2006 in Australia

The following lists events that happened during 2006 in Australia.

2006 in Australia
MonarchyElizabeth II
Governor-GeneralMichael Jeffery
Prime ministerJohn Howard
ElectionsSA, TAS, QLD, VIC


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  • 7 April – John Landy retires as Governor of Victoria, and is succeeded by David de Kretser.
  • 18 April – More than 19 AFP officers are injured as the capital of the Solomon Islands, Honiara, erupts into rioting. In response to this, the Prime Minister of Australia orders an Army deployment of 220 troops.
  • 21 April – Private Jacob Kovco becomes the first casualty of Australia's involvement in the Iraq campaign. The reason given initially was that his gun had accidentally discharged while cleaning his gun, although this was later retracted. It was later stated that he had accidentally shot himself while skylarking with his pistol.
  • 25 April – A small earthquake causes a rock fall in a gold mine in Beaconsfield, Tasmania. Eleven miners come out, but three are left inside. One of them is found dead on 28 April. The other two are freed on 9 May.
  • 26 April – The body of Bosnian civilian contractor Juso Sinanovic is taken to Australia instead of the body of Private Kovco. Private Kovco's body later arrived in Australia on 29 April.




  • 9 July – Revelations are published in News Limited newspapers that, in 1994, John Howard made a secret deal with Peter Costello to hand over the leadership of the Liberal Party to him after having served two terms in office as Prime Minister.
  • 17 July - Australia's largest recorded inundation caused by a tsunami hits the Western Australian coast at Steep Point.[1]
  • 29 July – In the face of a worsening water supply crisis, a referendum is held in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia's second largest inland city, on the issue of using water recycled from the city's sewerage as a source of drinking water. The acrimonious campaign and emotional debate were watched closely nationwide as most other Australian cities raise water restrictions in the face of record low dam and river levels.



  • 4 September – Steve Irwin dies in an accident when he is struck in the heart by a stingray barb off Queensland's coast.
  • 8 September – Peter Brock is killed in a smash when his rally car skids off a bend and hits a tree.
  • 9 September – Peter Beattie is re-elected Queensland premier at an early state election.
  • 26 September – Seven people are killed in a horror road smash outside the Victoria town of Donald.



  • 11 November – Belinda Emmett, a TV personality and wife of Rove McManus, dies, after a battle with breast cancer.
  • 22 November – Sydney is covered in smoke after raging fires in the Blue Mountains.
  • 25 November – Steve Bracks is re-elected Victorian premier at the state election.
  • 29 November – One SAS soldier and the helicopter captain are dead and eight more rescued when a Blackhawk helicopter hits the deck of HMAS Kanimbla and crashes into waters off the coast of Fiji.
  • 30 November – Greg Page, the founding member and lead singer of Australia's famous children's band The Wiggles, announced his retirement due to orthostatic intolerance. He handed his yellow skivvy to Sam Moran.


Non-specific dates

  • Investigation into AWB Limited's role in the Oil-for-Food Programme, sometimes referred to as Wheatgate or Oil for wheat. The official inquiry states that AWB directors did know about the kickback payments as early as 2001 and that government ministers did not know about the kickbacks, although this was not in their brief.

Arts and literature


  • Ten Canoes, the first full-length feature film made entirely in an Australian Aboriginal language, wins a special jury prize at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.
  • Happy Feet becomes the country's biggest earning film





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