2008 Chilean municipal election


Mayoral election

Official and final results.[1]

List A - Por un Chile Limpio254,6104.001038
    Partido Regionalista de los Independientes55,5560.87372
    Independents List A199,0543.13666
List B - La Fuerza del Norte25,5710.4041
    Fuerza País1,1660.0210
    Independents List B24,4050.3831
List C - Concertación Democrática1,826,82428.71227101
    Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Chile1,143,89817.9813659
    Partido Socialista de Chile594,1869.347230
    Independents List C88,7401.391912
List D - Juntos Podemos Más402,6616.331917
    Partido Comunista de Chile157,4142.47764
    Partido Humanista85,5281.34301
    Independents List D159,7192.51852
List E - Alianza2,586,75440.66340144
    Renovación Nacional841,43113.2312155
    Unión Demócrata Independiente1,275,65320.0512958
    Independents List E469,6707.389031
List F - Concertación Progresista618,6859.7210246
    Partido por la Democracia442,4986.966535
    Partido Radical Socialdemócrata152,2002.392810
    Independents List F23,9870.3891
Independents (out of pact)647,02510.1726438
Valid votes6,362,130100.001,231345
Null votes407,1035.85
Blank votes189,8422.73
Total votes6,959,075100.00
Total voters enrolled8,110,26585.81% turnout
Voting age population12,035,30767.39% registered

Councilmen election

Official and final results.[2]

List A - Por un Chile Limpio459,9937.561,429117
    Partido Regionalista de los Independientes224,1943.6863964
    Partido Ecologista4,2970.07110
    Independents List A231,5023.8077953
List B - La Fuerza del Norte35,2320.58377
    Fuerza País1,6480.0351
    Independents List B33,5840.55326
List C - Concertación Democrática1,694,49427.842,092677
    Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Chile849,71413.96887344
    Partido Socialista de Chile679,98211.17832250
    Independents List C164,7982.7137383
List D - Juntos Podemos Más555,3299.121,58979
    Partido Comunista de Chile305,9905.0356045
    Partido Humanista114,4001.8841713
    Partido Izquierda Cristiana de Chile2,6060.04100
    Independents List D132,3332.1760221
List E - Alianza2,194,52836.052,123861
    Renovación Nacional980,19616.10834389
    Unión Demócrata Independiente919,76515.11864347
    Independents List E294,5674.84425125
List F - Concertación Progresista1,052,33317.292,013393
    Partido por la Democracia517,4698.50678200
    Partido Radical Socialdemócrata316,9755.21713112
    Independents List F217,8893.5862281
Independents (out of pact)94,9861.5620312
Valid votes6,086,895100.009,4862,146
Null votes568,7788.18
Blank votes294,8354.24
Total votes6,950,508100.00
Total voters enrolled8,110,26585.70% turnout
Voting age population12,035,30767.39% registered


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