2011 United States Mixed Doubles Curling Championship

The 2011 United States Mixed Doubles Curling Championship was held from December 9-12, 2010 at the Duluth Curling Club in Duluth, Minnesota.[1] Brady Clark and Cristin Clark won the tournament, earning the right to represent the United States at the 2011 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in St. Paul, Minnesota.[2]

2011 United States Mixed Doubles Curling Championship
Host cityDuluth, Minnesota
ArenaDuluth Curling Club
DatesDecember 9-12, 2010
WinnerBrady Clark and Cristin Clark
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Twenty teams qualified to compete in the championship.[3]

Female Male State(s)
Cristin Clark Brady Clark  Washington
Em Good Jake Vukich  Washington
Pam Cavers Andrew Jukich  Minnesota
Michelle Summer Gary Mazzotta  Minnesota
Joyance Meechai Jason Nawyn  New York,  Massachusetts
Jennifer Westhagen Andrew Ernst  Washington
Elizabeth Busche Keane Busche  Minnesota
Courtney George Tyler George  Minnesota
Maureen Stolt Peter Stolt  Minnesota
Sophie Brorson Jared Zezel  Minnesota
Cynthia Eng-Dinsel David Cornfield  Washington
Kimberly Wapola Michael Floerchinger  Minnesota
Julie Smith Eric Schultz  Minnesota
Heather Van Sistine Brett Charpentier  Wisconsin,  Minnesota
Sharon Vukich Mike Calcagno  Washington
Norma O'Leary Phil DeVore  Minnesota,  Wisconsin
Amy Lou Anderson Jim Ivey  Minnesota
Liv Johnson Tim Johnson  Minnesota
Senja Lopak Clayton Orvik  Minnesota
Madonna Fitzgerald Steve Pickle  North Dakota

Round robin

The 20 teams were split into three pools; each pool played a round robin and at the end the top two teams advanced to the playoffs.[4]

Teams to Playoffs

Pool A
Clark / Clark
Good / Vukich
Cavers / Jukich
Summer / Mazzotta
Meechai / Nawyn
Westhagen / Ernst
Busche / Busche
Pool B
George / George
Stolt / Stolt
Brorson / Zezel
Eng-Dinsel / Cornfield
Wapola / Floerchinger
Smith / Schultz
Van Sistine/ Charpentier
Pool C
Vukich / Calcagno
O'Leary / DeVore
Anderson / Ivey
Johnson / Johnson
Lopak / Orvik
Fitzgerald / Pickle


The playoffs consisted of a 6-team bracket with the top two teams directly in the semifinals. There was a two-loss provision included, such that a team was not eliminated until they had two losses in the tournament. Because the team of Clayton Orvik and Senja Lopak entered the playoffs undefeated, they were not eliminated when they lost to Courtney and Tyler George in the semifinals and instead got to challenge the winner of the first round of the championship, Brady and Cristin Clark, for the title.[5]


Quarterfinals Semifinals Final: round 1 Final: round 2
        Clark/Clark 9  
Brorson/Zezel 10     Brorson/Zezel 7  
O'Leary/DeVore 6       Clark/Clark 7  
          George/George 2  
        Lopak/Orvik 5  
Good/Vukich 0     George/George 9  
George/George 12       Clark/Clark 9
          Lopak/Orvik 4


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