2010 Niagara Region municipal elections

Elections were held in the Niagara Region of Ontario on October 25, 2010 in conjunction with municipal elections across the province.

Niagara Regional Council

Fort Erie MayorDouglas G. Martin
Fort Erie CouncillorJohn T. Teal
Grimsby MayorBob M. Bentley
Grimsby CouncillorDebbie M. Zimmerman
Lincoln MayorBill Hodgson
Lincoln CouncillorMark Bylsma
Niagara Falls MayorJim Diodati
Niagara Falls CouncillorBart Maves
Niagara Falls CouncillorBarbara Greenwood
Niagara Falls CouncillorSelina Volpatti
Niagara-on-the-Lake Lord MayorDave Eke
Niagara-on-the-Lake CouncillorGary Burroughs
Pelham MayorDave Augustyn
Pelham CouncillorBrian Baty
Port Colborne MayorVance Badaway
Port Colborne CouncillorDavid Barrick
St. Catharines MayorBrian McMullan
St. Catharines CouncillorDouglas Bruce Timms
St. Catharines CouncillorRonna Katzman
St. Catharines CouncillorTim Rigby
St. Catharines CouncillorBrian Heit
St. Catharines CouncillorAlan Caslin
St. Catharines CouncillorAndy W. Petrowsky
Thorold MayorTed Luciani
Thorold CouncillorHenry D'Angela
Wainfleet MayorApril Jeffs
Welland MayorBarry Sharpe
Welland CouncillorCindy Foster
Welland CouncillorGeorge H. Marshall
West Lincoln MayorDouglas Joyner

Fort Erie

Mayoral Candidate [1] Vote %
Douglas G. Martin (X)4,83650.03
Ann-Marie Noyes4,83149.97


Mayoral Candidate [2] Vote %
Bob Bentley (X) Acclaimed


Mayoral Candidate [3] Vote %
Bill Hodgson (X)3,62460.27
Alvin Danyluck1,26921.10
Norm Groff1,12018.63

Niagara Falls

Mayoral Candidate [4] Vote %
Jim Diodati[5]13,52052.9
Ted Salci (X)10,46440.9
Steve King1,5946.2


Lord Mayoral Candidate [6] Vote %
Dave Eke2,310
Patrick Darte1,537
Thomas W. Braybrook1,328
Ray Guy915


Mayoral Candidate [7] Vote %
Dave Augustyn (X)4,676
Sharon Cook1,266

Port Colborne

Mayoral Candidate [8] Vote %
Vance Badawey4,800
Frank DiBartolomeo2,995

St. Catharines

2010 St. Catharines municipal election

October 25, 2010

The Ward boundaries for the 2010 Election. The Mayor and regional councillors are elected across the city, Councillors in their respective wards.

Mayor before election

Brian McMullan

Elected Mayor

Brian McMullan


Candidate Vote %
Brian McMullan (i)22,01578.65
David D'Intino2,7499.82
Terry LeBlanc1,2964.63
Alexander Davidoff1,0223.65
John W. Beam9083.24
Total valid votes29,372100.00

Niagara Regional Council (6 elected)

Candidate Total votes % of total votes
Bruce Timms (i)12,62510.82%
Ronna Katzman (i)12,09810.37%
Tim Rigby (i)12,07610.35%
Brian Heit (i)10,4438.95%
Alan Caslin8,0536.90%
Andrew Petrowski8,0186.87%
Carlos Garcia (i)7,8916.76%
Ted Mouradian7,5856.50%
Kelly Edgar5,0604.34%
Phil Porter5,0484.33%
Patricia Lindal4,5203.87%
Norm St. George4,2403.63%
Michael O'Leary4,1733.58%
Mike Coakley3,9703.40%
Chris Clarke2,8292.42%
Tom Ferguson2,7352.34%
Mark Belchior2,0411.75%
David Graham1,9781.69%
Jon Radick1,3181.13%
Total valid votes116,701100.00

Incumbents not running for re-election

St. Catharines City Council

2 candidates are elected in each ward.

Ward 1 - Merriton

Candidate Total votes % of total vote
Jennie Stevens (i)2,29432.96%
Jeff Burch (i)2,06429.66%
David Haywood1,13416.29%
Garry Robbins81711.74%
Sam Sacco4917.05%
Cameron Alderdice1602.30%
Total valid votes6,960100.00

Ward 2 - St. Andrew's

Candidate Total votes % of total vote
Joseph Kushner (i)2,75035.57%
Matthew Harris2,17228.09%
Sean Polden1,94025.09%
Patti Radick86911.24%
Total valid votes7,731100.00

Ward 3 - St. George's

Candidate Total votes % of total vote
Greg Washuta (i)2,21137.91%
Peter Secord (i)1,81231.06%
Laura Ip1,02117.50%
Dale Millar78913.53%
Total valid votes5,833100.00

Ward 4 - St. Patrick's

Candidate Total votes % of total vote
Mark Elliott (i)2,12832.27%
Mathew Siscoe1,91329.01%
John Bacher1,37220.81%
Scott Duff72911.06%
Robert George4526.85%
Total valid votes6,594100.00

Ward 5 - Grantham

Candidate Total votes % of total vote
Bill Phillips (i)2,94628.65%
Dawn Dodge (i)2,29622.33%
Brian Dorsey2,27422.12%
Salvatore Sorrento1,28712.52%
Alan Ziemianin8057.83%
James Black6746.56%
Total valid votes10,282100.00

Ward 6 - Port Dalhousie

Candidate Total votes % of total vote
Bruce Williamson (i)3,38134.63%
Len Stack (i)2,28523.40%
Marty Mako2,25923.14%
Kelly George1,07911.05%
Richard Naldjieff4504.61%
Todd Melville3093.17%
Total valid votes9,763100.00

Niagara Catholic District School Board

Trustee, Ward 1 Thorold/Merritton

Candidate Votes % of vote
Rhianon Burkholder1,51352.28%
Leonard Ferry79827.57%
Alex McKee58320.15%
Total valid votes2,894100.00

Trustee, Ward 2-6 (2 Elected)

Candidate Total votes % of total vote
Maurice Charbonneau (i)3,26532.86%
Kathy Burtnik (i)2,64826.65%
Lorna Costantini1,27112.79%
Jane Pillitteri1,22312.31%
Dominic Diserafino9479.53%
Mary-Jo Au5815.85%
Total valid votes9,935100.00

District School Board of Niagara (4 Elected)

Candidate Total votes % of total votes
Lora Campbell (i)6,82110.12%
Jonathan Fast6,6189.82%
Dalton Clark (i)6,1299.09%
Alex Bradnam 6,0118.92%
Lynn D. Campbell (i)5,9538.83%
Linda Crouch5,7298.50%
Henry Durksen5,1937.71%
Paolo Miele5,1397.63%
Kristine Akilie5,0877.55%
John A. Pula4,7907.11%
Barry Wilding3,6885.47%
Don MacDougall3,6295.38%
Elaine Manocha2,6053.87%
Total valid votes67,392100.00


Mayoral Candidate [11] Vote %
Ted Luciani2,049
Robert Gabriel2,045
Jim Handley[12]1,399


Mayoral Candidate [13] Vote %
April Jeffs154155.41
Barbara Henderson (X)124044.59


Mayoral Candidate [14] Vote %
Barry Sharpe5,00131.56
David Alexander4,45928.14
Greg D'Amico2,58916.34
Leo S. Van Vliet2,37114.96
Phil Bradley1,2147.66
John Watt2111.33

West Lincoln

Mayoral Candidate [15] Vote %
Douglas Joyner1,340
Paul Keizer1,271
Katie Trombetta (X)1,082
Cathy Sterling274

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