2008 Masters of Curling (November)

The 2008 Masters of Curling was held November 12-16, 2008 at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex in Waterloo, Ontario.

Glenn Howard's rink won their third straight Masters tournament, defeating Kevin Koe's rink in the final. The event is not to be confused with the January event that happened in the same year, but the previous season. Both events featured Howard defeating Koe in the final.


Pool A

Team W L
Randy Ferbey50
Glenn Howard41
Kerry Burtnyk32
Greg McAulay14
Mike McEwen14
Craig Brown14

Pool B

Team W L
Kevin Martin50
Joel Jordison32
Thomas Ulsrud32
Bob Ursel23
Wayne Middaugh14
Shawn Adams14

Pool C

Team W L
Brad Gushue41
Reid Carruthers32
Jeff Stoughton32
Kevin Koe32
Ralph Stöckli23
Pat Simmons05


Tie breakers:

  • Stoughton 7-6 Burtnyk
  • Koe 5-4 Ulsrud
Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Martin 5
Koe 6
Koe 3
Gushue 2
Gushue 4
Jordison 3
Koe 3
Howard 4
Ferbey 2
Stoughton 5
Stoughton 4
Howard 6
Howard 6
Carruthers 4
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