2013 Clarkson Cup

The 2013 Clarkson Cup is a women's ice hockey tournament that was contested in Markham, Ontario to determine the champion of the Canadian Women's Hockey League from March 20 to March 23, 2013. The Boston Blades defeated the Montreal Stars by a 5-2 tally to claim their first title in team history. The tournament was played at Markham Centennial Centre.


  • On March 7, 2013, the Clarkson Cup was given a permanent home in the Hockey Hall of Fame.[1]

Round robin

  • On March 22, the Toronto Furies and Brampton Thunder competed in the final game of the round robin. Rebecca Johnston scored the game-winning goal on an assist from Natalie Spooner with one second remaining in overtime.[2]
March 20TorontoBostonBoston, 3-2
March 20MontrealBramptonMontreal, 5-0
March 21BramptonBostonBoston, 2-0
March 21TorontoMontrealMontreal, 2-0
March 22MontrealBostonMontreal, 1-0 (OT)
March 22TorontoBramptonToronto, 4-3 (OT)



Championship game

Blades championship roster

8Caitlin Cahow C United States
10Lindsay Berman United States
11Whitney Naslund United States
15Anne Schleper United States
16Katka Mrazova Czech Republic
17Meghan Duggan A United States
19Gigi Marvin United States
20Kate Buesser United States
22Kacey Bellamy United States
23Jen Schoullis United States
24Cherie Hendrickson United States
25Kelley Steadman United States
27Hilary Knight United States
30Molly Schaus United States
33Genevieve Lacasse Canada
56Jessica Koizumi United States

Awards and honours

Clarkson Cup All-Star Team


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