2009 World Cup of Curling

The 2009 Grey Power World Cup of Curling was held October 21-25 at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

2009 Grey Power
World Cup of Curling
Host cityMississauga, Ontario
ArenaHershey Centre
DatesOctober 21-25
Winner Team Howard
Curling clubColdwater & District CC,
Coldwater, Ontario
SkipGlenn Howard
ThirdRichard Hart
SecondBrent Laing
LeadCraig Savill
Finalist Team Koe

The 2009 World Cup was the first Grand Slam event of the 2009-10 curling season. It was the first Grand Slam to be held in the Greater Toronto Area.

Previously, this event was known as the Masters of Curling, but in 2009 it was changed to the World Cup of Curling . The 2009 event will have a majority of its teams from outside of Canada. The event will feature one team from every country that will send a team to the men's Olympic event, except Canada, which will have five teams (the four teams that have already qualified for the 2009 Canadian Olympic Curling Trials plus defending Olympic champions, team Brad Gushue.

The total purse of the event was $100,000, with the Howard rink winning $24,000 of that.

For the third event in a row, Howard faced off against Koe in the final. Howard defended his previous three titles by winning his fourth straight event, and his eighth Grand Slam title. Koe has yet to win a title, having now lost six Grand Slam finals.

Three Nations Cup

In addition to the World Cup, which is a men's event, a women's "Three Nations Cup" will be held. This small event will feature teams Shannon Kleibrink and Stefanie Lawton of Canada as well as Wang Bingyu of China and Eve Muirhead of Great Britain. Many of the top women's teams however could not participate, as they were playing in the 2009 Manitoba Lotteries Women's Curling Classic. The event was a round robin event, which was won by Great Britain's Eve Muirhead.

Team W L PF PA

World Cup teams

Skip Third Second Lead Home city
Thomas DufourTony AngiboustRichard DucrozJan Henri Ducroz Chamonix
Niklas EdinSebastian KrauppFredrik LindbergViktor Kjäll Karlstad
Randy FerbeyDavid Nedohin*Scott PfeiferMarcel Rocque Edmonton
Brad GushueMark NicholsRyan FryJamie Korab St. John's
Glenn HowardRichard HartBrent LaingCraig Savill Coldwater
Andy KappAndreas LangHolger HöhneAndreas Kempf Füssen
Kevin KoeBlake MacDonaldCarter RycroftNolan Thiessen Edmonton
Liu RuiWang Fengchun*Xu XiaomingLi Hongchen Harbin
Kevin MartinJohn MorrisMarc KennedyBen Hebert Edmonton
David MurdochEwan MacDonaldPeter SmithEuan Byers Lockerbie
Ulrik SchmidtJohnny Frederiksen*Bo JensenLars Vilandt Copenhagen
John ShusterJason SmithJeff IsaacsonJohn Benton Duluth
Ralph StöckliJan HauserSimon StrübinMarkus Eggler Basel
Thomas UlsrudTorger NergårdChristoffer SvaeHavard Vad Petersson Oslo

* Throws last rocks


Pool A

Team W L PF PA


  • Martin 9-1 Edin
  • Ferbey 4-2 Wang
  • Koe 7-4 Dufour
  • Martin 6-3 Dufour
  • Ulsrud 8-2 Edin
  • Koe 6-4 Ulsrud
  • Edin 8-3 Ferbey
  • Martin 8-4 Wang
  • Wang 8-5 Dufour
  • Koe 7-6 Ferbey (9)
  • Edin 5-3 Dufour
  • Martin 5-4 Ulsrud (9)
  • Koe 6-4 Wang
  • Ulsrud 7-4 Ferbey
  • Martin 9-5 Koe
  • Ferbey 6-4 Dufour
  • Edin 5-4 Wang (9)
  • Ulsrud 6-3 Dufour
  • Martin 6-3 Ferbey
  • Ulsrud 4-2 Wang
  • Edin 8-6 Koe

Pool B

Team W L PF PA


  • Howard 9-5 Kapp
  • Shuster 4-3 Gushue
  • Kapp 7-1 Gushue
  • Stöckli 8-4 Murdoch
  • Howard 9-3 Schmidt
  • Kapp 8-0 Shuster
  • Gushue 6-5 Stöckli (9)
  • Schmidt 5-3 Shuster
  • Howard 8-3 Murdoch
  • Howard 4-1 Gushue
  • Stöckli 4-1 Kapp
  • Schmidt 8-3 Murdoch
  • Schmidt 6-5 Kapp (9)
  • Shuster 5-4 Stöckli
  • Gushue 6-2 Murdoch
  • Howard 6-5 Shuster (9)
  • Howard 8-5 Stöckli
  • Kapp 4-3 Murdoch
  • Gushue 9-4 Schmidt
  • Schmidt 8-5 Stöckli
  • Murdoch 5-4 Shuster


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Martin 2
Gushue 8
Gushue 4
Koe 6
Koe 7
Edin 2
Koe 4
Howard 6
Howard 8
Kapp 5
Howard 5
Ulsrud 4
Ulsrud 8
Schmidt 2
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