2009 AFL Under 18 Championships

The 2009 AFL Under-18 Championships was the 2009 series of the AFL Under 18 Championships, a state and territory-based Australian rules football competition which showcases the best junior footballers in Australia, primarily with the aim for them to be drafted into the Australian Football League.

2009 AFL Under 18 Championships
Division 1
ChampionsWestern Australia
Larke MedalDavid Swallow
Andrew Hooper
Division 2
Hunter Harrison MedalDylan McNeil

This year's competition was played with just one division compared to two from previous years. The competing teams will be Victoria (split into separate Country and Metropolitan teams), South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, a combined New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory team, Tasmania and Queensland. Each team played five games, with teams playing each team from their division from last year plus two from the other division.[1]


Date Home team Score Away team Score Venue Time
Sat 23/5 Queensland 10-9(69) NSW/ACT 14-10(94) Visy Park 11:15am
Sat 23/5 Tasmania 14-13(97) Northern Territory 16-10(106) Visy Park 2pm
Sat 30/5 Western Australia 19-12(126) South Australia 12-7(79) Subiaco Oval 2:20pm
Sun 31/5 Victoria Country 14-6(90) Victoria Metro 11-8(74) Skilled Stadium 1:30pm
Fri 5/6 Northern Territory 6-9(45) Western Australia 16-12(108) TIO Stadium 6pm
Sat 6/6 NSW/ACT 8-1(49) Victoria Metro 24-16(160) Rouse Hill 10am
Sat 6/6 Queensland 8-5(53) South Australia 12-12(84) Rouse Hill 12:30pm
Sun 7/6 Tasmania 10-11(71) Victoria Country 12-13(85) Bellerive Oval 11:30am
Sat 13/6 Western Australia 21-6(132) Victoria Metro 10-9(69) Subiaco Oval 11am
Sun 14/6 South Australia 16-9(105) Victoria Country 7-12(54) AAMI Stadium 1:10pm
Sat 20/6 NSW/ACT 12-10(82) Northern Territory 11-8(74) ANZ Stadium 4:40pm
Sat 20/6 Tasmania 16-14(110) Queensland 7-6(48) Aurora Stadium 11am
Fri 26/6 NSW/ACT 5-9(39) South Australia 18-11(119) Visy Park 2:45pm
Sat 27/6 Victoria Country 13-10(88) Northern Territory 5-6(36) Casey Fields 11am
Sat 27/6 Victoria Metro 8-7(55) Queensland 7-7(49) Casey Fields 1pm
Sat 27/6 Tasmania 3-2(20) Western Australia 23-10(148) Casey Fields 3pm
Wed 1/7 Tasmania 6-11(47) NSW/ACT 13-6(84) Etihad Stadium 9:35am
Wed 1/7 Queensland 8-11(59) Northern Territory 9-6(60) Etihad Stadium 11:40am
Wed 1/7 Victoria Country 9-8(62) Western Australia 16-14(110) Etihad Stadium 1:45pm
Wed 1/7 Victoria Metro 9-7(61) South Australia 10-13(73) Etihad Stadium 3:50pm


Division 1 Table

Western Australia 5 0 624 275 226.91%
South Australia 4 1 460 333 138.14%
Victoria Country 3 2 379 396 95.71%
NSW/ACT 3 2 348 469 74.20%
Victoria Metro 2 3 419 393 106.62%
Northern Territory 2 3 321 434 73.96%
Tasmania 1 4 345 471 73.25%
Queensland 0 5 278 403 68.98%

Division 1 Champions: Western Australia

Larke Medallists(Best in Division One): David Swallow(WA) and Andrew Hooper(Vic Country)

Division 2 Champions: NSW/ACT

Harrison Medallists(Best in Division 2): Dylan McNeil(NSW/ACT)

2009 AFL Under-18 All-Australian team

The 2009 Under-18 All-Australian team was announced following the conclusion of the 2009 AFL Under 18 Championships on 4 July 2009.[2] The sponsored name of the squad is the 2009 NAB AFL Under-18 All-Australian team,[2] due to sponsorship arrangements with the National Australia Bank (NAB). The team was selected by a panel which was chaired by the AFL national talent manager Kevin Sheehan, and consisted of Alan McConnell and Jason McCartney from the AFL, as well as recruiters Matt Rendell, Bryce Lewis, Graham Hadley and Francis Jackson.[2] The championship-winning Western Australia earned the most selections, with nine of the 22 selections,[2] as well as the coach position in the team.[2] Both the Larke Medallists, David Swallow (WA) and Andrew Hooper (Victoria Country), and the Hunter-Harrison Medallist, Dylan McNeil (NSW/ACT), were selected for the squad.[2] Seventeen of the 22 players in the side were eligible for the 2009 AFL Draft,[2] with nine ultimately selected in the first or priority rounds.

2009 AFL Under-18 All-Australian team
B: Andrew Hooper (Victoria Country) Blayne Wilson (Western Australia) Bradley Sheppard (Western Australia)
HB: Josh Toy (Victoria Metro) Daniel Talia (Victoria Metro) David Swallow (Western Australia)
C: Anthony Morabito (Western Australia) Dustin Martin (Victoria Country) Mitch Duncan (Western Australia)
HF: Kane Lucas (Western Australia) Jack Darling (Western Australia) Gary Rohan (Victoria Country)
F: Brandon Matera (Western Australia) Matthew Panos (South Australia) Ben Cunnington (Victoria Country)
Foll: James Craig (South Australia) Jack Trengove (South Australia) Tom Scully (Victoria Metro)
Int: Luke Tapscott (South Australia) Ryan Harwood (Tasmania) Dylan McNeil (NSW/ACT)
Travis Colyer (Western Australia)
Coach: Andrew Lockyer (Western Australia) Assistant coach: Brenton Phillips (South Australia)


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