2007 BDO Classic Canadian Open of Curling (January)

The 2006-07 BDO Classic Canadian Open of Curling was held January 24–28, 2007 at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Group A

Jeff Stoughton50
Kevin Martin41
Don Walchuk23
Brad Gushue23
Pierre Charette14
Nils Carlsén14

Group B

Randy Ferbey41
Wayne Middaugh41
Pat Simmons32
Mark Johnson32
Jean-Michel Ménard14
Thomas Ulsrud05

Group C

Glenn Howard50
Kevin Koe32
Kerry Burtnyk32
Craig Disher23
John Base23
Pål Trulsen14


Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final
Glenn Howard 6
Pat Simmons 5
Glenn Howard 3
Kevin Martin 5
Kevin Martin 5
Wayne Middaugh 3
Kevin Martin 7[1]
Randy Ferbey 4
Jeff Stoughton 3
Kevin Koe 5
Kevin Koe 5
Randy Ferbey 7
Randy Ferbey 5
Mark Johnson 4


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