2012–13 ECHL season

The 201213 ECHL season was the 25th season of the ECHL. The regular season schedule ran from October 12, 2012 to March 30, 2013,[1] with the Kelly Cup playoffs to follow. The All-Star Game, not held in 2011-12, was brought back and held on January 23, 2013 at Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colorado, home of the Colorado Eagles.[2]

2012–13 ECHL season
SportIce hockey
DurationOctober 12, 2012 – March 30, 2013
Regular season
Eastern championsReading Royals
  Eastern runners-upCincinnati Cyclones
Western championsStockton Thunder
  Western runners-upIdaho Steelheads
Kelly Cup
ChampionsReading Royals
  Runners-upStockton Thunder

League business

Team changes

On September 21, 2011, the ECHL Board of Governors approved the membership of the San Francisco Bulls for the 2012–13 season.[3] The Bulls will play in the Cow Palace, which was the home of the San Jose Sharks of the NHL for their first two seasons.

On November 1, 2011, the ECHL Board of Governors approved the membership of the reincarnation of the Orlando Solar Bears for the 2012–13 season.[4] The Solar Bears will play in the Amway Center which is currently home to the NBA's Orlando Magic.

The league announced on April 6, 2012, that the expansion franchise Chicago Express had withdrawn from the ECHL, effective immediately. The Express finished their inaugural season ninth in the Eastern Conference with a record of 34 wins, 26 losses, 8 overtime losses, and 4 losses in shootouts, eliminating them from playoff contention.[5] The team also finished last in the league for attendance, averaging 2,508 fans per game (compared to the league average of 4,282 fans per game).[6]

On May 17, 2012, the ECHL announced the addition of two expansion franchises - the Evansville IceMen and the Fort Wayne Komets, both located in Indiana and both former Central Hockey League markets.[7][8] The IceMen will play home games at the Ford Center and the Komets at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. The league also indicated that 23 teams would play in the 201213 season, making these two franchises the last to be added.[8]

Annual Board of Governors meeting

The league's annual Board of Governors meeting concluded on June 25, 2012. Announcements included the re-election of Steve Chapman, president of the Gwinnett Gladiators, to his seventh term as board president, capping of league membership at 26 teams, adoption of a two-referee system for the conference finals and Kelly Cup finals, and the league re-alignment for the 201213 season. The San Francisco Bulls joined the Western Conference's Pacific Division, while in the Eastern Conference, the Orlando Solar Bears joined the South Division and the Fort Wayne Komets and Evansville IceMen joined the North Division following the departure of the Chicago Express. The league also voted to table any decision regarding the playoff format until the Board of Governors' preseason meeting.[9]

Preseason Board of Governors meeting

The preseason Board of Governors meeting was held on September 27, 2012. Announcements included changes to the Kelly Cup playoff format and a change to the league's reserve list policy. The 3-day and 7-day injured reserve spots were changed to two generic reserve spots with no minimum stay required. No change was made to the 21-day reserve list policy.[10]

2013 Kelly Cup Playoffs format

The 2013 Kelly Cup playoffs format represented a significant departure from previous years. Eight teams qualified in the Eastern Conference: the three division winners plus the next five teams in the conference. With the addition of the expansion franchise in San Francisco, the Board of Governors changed the Western Conference seeding such that eight teams qualified: two division winners and the next six teams in the conference. This eliminated the Western Conference first-round bye. [10]

Similar to the NHL, the division winners were seeded as the top three seeds in the Eastern Conference and the top two seeds in the Western Conference; the conference winner faces the eighth seed, second faces seventh, third faces sixth and fourth faces fifth in the conference quarterfinal round. The winner of the 1st/8th series plays the winner of the 4th/5th series while 2nd/7th winner plays against the 3rd/6th winner in the conference semifinal series.

The Board of Governors also elected to change the playoff format such that all rounds of the playoffs are now best of seven series.[10] For 2012-13, the Conference Finals and Kelly Cup Finals will use a two-referee system.[9]

Regular season


By division

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division
1 Reading Royals (WAS)7246193424618599
2 Elmira Jackals (OTT)7240253424722087
3 Wheeling Nailers (MTL/PIT)7231293919322574
4 Trenton Titans (PHI)7232324422624772
North Division
1 Cincinnati Cyclones (FLA/NAS)7242225322719592
2 Toledo Walleye (DET/CHI)7237265422419583
3 Kalamazoo Wings (VAN)7234304420521576
4 Fort Wayne Komets (ANA)7233351320524670
5 Evansville IceMen (CBJ/STL)7225403420727257
South Division
1 Gwinnett Gladiators (PHX)7243262121119189
2 Florida Everblades (TB/CAR)7239224726024189
3 South Carolina Stingrays (BOS)7238265319817184
4 Greenville Road Warriors (NYR)7236282622621980
5 Orlando Solar Bears (MIN/TOR)7228373419725363

Western Conference

Mountain Division
1 Alaska Aces (independent)72491544228172106
2 Idaho Steelheads (DAL)7245201626219897
3 Colorado Eagles (WPG)7234313423922475
4 Utah Grizzlies (CGY)7228304921727771
Pacific Division
1 Ontario Reign (LA)7246193424619299
2 Stockton Thunder (EDM)7237265422321683
3 Las Vegas Wranglers (independent)7237302319619279
4 San Francisco Bulls (SJ)7225382719125259
5 Bakersfield Condors (NYI)7222442417124750

By conference

Eastern Conference
1 z - Reading Royals *AT7246193424618599
2 y - Cincinnati Cyclones *NO7242225322719592
3 y - Gwinnett Gladiators *SO7243262121119189
4 Florida EverbladesSO7238224725423889
5 Elmira JackalsAT7239253424421887
6 South Carolina StingraysSO7238265319817184
7 Toledo WalleyeNO7237265422419583
8 Greenville Road WarriorsSO7236272622521580
9 Kalamazoo WingsNO7234294420321176
10 Wheeling NailersAT7231293819022173
11 Trenton TitansAT7231324422224470
12 Fort Wayne KometsNO7232351320124468
13 Orlando Solar BearsSO7228363419424763
14 Evansville IceMenNO7224403420327255
Divisions: AT - Atlantic, NO - North, SO - South

* - Division leader; y - Won division; z - Won conference (and division)

Western Conference
1 b - Alaska Aces *MT72491544228172106
2 y - Ontario Reign *PA7246193424619299
3 Idaho Steelheads *MT7245191626019497
4 Stockton ThunderPA7236265421921481
5 Las Vegas WranglersPA7237302319619279
6 Colorado EaglesMT7234313323622075
7 Utah GrizzliesMT7228304921324571
8 San Francisco BullsPA7224382718625159
9 Bakersfield CondorsPA7222442417124750
Divisions: MT - Mountain, PA - Pacific

* - Division leader; y - Won division; b - Won Brabham Cup, best record in the league

2012-13 Kelly Cup Playoffs


Conference Quarterfinals[11] Conference Semifinals[12] Conference Finals Kelly Cup Finals[13]
1 Reading 4
8 Greenville 2
1 Reading 4
4 Florida 3
4 Florida 4
5 Elmira 2
1 Reading 4
Eastern Conference
2 Cincinnati 1
2 Cincinnati 4
7 Toledo 2
2 Cincinnati 4
3 Gwinnett 2
3 Gwinnett Gladiators 4
6 South Carolina 0
1 Reading 4
4 Stockton 1
1 Alaska 4
8 San Francisco 1
1 Alaska 2
4 Stockton 4
4 Stockton 4
5 Las Vegas 3
4 Stockton 4
Western Conference
3 Idaho 1
2 Ontario 4
7 Utah 0
2 Ontario 2
3 Idaho 4
3 Idaho 4
6 Colorado 2


All-ECHL First Team



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