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The Australian Labor Party won the election on 24 November.

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See: 41st Australian parliament

And: Members of the Australian Senate, 2005–2008

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  • 2 April – The Bureau of Meteorology issues a tsunami warning for the east coast of Australia after an earthquake in the South Pacific Ocean is detected. Precautions are taken, such as the suspension of Sydney Ferries services, but Australia is unaffected. The tsunami, however, causes devastation in the Solomon Islands.
  • 10 April – Four elderly residents of the Broughton Hall nursing home in Melbourne die after a gastroenteritis outbreak at the home over the Easter weekend. A fifth resident dies in hospital on 16 April.
  • 19 April – Prime Minister John Howard announces a report which states that unless significant rain falls in the Murray-Darling Basin within the next six to eight weeks, Australia will face a major agricultural crisis with no irrigation allocations available to farmers.
  • 24 April – Two Australian soldiers are injured when a roadside bomb goes off in Iraq.
  • 26 April – Former immigration minister Senator Amanda Vanstone announces her immediate resignation from the Australian Senate. It is announced later that day that Vanstone will take up the position of Australia's Ambassador to Italy in late June.



  • 1 June – The Australian Government climate task force releases its report, recommending Australia implement an emissions trading scheme by 2012. Prime Minister John Howard declines to set a target for greenhouse gas reduction until after the 2007 election.[14]
  • 5 June – Eleven people are killed, 12 seriously injured, 50 others wounded and 13 still missing after a V/Line train collides with a truck at a level crossing near Kerang, Victoria.[15]
  • 6 June – Fugitive Tony Mokbel is recaptured in Greece after being missing since March 2006.[16]
  • 8–10 June – Major storms strike Newcastle, the Hunter Region and the Central Coast, killing at least nine people and causing major flooding. The coal freighter Pasha Bulker is forced to run aground on Nobby's Beach, a major Newcastle beach.






  • 4 October – The controversial Gunns Bell Bay Pulp Mill is given the go-ahead by federal Environment and Water Resources Minister Malcolm Turnbull, with some conditions imposed on its development and with the Shadow minister for Environment and Water's backing.[32]
  • 8–11 October – Severe thunderstorms have pounded South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, with hailstones the size of tennis balls and destructive winds being recorded in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Lismore.[33]



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  • 27 August - Ariana Greenbalt


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