2009 Australian Swimming Championships

The 2009 Telstra Australian Swimming Championships were held in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia from 1722 March 2009. They doubled as the national trials for the 2009 World Aquatics Championships.


50 m freestyle  Matthew Abood (AUS) 21.89 50 m freestyle  Libby Trickett (AUS) 24.61
100 m freestyle  Eamon Sullivan (AUS) 48.34 100 m freestyle  Libby Trickett (AUS) 52.99
200 m freestyle  Patrick Murphy (AUS) 1:46.85 200 m freestyle  Meagan Nay (AUS) 1:57.90
400 m freestyle  Robert Hurley (AUS) 3:46.64 400 m freestyle  Bronte Barratt (AUS) 4:08.59
800 m freestyle  Blair Evans (AUS) 8:30.86
1500 m freestyle  Ryan Napoleon (AUS) 15:01.99
100 m backstroke  Ashley Delaney (AUS) 53.28 100 m backstroke  Emily Seebohm (AUS) 59.85
200 m backstroke  Ashley Delaney (AUS) 1:55.82 200 m backstroke  Belinda Hocking (AUS) 2:08.85
100 m breaststroke  Christian Sprenger & Brenton Rickard (AUS) 1:00.64 100 m breaststroke  Leisel Jones (AUS) (position vacated by Jones) 1:06.10
200 m breaststroke  Christian Sprenger (AUS) 2:12.04 200 m breaststroke  Sally Foster (AUS) 2:25.88
100 m butterfly  Andrew Lauterstein (AUS) 51.13 100 m butterfly  Jessica Schipper (AUS) 56.90
200 m butterfly  Nick D'Arcy (AUS) 1:54.46 AR 200 m butterfly  Jessica Schipper (AUS) 2:05.93
200 m individual medley  Leith Brodie (AUS) 1:59.73 200 m individual medley  Stephanie Rice (AUS) 2:11.00
400 m individual medley  Stephen Parkes (AUS) 4:18.64 400 m individual medley  Stephanie Rice (AUS) 4:36.71
EVENT Men's relay teams for 09 World Championships (subject to change) EVENT Women's relay teams for 09 World Championships (subject to change)
4×100 m freestyle relay
(Rome 09)
Matt Targett
Andrew Lauterstein
Cameron Prosser
Matthew Abood
*Tommaso D'Orsogna
* Kyle Richardson
4×100 m freestyle relay
(Rome 09)
Libby Trickett
Marieke Guehrer
Felicity Galvez
Meagan Nay
*Sally Foster
*Shayne Reese
4×200 m freestyle relay
(Rome 09)
Patrick Murphy
Kenrick Monk
Nic Frost
Daniel Smith
*Tommaso D'Orsogna
*Robert Hurley
*Kirk Palmer
4×200 m freestyle relay
(Rome 09)
Meagan Nay
Stephanie Rice
Ellen Fullerton
Bronte Barratt
*Merindah Dingjan
*Felicity Galvez

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