2010 Ottawa municipal election

The Ottawa municipal election was contested on October 25, 2010 to elect the mayor of Ottawa, Ottawa City Council and the Ottawa-Carleton Public and Catholic School Boards. The election was held on the same date as elections in every other municipality in Ontario.

2010 Ottawa mayoral election

October 25, 2010
Nominee Jim Watson Larry O'Brien Clive Doucet
Popular vote 131,258 64,853 40,148
Percentage 48.70% 24.06% 14.89%

Mayor before election

Larry O'Brien

Elected Mayor

Jim Watson


In Ottawa's 2006 municipal election, newcomer Larry O'Brien defeated former city councillor Alex Munter and then-incumbent Bob Chiarelli in an election largely based on the expansion of Ottawa's light rail transit system. A Léger Marketing poll published by the Ottawa Sun on May 26, 2007 put O'Brien's approval ratings at 24%, and reported that if an election were held that day, he and Munter would have been tied with 35% of the vote of those surveyed.[1]

Terry Kilrea, who had dropped out of the previous mayoral race on August 30, 2006, accused O'Brien of offering him up to $30,000 and a political appointment if Kilrea would withdraw from that race and support O'Brien.[2] On August 5, 2009, Larry O'Brien was acquitted of bribery charges stemming from this accusation.[3]

Alex Munter, the second-place candidate in 2006, did not run in the 2010 election. Bob Chiarelli, mayor from 1997–2006, was elected in a March 2010 by-election to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, replacing another former mayor, Jim Watson, who left the legislative seat to run in the 2010 mayoral race.[4]

On June 30, O'Brien announced that he would seek another term as mayor.[5]

An Ottawa Citizen poll conducted in June 2010 showed public transit to the most important policy issue among city voters, ahead of taxes and the Lansdowne Park redevelopment.[6]

The race featured the largest number of candidates for mayor and for city council in the history of Ottawa.

Turnout for the election was 44%,[7] down 10% from 2006. The election saw seven incumbents go down to defeat (including the mayor). Except for mayor, the city had not seen an incumbent councillor lose since amalgamation.

Watson won nearly half of the votes. His strongest wards were in the city's East end, despite having never represented the area (except as mayor). His highest vote percentage was in Rideau-Vanier Ward. Watson's worst wards were the three rural wards which were the only three wards he lost. His worst ward was West Carleton-March Ward.

O'Brien received about one quarter of the votes in the city. He won just three wards, in Ottawa's rural areas. The suburbs did not vote for him the way they did in 2006, and his worst areas were again in central Ottawa. Doucet's strongest ward was Capital Ward, the ward he represented on council. He was unable to win it however, losing to Watson who also represented the ward in the 1990s. Doucet's strength was in the central part of the city, and his worst areas were the rural areas. Haydon finished fourth in the race. His strongest areas in the rural parts of the city, and in Nepean, a city of which he was once mayor. He did not perform well in his home ward however, of Gloucester-South Nepean. His worst areas were in the central part of the city.


Cesar Bello

Bello, 46, was a businessperson who has lived in Ottawa for 20 years. He holds a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology. He was the organizing chair of the Green Party of Canada. He was the owner and director of Mundo en Espanol', a Spanish language newspaper in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

  • Endorsements:
  • Date of announcement: April 16, 2010[8]
  • Date registered: April 16, 2010[8]
  • Date campaign launched: N/A
  • Website: www.cesarbello.ca

Idris Ben-Tahir

Ben-Tahir, 71 was born in India. He moved to Canada in 1960, and is an information scientist. He once worked for the public service. He lives in Somerset Ward. In 2006, he ran for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination in Ottawa Centre, but lost. He ran for city council in 2006 in Somerset Ward that year and lost.

  • Date registered: September 10, 2010
  • Date campaign launched: N/A

Clive Doucet

Doucet, 64, was the city councillor for Capital Ward. He represented Capital Ward on the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Council from 1997 to 2000 and on Ottawa City Council since 2000. Along with Bob Chiarelli, he spearheaded the development of Ottawa's O-Train. Doucet graduated from the University of Toronto, receiving a B.A. in Urban Anthropology. He received a master's degree in the same field from the Université de Montréal. Before being elected, he served as a public servant both on a provincial and federal level. He has lived in Ottawa since 1972, and is also an accomplished writer. Doucet has, in the past, been associated with progressive initiatives at the municipal level and has worked across party lines with other levels of government to further regional interests. He was endorsed by the New Democratic Party while running for City Council.

  • Endorsements: Xtra Ottawa, Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment, The Safari Post, Mike Cassidy, former Ontario NDP leader, Ed Broadbent, former NDP leader, Mike Bryan, former Goulbourn Township Councillor
  • Date of announcement: July 6, 2010
  • Date registered: July 6, 2010
  • Website: www.clivedoucet.com

Joseph Furtenbacher

Furtenbacher, 50, was a polymathic macroethicist. He used to be a band player and is now on provincial disability, because, as he puts it, he is 'unethically challenged'.

Robert G. Gauthier

Gauthier, 73, publishes a small local newspaper and is in construction. He is a perennial candidate for office. He ran for mayor in 1997, coming in second with 12.1% of the vote. He ran as an independent in the 2003 provincial election in Ottawa West—Nepean, receiving 0.4% of the vote. He also ran as an independent in the 2004 federal election in Ottawa Centre, receiving 0.2% of the vote. Although he indicated his intention to withdraw, Gauthier remained on the official list of nominees.[9]

  • Date registered: N/A

Andrew S. Haydon

Haydon, 77, was a Regional Chair for the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Council from 1978 to 1991 and former mayor for the City of Nepean. He was candidate for Gloucester-South Nepean Ward in the 2006 election against Steve Desroches. He was also an advisor for incumbent Mayor Larry O'Brien. Hayden announced his candidacy on September 10, 2010 on the final day of registration for candidates for the election. Hayden who was one of the main actors in the creation of the Ottawa Transitway system, announced his plans for an expanded rapid-transit system without light rail but with a downtown tunnel. He also planned to reform OC Transpo management by having a group of elected representatives taking control of the transit commission. He is regarded as a fiscal conservative, and has often criticized the spending by the current administration.[10]

Robert Larter

Larter, 65 ran in the previous election, and received 0.2% of the vote. He was an unknown candidate who never returned phone calls, didn't show up to all-candidate debates, and the press was unable to find out who he was. There was some news when he reportedly used strong, sometimes racist language whilst emailing other candidates during the election. Larter ran in the Canadian federal election, 2008 in the riding of Ottawa—Vanier as an independent. He received 226 votes, or 0.44% (5th of 7 candidates). Larter dropped out of the mayor race on March 2, but re-entered the race in June. In the mean time, he registered and withdrew himself from running as city councillor in 10 different wards.

  • Date registered: N/A

Robin Lawrance

Lawrance, 53, was a visually impaired transit activist and former soldier. He ran as an independent candidate in the 1989 Quebec provincial election and later ran for mayor of Cowansville, Quebec.[11] Lawrance was once a supporter of Larry O'Brien. He was born in Scotland, and he emigrated to Canada in 1962. He served in the Canadian Armed Forces.[12] On Friday 23 October 2010, three days before the election, Lawrance was charged with assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm.[13]

  • Date registered: June, 2010

Vincent M. Libweshya

Libweshya, 25, was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and claims to be a distant relative of Barack Obama. He is a musician, entrepreneur and business owner. He had supported Jim Watson, but decided to run on his own.

  • Date registered: August 5, 2010
  • Date of campaign launch: August 8, 2010
  • Website:

Fraser Liscumb

Liscumb, 62, was the CEO/President of Innovation Hub.

  • Date registered: September 10, 2010
  • Date campaign launched: N/A
  • Website: Website

Daniel Joseph Lyrette

Lyrette, age unknown, was a licensed optician. He has been with the College of Opticians of Ontario for 42 years.

  • Date registered: September 10
  • Date campaign launched: N/A

Mike Maguire

Mike Maguire, 49, was born in Montreal, and has been living in Kars since 1966. He is a graduate of Algonquin College. In 1990 he ran for School Board Trustee. In 2003, he won the Canadian Alliance nomination for the 2004 federal election in Nepean—Carleton, but the party merged with the Progressive Conservatives, nullifying it. He is an independent management consultant and is a former public servant. He worked on both the Terry Kilrea and Larry O'Brien campaigns in the last election.

  • Date of announcement: February 5, 2010
  • Date registered: February 5, 2010
  • Date campaign launched: August 24, 2010
  • Website: mikeformayor.ca

Larry O'Brien

O'Brien, age 61, had been the mayor since 2006. O'Brien is a graduate of Algonquin College. A businessman by trade, he only entered politics in 2006. He is the former CEO of Calian Technologies Ltd. He lives in the ByWard Market on Rideau Street and describes himself as a conservative.

Julio Pita

  • Date registered: September 10, 2010
  • Date campaign launched: N/A

Sean Ryan

Ryan, 27, moved from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to Ottawa in 2005. He worked at a local software company.[14]

  • Date of announcement: January 18, 2010
  • Date registered: January 18, 2010
  • Date campaign launched: N/A
  • Website: SeanRyanMayor.com

Michael St. Arnaud

St. Arnaud, 62, was a volunteer at a soup kitchen and church.

  • Date registered: N/A
  • Date campaign launched: N/A

Jane Scharf

Scharf, 57, is a longtime political activist in Ottawa who has fought against the Safe Streets Act and other government legislation which she sees as being anti-homeless. She organized a tent city at City Hall and was one of the initial organizers of the Ottawa Panhandlers Union. Scharf ran for mayor in 2006, finishing fourth with 0.5% of the total vote.[15] She is a paralegal.

  • Date of announcement: January 20, 2010
  • Date registered: January 20, 2010
  • Date campaign launched: N/A
  • Website: JaneScharf.com

Charlie Taylor

Taylor, 33 is a journalism student at Carleton University. He was raised in Westboro and lives in Old Ottawa South. He attended Lisgar Collegiate Institute and Algonquin College and has claimed to have had "about 50 jobs" over 11 years in 45 different countries. In the summer time, he drives a truck for the sound and light show on Parliament Hill. Taylor is a member of the Green Party.

  • Date of announcement: February 18, 2010[16]
  • Date registered: February 18, 2010
  • Date campaign launched: September 9, 2010
  • Website: www.charlietaylor.ca

Jim Watson

Watson, 48, had been mayor of Ottawa (1997–2000). He was first elected to provincial office in 2003, and he served in the provincial Cabinet as Liberal Minister of Consumer and Business Services (2003–2005), Minister of Health and Promotion (2005–2007), and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing (2007–2010). Prior to being mayor, Watson served on Ottawa City Council from 1991 to 1997, representing Capital Ward. Prior to serving on city council, he was in the public service. His first post as Mayor was cut short due to amalgamation. Between 2000 and 2003 he was a journalist. Watson has been a longtime supporter of the Liberal party. In 1996, he supported Dalton McGuinty's bid to lead the Ontario Liberals.[17] Watson lives in the Wood Park neighbourhood. While he was a city councillor, he lived in Old Ottawa South.

  • Endorsements: David Pratt, former MP and federal cabinet minister; former regional councillor Frank Reid.[18] Jim Durrell, mayor of Ottawa from 1985–1991, Janet Stavinga, former mayor of Goulbourn Township and city councillor from Goulbourn Ward, Mary Pitt, former mayor of Nepean, Guy Cousineau, former mayor of Vanier, Penny Collenette, 2008 Ottawa Centre federal Liberal candidate and local lawyer, Ed Mahfouz, 2008 federal Liberal candidate for Nepean-Carleton, Richard Patten, former Ottawa Centre MPP.,[19] and Coun. Christine Leadman, Coun. Peter Hume, the Ottawa Citizen, the Ottawa Sun and Le Droit, Ottawa's French-language daily newspaper.
  • Date of announcement: January 12, 2010[18]
  • Date registered: February 1, 2010[20]
  • Date campaign launched: April 18, 2010. Launched again on September 8.
  • Website: jimwatson.ca

Samuel Wright

Wright, 25 was a resident of Ottawa's Byward Market. He grew up in Westboro and attended Notre Dame High School. He was quoted in the August 7, 2010 edition of the Ottawa Citizen as saying "I'm a young 25-year-old who loves outdoor activities and cottages"

  • Date of announcement: March 11, 2010[21]
  • Date registered: March 11, 2010[22]


Alex Cullen

Cullen, 58, has sat on Ottawa City Council since 2001, representing Bay Ward in Ottawa's west end. He also sat on Ottawa City Council from 1991 to 1994 representing Richmond Ward. After working as a policy analyst with the federal government, he was elected to serve as a public school trustee in 1982. After serving on city council from 1991 to 1994, he was elected exclusively to the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Council from 1994 to 1997 when he was elected to become the Liberal Member of Provincial Parliament for Ottawa West. He served until losing re-election in 1999. While in office, he crossed the floor to join the Ontario NDP. Between 1999 and 2001 he served as an executive director of the Council on Aging, a United Way agency and lobby group for seniors. Cullen dropped out on August 31, 2010, citing low funds. Instead, he ran for re-election in Bay Ward, where he lost.

  • Date of announcement: April 2, 2009[23]
  • Date registered: January 4, 2010[24]
  • Dropped out: August 31, 2010
  • Website: electalexcullen.ca

Stan Pioro

Pioro, 58, is a resident of Richmond. He was born in Ottawa and is a graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology. He has worked 30 years in Ottawa's high tech industry. He is a small business owner who sells items to the Canadian Forces.[25] Pioro is a Conservative.

  • Date registered: January 28, 2010
  • Date withdrawn: September 10, 2010

Eric Romolock

Romolock, 21, is a native of Ottawa and would have been the youngest candidate. At the time, he was a political science student at the University of Ottawa.

  • Date registered: June 23, 2010
  • Date withdrawn: September 10, 2010

Gordon Skinner

  • Date registered: January 12, 2010[26]
  • Date withdrawn: January 19, 2010[27]

Robert White

  • Date registered: February 11, 2010
  • Date withdrawn: March 9, 2010[28]

Mayoral results

2010 Ottawa municipal election, Mayor of Ottawa
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
Jim Watson 131,323 48.70
(x)Larry O'Brien 64,862 24.06
Clive Doucet 40,148 14.89
Andrew Haydon 18,914 7.01
Mike Maguire 6,618 2.45
Robert G. Gauthier 1,414 0.52
Jane Scharf 1,170 0.43
Charlie Taylor 1,125 0.42
Cesar Bello 928 0.34
Idris Ben-Tahir 730 0.27
Samuel Wright 371 0.14
Sean Ryan 361 0.13
Joseph Furtenbacher 300 0.11
Robin Lawrance 300 0.11
Julio Pita 265 0.10
Robert Larter 219 0.08
Michael St. Arnaud 200 0.07
Daniel J. Lyrette 166 0.06
Vincent Libweshya 122 0.05
Fraser Liscumb 104 0.04
Total valid votes 269,640 100

Source: Official Results, City of Ottawa.

Results by ward

Ward Bello Ben-Tahir Doucet Furtenbacher Gauthier Haydon Larter Lawrance Libweshya Liscumb
Kanata North23231222141470412932
West Carleton-
Beacon Hill-Cyrville70241297714359271016
Alta Vista58892114127480181552
South Nepean
Kanata South292616462418135462035
Ward Lyrette Maguire O'Brien Pita Ryan St. Arnaud Scharf Taylor Watson Wright
Kanata North3209261210833544451615
West Carleton-
Beacon Hill-Cyrville92392329201115593954847
Alta Vista92652672131585260666622
South Nepean
Kanata South243137931419106338649522

Candidates who declined to run


DateFirmAlex Cullen*Clive DoucetAndy HaydonLarry O'BrienJim WatsonSource
May 14–21Leger Marketing16--3153
June 22–24Ipsos-Reid11--2341
July 2–4Harris-Decima10--2229
Aug 17-20Leger Marketing56-2231
Sept 28-Oct. 1Holinshed Research Group-681736
Oct. 13-14Ipsos-Reid-9112048
Oct. 13-17Leger Marketing-1261543

* Dropped out

City Council

Orléans Ward

Candidate Vote %
Bob Monette (X)972860
Renee Greenberg2121
Jennifer Robitaille232614
Fred Sherwin394924

Innes Ward

Candidate Vote %
Rainer Bloess (X)849769
Christopher Fraser141011
Roger Furmanczyk7346
Keith Jansa151512

Barrhaven Ward

Candidate Vote %
Jan Harder (X)826366
Rustin Hollywood294423
Joseph King121510

Kanata North Ward

Candidate Vote %
Marianne Wilkinson (X)474250
Herntz Golmann1191
Jeff Seeton427445
Hal Watson1461
Lili Weemen1691

West Carleton-March Ward

Candidate Vote %
Eli El-Chantiry (X)623977
Alexander Aronec6227
James Parsons120014

Stittsville Ward

Incumbent Shad Qadri had announced his intention and filed his papers for re-election.[30]

Candidate Vote %
Shad Qadri (X)718591.46
Richard Eveleigh6718.54

Bay Ward

Candidate Vote %
Mark Taylor539437.78
Alex Cullen (X)432330.28
Georges Guirguis178912.53
Terry Kilrea11648.15
Shawn Little9036.32
Oni Joseph5443.81
Peter Heyck990.69
Erik Olesen610.43

College Ward

Candidate Vote %
Rick Chiarelli (X)1053165
Ralph Anderson5133
John Campbell4232
Catherine Gardner6063
Lynn Hamilton236714
Craig MacAulay2391
William McKinnon2491
Julia Ringma11397

Knoxdale-Merivale Ward

Incumbent Gord Hunter did not run for re-election.[31]

Candidate Votes %
Keith Egli395432.70
James O'Grady233519.31
Rod Vanier211517.49
James Dean190715.77
Al Speyers5794.79
Paul Obeda4854.01
Mike Kennedy2682.22
Jules Ruhinda2131.76
Fred Ennis1211.00
Syed Asghar Hussain1160.96

Gloucester-Southgate Ward

Candidate Vote %
Diane Deans (X)577448
Lilly Obina386432
Wade Wallace193816
Leslie Saintilma3342

Beacon Hill-Cyrville Ward

Candidate Vote %
Tim Tierney 5088 49.34
Michel Bellemare (X) 4907 47.58
O'Neil Brooke 318 3.08

Rideau-Vanier Ward

Candidate Vote %
Mathieu Fleury470845.69%
Georges Bédard (X)462044.84%
Andrew Nellis4624.48%
Sriyan Pinnawala2992.90%
Marc Imbeault2152.09%

Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward

Incumbent Jacques Legendre did not run for re-election

Candidate Vote %
Corry Burke4384.16%
Richard Cannings133312.65%
Peter D. Clark272225.84%
Harley Collison1291.22%
Rawlson King3803.61%
Maurice Lamirande183517.42%
Pierre Maheu2242.13%
James Parker690.66%
Sheila Perry170916.22%
Bruce Poulin169516.09%

Somerset Ward

Candidate Vote %
Diane Holmes (X)628266.51%
Don Fex202421.43%
Susan Miller8108.58%
Barkley Pollock3293.48%

Kitchissippi Ward

Candidate Vote %
Katherine Hobbs611644.18
Christine Leadman (X)554040.02
Daniel Stringer218615.79

River Ward

Candidate Vote %
Maria McRae (X)749659.55%
Ian Boyd190815.16%
Michael Kostiuk148011.76%
Nadia Willard170413.54%

Capital Ward

Incumbent Clive Doucet ran for mayor instead of the ward.

Candidate Vote %
David Chernushenko533541.34
Isabel Metcalfe251519.49
Bob Brocklebank220717.10
Domenic Santaguida147511.43
Eugene Haslam10848.40
Ron Le Blanc2431.88
Mano Hadavand460.36

Alta Vista Ward

Candidate Vote %
Peter Hume (X)755359.49%
Clinton Cowan237418.70%
Kevin Hogan9197.24%
Ernie Lauzon185114.58%

Cumberland Ward

Candidate Vote %
Stephen Blais[24]635852.36
Rob Jellett (X)528243.49
Patrick Paquette5044.15

Osgoode Ward

Candidate Vote %
Doug Thompson (X)539367.26%
Bob Masaro7529.38%
Mark Scharfe187323.36%

Rideau-Goulbourn Ward

Candidate Vote %
Scott Moffatt504852.64
Glenn Brooks (X)253926.48
Bruce Webster118112.32
J. Iain McCallum5635.87
Bruce Chrustie2582.69

Gloucester-South Nepean Ward

Candidate Vote %
Steve Desroches (X)772384.40%
Stephen Knight142715.60%

Kanata South Ward

Incumbent Peggy Feltmate did not run for re-election.

Candidate Vote %
Marc Favreau163311.75%
Aaron Helleman505436.36%
Allan Hubley[24]678348.80%
Perry Simpson1260.91%
Michel Tardif1090.78%
Roodney Tellez1961.41%

School Board Trustee

Ottawa Catholic School Board

Zone 1 Vote %
John Curry (X)Acclaimed
Zone 2 Vote %
Hudson Egbert83317.21%
Ted Hurley (X)400882.79%
Zone 3 Vote %
Brian Coburn179835.30%
Anita MacDonald136826.86%
Xavier Rankin125124.56%
Marc-André Plante4578.97%
Michael Karpishka2194.30%
Zone 4 Vote %
Alison Baizana298251.55%
Cathy Maguire-Urban (X)280348.45%
Zone 5 Vote %
Katalin Sheskay (X)Acclaimed
Zone 6 Vote %
Gord Butler (X)Acclaimed
Zone 7 Vote %
Betty-Ann Kealey (X)Acclaimed
Zone 8 Vote %
Mark Mullan (X)Acclaimed
Zone 9 Vote %
Kathy Ablett (X)246859.60%
John Chiarelli167340.40%
Zone 10 Vote %
Megan Crowe89031.38%
Tom Duggan94433.29%
Thérèse Maloney Cousineau (X)100235.33%

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Zone 1 Vote %
Lynn Scott (X)1239470.95%
Todd Johnson507529.05%
Zone 2 Vote %
Cathy Curry (X)843956.95%
Christine Boothby638043.05%
Zone 3 Vote %
Donna Blackburn817753.84%
Allan Halfper577938.05%
Ismail Mohamed12318.11%
Zone 4 Vote %
Theresa Kavanagh665468.57%
Doug Lloyd (X)250625.82%
Michael Pastien5445.61%
Zone 5 Vote %
Pam FitzGerald (X)623963.21%
Kimberly J. Brown363136.79%
Zone 6 Vote %
Bronwyn Funiciello (X)735456.02%
John Marshall446233.99%
Mohamoud Abdulle13119.99%
Zone 7 Vote %
Pam Morse (X)699140.61%
Dave Byron14758.57%
Mark Fisher875150.83%
Zone 8 Vote %
John Shea (X)1010379.76%
Lale Eskicioglu256420.24%
Zone 9 Vote %
Rob Campbell (X)632949.22%
Helen Gruber221517.23%
Julian Kirby8186.26%
Lorne Rachlis280821.84%
Daniel Rogers6885.35%
Zone 10 Vote %
Jennifer McKenzie (X)1182875.10%
Megan Carroll392124.90%
Zone 11 Vote %
Shirley Seward Acclaimed
Zone 12 Vote %
Chris Ellis485247.15%
Katie Holtzhauer543952.85%

Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est

Zone 4 Vote %
Julie Tremblay Acclaimed
Zone 5 Vote %
Andrée Newell (X) Acclaimed
Zone 6 Vote %
Diane Doré (X) Acclaimed
Zone 7 Vote %
André Thibodeau Acclaimed
Zone 8 Vote %
Dan Boudria (X) Acclaimed
Zone 9 Vote %
Johanne Lacombe137038.13%
Véronique Maggiore (X)39110.88%
Louis-Philippe Rouillard62517.39%
Anick Tremblay120733.59%
Zone 10 Vote %
Monique Briand Acclaimed
Zone 11 Vote %
Denis Poirier (X) Acclaimed

Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario

Zone 6 Vote %
Georges Orfali (X) Acclaimed
Zone 7 Vote %
Denis Chartrand Acclaimed
Zone 8 Vote %
Marie-Anne Dubois32417.26%
Danick LaFrance21711.56%
Chantal Lecours (X)74739.80%
Marc Roy58931.38%
Zone 9 Vote %
Sylvain Bélanger57539.01%
Marielle Godbout (X)89960.99%
Zone 10 Vote %
Lucille Collard87268.13%
Alexandra Samson40831.88%
Zone 11 Vote %
Jean-Paul Lafond (X) Acclaimed
Zone 12 Vote %
Bernard Bareilhe (X)26515.38%
Abdourahman Kahin21412.42%
Linda Savard124472.20%


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