAC Cup
5 74 Passed Gold Coast
5 75 Passed Collingwood
5 76 Alec Waterman West Coast Claremont WAFL Father-son rule selection – son of Chris Waterman
5 77 Reece McKenzie Richmond Northern Knights TAC Cup
5 78 Jesse Palmer Port Adelaide North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup
5 79 Passed Sydney
6 80 Passed Greater Western Sydney
6 81 Josh McGuinness Brisbane Lions Lauderdale TSL
6 82 Passed Carlton
6 83 Passed Richmond
6 84 Billy Frampton Port Adelaide South Fremantle WAFL
7 85 Jeremy Finlayson Greater Western Sydney Sydney Hills Eagles NEAFL Academy player
7 86 Josh Clayton Brisbane Lions Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Father-son rule selection – son of Scott Clayton
7 87 Passed Carlton
  • Compensation picks are selections in addition to the normal order of selection, allocated to clubs by the AFL as compensation for losing uncontracted players to the new expansion clubs, Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney. The picks can be held for up to five years and clubs declare at the beginning of the season of their intent to utilise the pick at the end of the season. Picks could be traded to other clubs in return for players or other draft selections.
  • Free agency compensation picks are additional selections awarded to teams based on their net loss of players during the free agency trade period.
  • Academy players are local zone selections available to the four NSW and Queensland clubs. Both Academy and Father-son selections are subject to a bidding process, where the club with the family or academy connection must match any opposition club's bid with their next available selection.

Rookie elevations

Between 2009 and 2013, rookie listed players that were elevated to their club's senior list were listed in the national draft order at the end of the club's selections. In 2014 the AFL reverted to the system used in 2008 and earlier, where they are not included in the draft list. Club can retain a rookie for up to three years before they must be elevated to the senior list or delisted. The 22 players elevated in 2014 are provided below.[113]

Charlie CameronAdelaide
Patrick AmbroseEssendon
Mark BlicavsGeelong
Andrew BostonGold Coast
Josh HallGold Coast
Zac WebsterHawthorn
Dallas WillsmoreHawthorn
Neville JettaMelbourne
Joel TippettNorth Melbourne
Kayne TurnerNorth Melbourne
Kane MitchellPort Adelaide
Anthony MilesRichmond
Darren MinchingtonSt Kilda
Eli TempletonSt Kilda
Cameron ShentonSt Kilda
Mav WellerSt Kilda
Jake LloydSydney
Xavier RichardsSydney
Daniel RobinsonSydney
Callum SinclairWest Coast
Lin JongWestern Bulldogs
Jack RedpathWestern Bulldogs

2015 pre-season draft

The 2015 AFL pre-season draft was held on 3 December 2014.[1] Only five clubs could have taken part, with the other clubs completing their lists during the National Draft,[114] however Carlton made the only selection, with all other clubs passing.[115]

Round Pick Player Drafted to Recruited from League
1 1 Passed Greater Western Sydney
1 2 Jason Tutt Carlton Western Bulldogs AFL
1 3 Passed Collingwood
1 4 Passed Richmond
1 5 Passed Sydney
2 6 Passed Greater Western Sydney
2 7 Passed Carlton
2 8 Passed Sydney
3 9 Passed Carlton

2015 rookie draft

The 2015 AFL rookie draft was held on 3 December 2014.[1] The official rookie draft order was released on 2 December and each club, with the exception of Greater Western Sydney who are still operating with an expanded list, can have between 4 and 6 players on their rookie list, as long as they have a maximum of 44 players on their combined primary and rookie lists.[116]

Round Pick Player Drafted to Recruited from League Notes
11Jack SinclairSt KildaOakleigh ChargersTAC Cup
12Aaron vandenBergMelbourneAinslieNEAFL
13PassedGreater Western Sydney
14Billy EvansBrisbane LionsBendigo PioneersTAC Cup
15Roarke SmithWestern BulldogsCalder CannonsTAC Cup
16Billy GowersCarltonOakleigh ChargersTAC Cup
17Josh GlennGold CoastCentral DistrictSANFL
18Michael ManteitCollingwoodSandringham DragonsTAC Cup
19Reilly O'BrienAdelaideCalder CannonsTAC Cup
110Kane LucasWest CoastCarltonAFL
111Jayden ShortRichmondNorthern Knights TAC Cup
112Shaun McKernanEssendonAdelaideAFL
113Ethan HughesFremantleSwan DistrictsWAFL
114Tom ReadGeelongSturtSANFL
115Braydon PreussNorth MelbourneHermit Park/Surfers ParadiseQAFL
116Nathan KrakouerPort AdelaidePort AdelaideSANFL
117Sean McLarenSydneySandringham DragonsTAC Cup
118Jared HardistyHawthornClaremontWAFL
219Ahmed SaadSt KildaSt KildaAFL
220Mitch WhiteMelbourneDandenong StingraysTAC Cup
221PassedGreater Western Sydney
222Hugh BeasleyBrisbane Lions Oakleigh ChargersTAC Cup
223Jordan KellyWestern Bulldogs HawthornAFL
224Brad WalshCarltonPeel ThunderWAFL
225Adam SaadGold Coast CoburgVFL
226Brenden AbbottCollingwood ClaremontWAFL
227Keenan RamseyAdelaide Port AdelaideSANFL
228Corey AdamsonWest CoastSan DiegoClass A Minor Leagues3-year non-registered player, via Class A minor league baseball
229Jason CastagnaRichmond Northern KnightsTAC Cup
230Kurt AylettEssendonEssendonAFL
231Tanner SmithFremantleFremantleAFL
232Cameron DelaneyGeelong North MelbourneAFL
233Will FordhamNorth Melbourne Sandringham DragonsTAC Cup
234Tom LoganPort Adelaide Port AdelaideAFL
235Nic NewmanSydney FrankstonVFL
236Jermaine Miller-LewisHawthorn South FremantleWAFL
337Brenton PayneSt Kilda Western JetsTAC Cup
338PassedGreater Western Sydney
339PassedBrisbane Lions
340Daniel PearceWestern BulldogsWestern BulldogsAFL
341Tom FieldsCarlton South AdelaideSANFL
342Keegan BrooksbyGold Coast South AdelaideSANFL
343Tony ArmstrongCollingwood CollingwoodAFL
344Anthony WilsonAdelaide NorwoodSANFL
345Patrick BrophyWest CoastKildare GAAGAAInternational Player (Gaelic football)
346Kane LambertRichmond WilliamstownVFL
347Jake LongEssendonSt Mary's Football ClubNTFLFather-son rule selection – son of Michael Long
348Sean HurleyFremantleKildare GAAGAAInternational Player (Gaelic football)
349Padraig LuceyGeelongKerry GAAGAAInternational Player (Gaelic football)
350Max Warren North MelbourneNorth BallaratVFL
351Johann WagnerPort AdelaideTasman FC/Central DistrictPort Lincoln FL/SANFLWinner of The Recruit
352Lewis MelicanSydney Geelong FalconsTAC Cup
353Lachlan LangfordHawthorn Melbourne Grammar SchoolAPS
454Adam SchneiderSt Kilda St KildaAFL
455PassedGreater Western Sydney
456Cian HanleyBrisbane LionsMayo GAAGAAInternational Player (Gaelic football)
457Brett GoodesWestern Bulldogs Western BulldogsAFL
458Fraser RussellCarltonDeakin Athletics ClubAthletics Victoria3-year non-registered player, via athletics
459Tyrone DownieGold Coast Bendigo GoldVFL
460Mason CoxCollingwoodOklahoma StateBig 12International Player (basketball)
461Matthew ArnotRichmondRichmondAFL
462Conor McKennaEssendonTyrone GAAGAAInternational Player (Gaelic football)
463Robin NahasNorth Melbourne North MelbourneAFL
465Sam GrimleyHawthorn HawthornAFL
566PassedGreater Western Sydney
567Greg BroughtonGold Coast Gold CoastAFL
568Ivan SoldoRichmond3-year non-registered player, via basketball
670PassedGreater Western Sydney
671Andrew RainesGold Coast Brisbane LionsAFL
672PassedGreater Western Sydney
773PassedGold Coast
874PassedGreater Western Sydney
975Matthew HammelmannBrisbane LionsMorningsideQAFLAcademy Selection
976Jordan FooteSydneyUNSW-EastsSydney AFLAcademy Selection

Selections by league

League National Draft Pre-season Draft Rookie Draft Total State/territory
Players selected
TAC Cup 45 14 59 Victoria
WAFL 9 5 14 Western Australia
SANFL 9 8 17 South Australia
VFL 5 5 Victoria
TSL 2 2 Tasmania
AFL 1 17 18 Australia-wide
Other leagues 3 5 8 Victoria, NSW, SA & NT
3-year non-registered players 3 3 Australia-wide
International recruits 6 6 International
Total 76 1 64 141


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