2010 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships

The eleventh edition of the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, also known as the 2010 Mutual of Omaha Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, a long course (50 m) event, was held in Irvine, California, United States, from August 1822.[1]

2010 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships
Host city Irvine, California, United States
Date(s)August 18 – August 22
Venue(s)William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center
Nations participating22

Medal table

  *   Host nation (United States)

1 United States (USA)*2717751
2 Australia (AUS)4121026
3 Japan (JPN)24511
4 Canada (CAN)22610
5 South Korea (KOR)1102
6 Brazil (BRA)0134
7 China (CHN)0022
8 Chile (CHI)0011
 South Africa (RSA)0011
Totals (9 nations)363735108

By agreement of the charter nations, medals from the 50 m backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly events would not count towards the official medals standings. These events are not typically swum at the Pan Pacific Championships, but were added to the schedule this year as the meet served as a qualifying meet for several other large international competitions.[2]


The swimming program for 2010 will have a total number of 42 events (21 each for men and women). The following events will be contested:

The 50 m butterfly, 50 m backstroke, and 50 m breaststroke events will not count toward the team scores.

Qualifying criteria

Unlike the World Championships and Olympic Games, nations can enter as many people as they like in the preliminaries of each event (in most international meets, only two swimmers from each nation are permitted). However, only two swimmers per nation can qualify for the semi-finals and finals. Prior to FINA's creation of semi-finals in the late 1990s, a total of 3 swimmers per country could qualify for the final and consolation heats of an event, with no more than 2 swimmers per country in a final or consolation.

For relays, each country may enter up to one team in each relay event to swim in the final heat and count toward the team score. Countries may also enter a “B” relay that will swim in a preceding heat. These “B” relays may not score points and are not eligible for medals. An NOC may enter up to 1 swimmer per sex (2 total), if they have no swimmers meeting any qualifying B standard.


Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m freestyle
 Nathan Adrian (USA)21.55 CR  César Cielo (BRA)21.57  Brent Hayden (CAN)21.89
100 m freestyle
 Nathan Adrian (USA)48.15 CR  Brent Hayden (CAN)48.19  César Cielo (BRA)48.48
200 m freestyle
 Ryan Lochte (USA)1:45.30  Park Tae-Hwan (KOR)1:46.27  Peter Vanderkaay (USA)1:46.65
400 m freestyle
 Park Tae-Hwan (KOR)3:44.73  Ryan Cochrane (CAN)3:46.78  Zhang Lin (CHN)3:46.91
800 m freestyle
 Ryan Cochrane (CAN)7:48.71  Chad La Tourette (USA)7:51.62  Takeshi Matsuda (JPN)7:51.87
1500 m freestyle
 Ryan Cochrane (CAN)14:49.47  Chad La Tourette (USA)14:54.48  Zhang Lin (CHN)14:58.90
50 m backstroke*
 Junya Koga (JPN)24.86  Ashley Delaney (AUS)24.98  Nick Thoman (USA)25.02
100 m backstroke
 Aaron Peirsol (USA)53.31 CR  Junya Koga (JPN)53.63  Ashley Delaney (AUS)53.67
200 m backstroke
 Ryan Lochte (USA)1:54.12 CR  Tyler Clary (USA)1:54.90  Ryosuke Irie (JPN)1:55.21
50 m breaststroke*
 Felipe Silva (BRA)27.26  Mark Gangloff (USA)27.52  Scott Dickens (CAN)27.63
100 m breaststroke
 Kosuke Kitajima (JPN)59.35  Christian Sprenger (AUS)1:00.18  Mark Gangloff (USA)1:00.24
200 m breaststroke
 Kosuke Kitajima (JPN)2.08.36 CR  Brenton Rickard (AUS)2.09.97  Eric Shanteau (USA)2.10.13
50 m butterfly*
 César Cielo (BRA)23.03 CR  Nicholas Santos (BRA)23.33  Roland Schoeman (RSA)23.39
100 m butterfly
 Michael Phelps (USA)50.86 CR  Tyler McGill (USA)51.85  Takuro Fujii (JPN)52.12
200 m butterfly
 Michael Phelps (USA)1:54.11  Nick D'Arcy (AUS)1:54.73  Takeshi Matsuda (JPN)1:54.81
200 m individual medley
 Ryan Lochte (USA)1:54.43 CR  Tyler Clary (USA)1:57.61  Thiago Pereira (BRA)1:57.83
400 m individual medley
 Ryan Lochte (USA)4:07.59 CR  Tyler Clary (USA)4:09.55  Thiago Pereira (BRA)4:12.09
4×100 m freestyle relay
 United States
Michael Phelps (48.13) CR
Ryan Lochte (47.98)
Jason Lezak (48.12)
Nathan Adrian (47.51)
3:11.74 CR
Eamon Sullivan (49.19)
Kyle Richardson (48.48)
Cameron Prosser (48.38)
James Magnussen (48.25)
 South Africa
Lyndon Ferns (49.19)
Gideon Louw (48.40)
Roland Schoeman (49.95)
Graeme Moore (48.39)
4×200 m freestyle relay
 United States
Michael Phelps (1:45.62)
Peter Vanderkaay (1:46.46)
Ricky Berens (1:46.49)
Ryan Lochte (1:45.27)
7:03.84 CR
Takeshi Matsuda (1:47.08)
Yuki Kobori (1:47.90)
Yoshihiro Okumura (1:48.17)
Sho Uchida (1:47.86)
Thomas Fraser-Holmes (1:47.70)
Nicholas Ffrost (1:47.71)
Kenrick Monk (1:46.82)
Leith Brodie (1:48.82)
4×100 m medley relay
 United States
Aaron Peirsol (53.91)
Mark Gangloff (1:00.45)
Michael Phelps (50.58)
Nathan Adrian (47.54)
Junya Koga (53.87)
Kosuke Kitajima (59.18)
Masayuki Kishida (52.07)
Takuro Fujii (48.78)
Ashley Delaney (53.97)
Christian Sprenger (1:01.21)
Geoff Huegill (51.45)
Kyle Richardson (48.92)
10 km open water
 Chip Peterson (USA)1:56:00.02  Fran Crippen (USA)1:56.02.74  Richard Weinberger (CAN)1:56:02.98

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m freestyle
 Jessica Hardy (USA)24.63 CR  Amanda Weir (USA)24.70  Victoria Poon (CAN)24.76
100 m freestyle
 Natalie Coughlin (USA)53.67 CR  Emily Seebohm (AUS)
 Dana Vollmer (USA)
53.96   Not awarded
200 m freestyle
 Allison Schmitt (USA)1:56.10 CR  Morgan Scroggy (USA)1:57.13  Blair Evans (AUS)1:57.27
400 m freestyle
 Chloe Sutton (USA)4:05.19  Katie Goldman (AUS)4:05.84  Blair Evans (AUS)4:06.36
800 m freestyle
 Kate Ziegler (USA)8:21.59  Chloe Sutton (USA)8:24.51  Katie Goldman (AUS)8:26.38
1500 m freestyle
 Melissa Gorman (AUS)16:01.53  Kate Ziegler (USA)16:03.26  Kristel Köbrich (CHI)16:06.57
50 m backstroke*
 Sophie Edington (AUS)27.83  Aya Terakawa (JPN)28.04  Emily Thomas (NZL)
 Fabiola Molina (BRA)
 Rachel Bootsma (USA)
100 m backstroke
 Emily Seebohm (AUS)59.45 CR  Aya Terakawa (JPN)59.59  Natalie Coughlin (USA)59.70
200 m backstroke
 Elizabeth Beisel (USA)2:07.83  Elizabeth Pelton (USA)2:08.10  Belinda Hocking (AUS)2:08.60
50 m breaststroke*
 Jessica Hardy (USA)30.03  Leiston Pickett (AUS)30.75  Leisel Jones (AUS)30.78
100 m breaststroke
 Rebecca Soni (USA)1:04.93 CR  Leisel Jones (AUS)1:05.66  Sarah Katsoulis (AUS)1:07.04
200 m breaststroke
 Rebecca Soni (USA)2:20.69 CR  Leisel Jones (AUS)2:23.23  Annamay Pierse (CAN)2:23.65
50 m butterfly*
 Marieke Guehrer (AUS)25.99 =CR  Emily Seebohm (AUS)26.08  Christine Magnuson (USA)26.33
100 m butterfly
 Dana Vollmer (USA)57.56  Christine Magnuson (USA)57.95  Alicia Coutts (AUS)57.99
200 m butterfly
 Jessicah Schipper (AUS)2:06.90  Teresa Crippen (USA)2:06.93  Kathleen Hersey (USA)2:07.27
200 m individual medley
 Emily Seebohm (AUS)2:09.93 CR  Ariana Kukors (USA)2:10.25  Caitlin Leverenz (USA)2:11.21
400 m individual medley
 Elizabeth Beisel (USA)4:34.69  Samantha Hamill (AUS)4:37.84  Caitlin Leverenz (USA)4:38.03
4×100 m freestyle relay
 United States
Natalie Coughlin (54.25)
Jessica Hardy (53.43)
Amanda Weir (53.85)
Dana Vollmer (53.58)
3:35.11 CR
Yolane Kukla (55.51)
Emily Seebohm (53.86)
Alicia Coutts (54.34)
Felicity Galvez (54.35)
Victoria Poon (54.46)
Julia Wilkinson (54.60)
Erica Morningstar (54.73)
Genevieve Saumur(54.35)
4×200 m freestyle relay
 United States
Dana Vollmer (1:58.05)
Morgan Scroggy (1:57.89)
Katie Hoff (1:58.70)
Allison Schmitt (1:56.57)
7:51.21 CR
Blair Evans (1:58.31)
Kylie Palmer (1:58.01)
Katie Goldman (1:58.19)
Meagen Nay (1:58.13)
Geneviève Saumur (1:58.52)
Julia Wilkinson (1:58.20)
Barbara Jardin (1:58.46)
Samantha Cheverton (1:59.14)
4×100 m medley relay
 United States
Natalie Coughlin (59.85)
Rebecca Soni (1:05.35)
Dana Vollmer (56.91)
Jessica Hardy (53.12)
3:55.23 CR
Emily Seebohm (59.34) CR
Leisel Jones (1:05.38)
Alicia Coutts (57.86)
Yolane Kukla (54.38)
Aya Terakawa (59.41)
Satomi Suzuki (1:06.54)
Yuka Kato (57.96)
Haruka Ueda (53.84)
10 km open water
 Christine Jennings (USA)2:00:33.83  Eva Fabian (USA)2:00:35.76  Melissa Gorman (AUS)2:00:56.57

Participating nations

  •  Argentina
  •  Australia
  •  Brazil
  •  Canada
  •  Cayman Islands
  •  Chile
  •  China
  •  Chinese Taipei
  •  Ecuador
  •  Hong Kong
  •  Japan
  •  New Zealand
  •  Papua New Guinea
  •  Peru
  •  Philippines
  •  Singapore
  •  South Korea
  •  South Africa
  •  Trinidad and Tobago
  •  Tunisia
  •  United States
  •  Zimbabwe

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