2010 Ontario municipal elections

Municipal elections were held in Ontario, Canada, on October 25, 2010. Voters in Ontario elected mayors, councillors, school board trustees and all other elected officials in all of the province's municipalities. A total of 444 elections were held.[1] Several smaller municipalities in Northern Ontario held no council elections, as their entire councils were acclaimed into office, although the towns still saw contested elections for their school board seats.[2]

Voting date

Notwithstanding advance polling arrangements, municipal elections were held on the fourth Monday of October. From 1978 until 2006 the second Monday of November was the fixed date.

Nomination period

Candidate registration opened on January 4, 2010 and ended on September 10.

Term lengths

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario legislation (Bill 81, Schedule H), passed in 2006, sets the length of terms in office for all municipal elected officials at four years.

Campaigns in major cities

The Toronto municipal election saw an open contest for mayor, due to the retirement of David Miller after two terms. In Ottawa, former MPP and Mayor Jim Watson ran against incumbent Larry O'Brien, who was cleared of bribery charges in 2009.

Some media, including a Sudbury Star editorial which was republished in several other Sun Media newspapers, noted the seeming emergence of a Tea Party mentality in some parts of the province, with a number of self-styled "outsider" or populist candidates including Rob Ford in Toronto, Joe Fontana in London, David D'Intino in St. Catharines, Rob Matheson in Kingston, Ron Schinners in Sault Ste. Marie and Marianne Matichuk in Greater Sudbury campaigning on platforms that traded heavily in mistrust of the existing municipal governments.[3]

Single tier municipalities

Brant County

Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Ron Eddy (X)3,18733.65
Steve Comisky3,04832.18
John Weaver1,69517.89
Roy Haggart1,15512.19
Shawn Pratt3874.09


2010 Brantford municipal election, Mayor of Brantford
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Chris Friel 11,334 41.80
John Sless 5,466 20.16
Mark Littell 3,417 12.60
Dianne M. Austin 3,267 12.05
Mike Quattrociocchi 1,875 6.92
James Calnan 1,068 3.94
Richard E. Casey 495 1.83
Winston C. Ferguson 131 0.48
John Turmel 61 0.22
Total valid votes 27,114 100


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Randy Hope (X)13,16940.87
Tom McGregor10,95634.00
Ian McLarty6,60820.51
Austin Wright7652.37
Mary Kwong Lee5491.70
Allan R. Traylor1710.53

Greater Sudbury

Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Marianne Matichuk[4] 25,042 46.1
John Rodriguez (X)[5] 19,819 36.5
Ted Callaghan[6] 7,298 13.4
Derek Young 1,432 2.6
Zack Gauthier 390 0.7
Dennis Gorman 167 0.3
Ed Pokonzie[7] 102 0.2
David Popescu[7] 96 0.2
Total valid votes 54,346

Haldimand County

Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Ken Hewitt6,98444.6
Marie Trainer (X)5,74836.7
Buck Sloat2,92918.7


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Bob Bratina52,68437.32
Larry Di Ianni40,09128.40
Fred Eisenberger (X)38,71927.43
Michael James Baldasaro2,8922.05
Tone Marrone1,0520.75
Mahesh P. Butani9500.67
Glenn Hamilton9490.67
Pat Filice7680.54
Ken Leach5770.41
Andrew Haines5570.39
Mark Wozny4330.31
Steven Waxman4290.30
Edward H. C. Graydon4040.29
Gino Speziale3560.25
Victor Veri3130.22

Kawartha Lakes

Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Ric McGee (X)13,85047.78
Andy Letham12,72243.88
Lynne Boldt2,4178.34

Norfolk County

Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Dennis Travale (X)11,01866.24
Clarence Wheaton5,61533.76


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Jim Watson131,25848.70
Larry O'Brien (X)64,85324.06
Clive Doucet40,14714.89
Andrew S. Haydon18,9047.01
Mike Maguire6,6172.45
Robert Gauthier1,4130.52
Jane Scharf1,1690.43
Charlie Taylor1,1250.42
Cesar Bello9260.34
Idris Ben-Tahir7290.27
Samuel Wright3710.14
Robin Lawrence3000.11
Joseph Furtenbacher2990.11
Sean Ryan3600.13
Julio Pita2650.10
Robert Larter2190.08
Michael St. Arnaud2000.07
Daniel J. Lyrette1660.06
Vincent M. Libeshya1220.05
Fraser Liscumb1040.04

Prince Edward County

Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Peter Mertens348933.18
Sandy Latchford232722.13
Monica Alyea182817.38
Lori Slik120311.44
Gordon Fox107310.20
Paul Boyd593564


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Rob Ford380,20147.098
George Smitherman287,39335.602
Joe Pantalone94,84011.749
Rocco Rossi4,9730.616
George Babula3,2420.402
Rocco Achampong2,7810.345
Abdullah-Baquie Ghazi2,7460.34
Michael Alexander2,4520.304
Vijay Sarma2,2330.277
Sarah Thomson1,8760.232
Jaime Castillo1,8620.231
Dewitt Lee1,6850.209
Douglas Campbell1,4200.176
Kevin Clarke1,4000.173
Joseph Pampena1,3080.162
David Epstein1,1980.148
Monowar Hossain1,1860.147
Michael Flie1,1780.146
Don Andrews1,0230.127
Weizhen Tang8850.11
Daniel Walker7950.098
Keith Cole7940.098
Michael Brausewetter7910.098
Barry Goodhead7360.091
Charlene Cottle7300.09
Tibor Steinberger7290.09
Christopher Ball6900.085
James Di Fiore6490.08
Diane Devenyi6270.078
John Letonja5870.073
Himy Syed5760.071
Carmen Macklin5650.07
Howard Gomberg4720.058
David Vallance4420.055
Mark State4330.054
Phil Taylor4250.053
Colin Magee3970.049
Selwyn Firth3920.049
Ratan Wadhwa2880.036
Gerald Derome2490.031

Regional municipalities



Muskoka District


















Leeds and Grenville

Lennox and Addington





Prescott and Russell



Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry


Separated municipalities


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Jeff Lehman13,56239.2%
Joe Tascona9,65027.9%
Rob Hamilton5,14014.8%
Mike Ramsay4,50713%
David Aspden (X)1,2493.6%
Harry Ahmed3040.8%
Carl Hauck1150.4%
Darren Roskam680.3%


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Neil R. Ellis (X)10,08175.2
Mitch Panciuk2,82521.1
Lonnie D. Herrington3500.03
Graham K. Longhurst1490.01


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
David L. Henderson (X)2,71833.6
Ben Tekamp2,55331.6
Louise Severson2,09325.8
Robert A. Marleau3934.8
Hannelore Walther3284.0


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Erika Demchuk1,26068.6
James E. Garrah (X)57731.4


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Karen Farbridge (X)14,90254.1
David Birtwistle10,57638.4
Ray Mitchell1,1824.3
Scott Nightingale8783.2


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Mark Gerretsen17,09656.4
Rob Matheson6,90522.8
Barrie Chalmers5,48618.1
John Last3771.2
Nathaniel Wilson2270.8
Kevin Lavalley2150.7


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Joe Fontana48,62647.2
Anne Marie DeCicco-Best (X)46,08944.8
Cynthia Etheridge4,4024.3
Eric Southern6440.6
Ivan W. Kasiurak6120.6
Christopher R. Foerster4620.4
Aaron Broughm4270.4
Wayne Ford3750.4
Zak Young2980.3
Stephen Elliott Beckles2520.2
Tomasz Winnicki2340.2
Dan Lenart1730.2
Tom Ha1490.1
Ma'in Sinan1280.1
Jonas Richard White830.1


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Angelo Orsi5,39848.4
Tim Lauer3,84434.5
Ralph Cipolla1,91317.1


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Ed Jacyno (X)2,80366.7
Stanley E. Sambey1,39833.3


2010 Peterborough municipal election, Mayor of Peterborough
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
Daryl Bennett 14,061 58.46
(x)Paul Ayotte 9,990 41.54
Total valid votes 24,051 100.00


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Brett Todd91362.5
Suzanne Dodge (X)54737.5

Quinte West

Mayoral Candidate Vote %
John R. Williams (X)8,15994.0
Claudor du-Lude5226.0

Smiths Falls

Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Dennis Staples (X)1,92550.9
Jeffrey G. Keays1,85749.1

St. Marys

Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Steve Grose1,76762.4
Jamie Hahn (X)98934.9
Eric Farquhar762.7

St. Thomas

Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Heather Jackson-Chapman3,66637.7
Cliff Barwick (X)3,15832.4
Albert Riddell2,91029.9


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Dan Mathieson (X)7,85779.2
Martin Weatherall2,06120.8


Mayoral Candidate Vote %
Eddie Francis (X)39,38456.2
Rick Limoges28,35440.4
Anthony Brothers9791.4
Michael Mosgrove7481.1
Robert W. Vinson3770.5
Sam Sinjari2730.4


Algoma District

Cochrane District

Kenora District

Manitoulin District

Nipissing District

Parry Sound District

Rainy River District

Sudbury District

Thunder Bay District

Timiskaming District

In fiction

The 2010 first season of the TV sitcom Dan for Mayor takes place during the municipal election in the fictional city of Wessex.

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