2010 Brownlow Medal

The 2010 Brownlow Medal was the 83rd year the award was presented to the player adjudged the fairest and best player during the Australian Football League (AFL) home and away season.[1] Chris Judd of the Carlton Football Club won the medal by polling thirty votes during the 2010 AFL season.[2] It was broadcast on Channel Ten and, for the first time, simultaneously on One live and nationally.[3]

2010 Brownlow Medal
2010 Brownlow Medallist, Chris Judd
Date20 September
LocationCrown Palladium
Hosted byStephen Quartermain
WinnerChris Judd (Carlton)
30 votes
Television/radio coverage
NetworkNetwork Ten, One

Leading votegetters

1stChris Judd (Carlton)30
2ndGary Ablett (Geelong)26
3rdDane Swan (Collingwood)24
=4thScott Pendlebury (Collingwood)21
Joel Selwood (Geelong)
=6thMatthew Boyd (Western Bulldogs)20
Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle)
8thLenny Hayes (St Kilda)19
=9thTravis Boak (Port Adelaide)16
Luke Hodge (Hawthorn)
Leigh Montagna (St Kilda)
Jobe Watson (Essendon)

Voting procedure

The three field umpires (those umpires who control the flow of the game, as opposed to goal or boundary umpires) confer after each match and award three votes, two votes and one vote to the players they regard as the best, second best and third best in the match, respectively. The votes are kept secret until the awards night, and are read and tallied on the evening.

Ineligible players

As the medal is awarded to the fairest and best player in the league, those who have been suspended during the season by the AFL Tribunal (or, who avoided suspension only because of a discount for a good record or an early guilty plea) are ineligible to win the award; however, they may still continue to poll votes. Some Australian rules football journalists argued that Judd was lucky to escape any AFL Tribunal action following an incident involving Fremantle's Matthew Pavlich in round 13, where Judd elbowed Pavlich in the face.[4][5] Additionally, Judd served a three-match suspension during the 2010 season, but because the incident for which he was suspended took place in the 2009 finals, this did not affect his eligibility.[6]


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