2013 New Zealand census

The 2013 New Zealand census was the thirty-third national census. "The National Census Day" used for the census was on Tuesday, 5 March 2013. The population of New Zealand was counted as 4,242,048, – an increase of 214,101 or 5.3% over the 2006 census.[2]

Thirty-third Census of New Zealand
General information
CountryNew Zealand
Date taken5 March 2013 (2013-03-05)
Total population4,242,048
Percent change 5.3%
Annual percent change 0.8%[1]
Most populous regionAuckland (1,415,550)
Least populous regionWest Coast (32,148)

The 2013 census forms were the same as the forms developed for the 2011 census which was cancelled due to the February 2011 major earthquake in Christchurch. There were no new topics or questions. New Zealand's next census was conducted in March 2018.

Collection methods

The results from the post-enumeration survey showed that the 2013 census recorded 97.6 percent of the residents in New Zealand on census night. However, the overall response rate was 92.9 percent, with a non-response rate of 7.1 percent made up of the net undercount and people who were counted in the census but had not received a form.[3]

Population and dwellings

Population counts for New Zealand regions.[4][5][6]

Note: All figures are for the census usually resident population count.

Bay of Plenty267,7446.3%
Hawke's Bay151,1793.6%
North Island3,059,41876.3%
West Coast32,1480.8%
South Island1,004,39723.7%
Area outside region6000.0%
New Zealand4,242,048100.0%

Culture and identity


The census usually resident population count of 4,242,048 included 230,649 people without an ethnic response and 4,011,399 people who identified with at least one ethnicity.[7] The figures for the total ethnicity of the population.[8]

EthnicityResponsesChange from 2006
European2,969,39174.02 359,802 6.42
   New Zealand European2,727,00967.98 345,933 6.30
   English38,9160.97 5,286 0.17
   British nfd36,0240.90 8,832 0.19
   South African nec28,6560.71 7,047 0.15
   Dutch28,5030.71 141 0.03
   European nfd26,4720.66 4,617 0.09
   Australian22,4670.56 3,888 0.12
   Scottish14,4120.36 627 0.03
   Irish14,1930.35 1,542 0.03
   German12,8100.32 1,893 0.04
   American12,3390.31 1,533 0.03
Māori598,60514.92 33,276 0.28
Pacific peoples295,9417.38 29,967 0.49
   Samoan144,1383.59 13,035 0.20
   Cook Islands Maori nfd61,0771.52 4,182 0.05
   Tongan60,3331.50 9,852 0.20
   Niuean23,8830.60 1,407 0.01
   Fijian14,4450.36 4,581 0.10
Asian471,70811.8 117,156 2.6
   Chinese nfd163,1014.07 23,370 0.45
   Indian nfd143,5203.58 46,077 1.05
   Filipino40,3501.01 23,412 0.57
   Korean30,1710.8 621 0.05
   Japanese14,1180.35 2,208 0.04
   Fijian Indian10,9290.27 5,313 0.13
Middle Eastern/Latin American/African46,9531.17 12,210 0.27
Other67,7521.69 363,129 9.47
   New Zealander65,9731.64 363,456 9.48
Total population stated4,011,399---
Not elsewhere included230,6465.4--
Totals, New Zealand4,242,048100.0%214,101 5.3%
Source: Statistics NZ.[9][10] Total may exceed 100% due to multiple response.

Ethnic groups by region

RegionEuropeanMaoriPacificAsianMELAA[lower-alpha 1]Other
Bay of Plenty189,59775.768,94027.57,7283.112,9635.21,2660.54,4071.8
Hawke's Bay110,94077.734,65924.36,2704.45,1153.66630.52,7661.9
North Island2,122,58769.6514,80316.9274,8069.0418,28713.739,5041.347,3971.6
West Coast27,44191.23,17110.53151.06782.31200.48372.8
South Island846,38788.283,4608.721,1352.253,4215.67,4490.820,3402.1
Source: Statistics New Zealand.[9][11]


The number of people living in New Zealand who were born overseas continued to climb. In 2013, 1,001,787 people (25.2 percent) were born overseas. For the overseas-born census "usually resident population":

Proportion of overseas-born population[12][13][14]

  England (21.5%)
  China (8.9%)
  India (6.7%)
  Australia (6.3%)
  South Africa (5.4%)
  Fiji (5.3%)
  Samoa (5.1%)
  Philippines (3.7%)
  South Korea (2.7%)
  Scotland (2.6%)
  Others (31.8%)
BirthplaceResponsesChange from 2006
New Zealand2,980,82474.85 20,607 2.25
Overseas1,001,78725.15 122,244 2.25
England215,5895.41 13,188 0.14
China, People's Republic of[lower-alpha 2]89,1212.24 11,004 0.20
India67,1761.69 23,835 0.56
Australia62,7121.57 30 0.06
South Africa54,2761.36 12,600 0.28
Fiji52,7551.32 15,009 0.34
Samoa50,6611.27 12 0.05
Philippines37,2990.94 22,014 0.54
Korea, Republic of26,6010.67 2,208 0.08
Scotland25,9530.65 3,063 0.10
United States21,4620.54 3,714 0.08
Netherlands19,8150.50 2,289 0.08
Germany12,9420.32 2,181 0.04
Japan10,2690.26 696 0.01
Total people stated3,982,611100.00%--
Not elsewhere included259,437--
Total people4,242,048100.00%214,101 5.3%
Source: Statistics New Zealand.[15][16][17][18]


The table below is based on religious affiliation data recorded at the last three censuses for usually resident people. Note that figures and percentages may not add to 100 percent as it is possible for people to state more than one religion.[19]

Religion2013 Census[lower-alpha 3]
    Presbyterian, Congregational and Reformed330,5168.47%
    Christian (not further defined)216,1775.54%
    Latter–day Saints40,7281.04%
    Jehovah's Witnesses17,9310.46%
    Evangelical, Born Again and Fundamentalist15,3810.39%
    Salvation Army9,1620.23%
    Protestant (not further defined)4,9980.13%
    Church of Christ and Associated Churches of Christ2,1450.05%
    Uniting/Union Church and Ecumenical9990.03%
    Asian Christian1320.01%
    Other Christian3,7140.10%
Māori Christian52,9471.36%
    Māori Christian (not further defined)2220.01%
    Other Māori Christian3330.01%
Spiritualism and New Age Religions18,2850.47%
    Nature and Earth Based Religions5,9430.15%
    New Age (not further defined)4410.01%
    Church of Scientology3180.01%
    Other New Age Religions3,0150.08%
Other Religions34,2450.88%
    Other Religion (not further defined)5,2020.13%
    Māori Religion2,5950.07%
    Chinese Religions9060.02%
    Japanese Religions4230.01%
    Other Other Religions3330.01%
Total people with at least one religious affiliation2,146,16755.01%
No Religion1,635,34541.92%
Object to answering173,0344.44%
Total people stated3,901,167100.00%
Not elsewhere included[lower-alpha 4]347,301-
New Zealand4,242,048

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  1. Middle Eastern, Latin American and African
  2. Does not include Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR.
  3. The 2011 Census was cancelled due to the 2011 Christchurch earthquake; the 2013 census replaced it.
  4. Includes don't know, religion unidentifiable, response outside scope (e.g., Jedi Knight or Rastafarian), and not stated.


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