2008 Diyarbakır bombing


First reports from the area indicated that the bomb, which exploded in the Dagkapi district of Diyarbakır on Thursday evening, targeted a military service vehicle that had been carrying 46 army personnel as it passed near a school. The district is known to have a very heavy Turkish military presence because of the military helicopter base, hospitals and the military housings around the area. The blast be heard 3 km (two miles) away.[2][3]

The attack occurred during rush hour.


The local police force said five people were killed in the attack, three of whom were children.[3] About 110 other people were wounded, eight people seriously.[3]


Nobody has claimed responsibility for the blast, but authorities have blamed militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), whom Turkish security forces are fighting both in Turkey and in nearby Northern Iraq. The state Anatolian news agency quoted prosecutors as saying that four people had been detained in connection with the blast. Earlier, security sources said 12 people had been detained.[3]


 Turkey: "This (bombing) is an attack against our people, especially our people in the southeast, in Diyarbakır. The terrorist organisation has never been the representative of our Kurdish citizens," Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said in Ankara. Erdogan also told reporters he would visit Diyarbakır two days after the bombing. General Yasar Buyukanit, head of Turkey's powerful military General Staff, was due to visit the city on the day after the bombing.[3]

 United States: This incident has once more showed the necessity of cooperation in fight against terrorism, Chase Beamer, spokesman for the Department's Bureau of European & Eurasian Affairs, told A.A correspondent. Beamer also said Washington is beside Ankara in its fight against terror.[4]


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