2006 St. Catharines municipal election

The 2006 St. Catharines municipal election took place on 13 November 2006 to determine a mayor, regional and city councillors and school trustees in the city of St. Catharines, Ontario. The incumbent mayor, Tim Rigby, vacated the mayoral position and ran for election to Niagara Regional Council.

Eligible Voters 94607
Ballots Cast 38474
Turnout 40.7%
2006 St. Catharines municipal election

November 13, 2006

The Ward boundaries for the 2006 Election. The Mayor and regional councillors are elected across the city, Councillors in their respective wards.

Mayor before election

Tim Rigby

Elected Mayor

Brian McMullan

Mayoral results

Candidate Vote %
Brian McMullan1506739.6
Rob Welch604715.9
Marilyn C. Bodogh441211.6
Jackie Phelan33908.9
Preston Haskell32618.6
Sue Erskine32078.4
Garry Robbins22635.9
Emad Zawady4111.1
Total valid votes38,088100.00

Niagara Regional Council

2006 St. Catharines municipal election, Niagara Regional Councillor (six elected)
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Judy Casselman 18,666 13.71
(x)Peter Partington 16,771 12.32
(x)Michael R. Collins 16,416 12.06
(x)Brian Heit 16,273 11.95
(x)Bruce Timms 15,473 11.37
(x)Ronna Katzman 13,846 10.17
(x)Tim Rigby 13,137 9.65
N. Carlos Garcia 10,301 7.57
Rob Hesp 8,145 5.98
Bart Brouwer 7,091 5.21
Total valid votes 136,119 100.00

Electors could vote for six candidates.
Percentages are determined in relation to the total number of votes.

  • Judy Casselman has a Diploma in Public Health Nursing, and has worked as a registered nurse.[1] She represented Ward Two (St. Andrews) on city council from 1992 to 2003, and was deputy mayor in the 1990s.[2] She was elected to the regional council in 2003 and re-elected in 2006, topping the polls both times. Casselman is an advocate for preserving rural lands.[3] She was a founding member of Heritage St. Catharines, Friends of the Twelve and the St. Catharines Community Foundation, and is a board member of the Niagara Symphony.[4]
  • Michael R. Collins is a graduate of Carleton University, and for many years taught Communication and Municipal Finance at Niagara College. He served three terms as a St. Catharines city councillor, and has been a member of the Niagara Regional Council since 1985. He opposed a provincial Sunday shopping extension in the 1980s, and was chair of a local group called People for Sunday.[5] He called for a freeze on welfare as a form of guaranteed income during the early 1990s, and supported a pioneer needle exchange program in 1992.[6] Collins has served on several local organizations and committees, including the Niagara Regional Housing Board and the Niagara Escarpment Commission, and is a board member of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.[7]
  • Brian Heit was a St. Catharines city councillor from 1988 to 2003. He served on every major committee, and was deputy mayor for two terms. He was first elected to the Niagara Regional Council in 2003, and has served on the Corporate and Financial Services Committee and the Human Resources Committee.[8]
  • Ronna Katzman was elected as a School Board Trustee in 1991 and 1994, and as a St. Catharines City Councillor in 1997 and 2000. She was first elected to the Niagara Regional Council in 2003, and has served on the Public Health and Social Services Committee. In 2002, she recommended that St. Catharines phase out its purchase of electricity from polluting plants.[9] She has been a member of many boards and associations, including the St. Catharines Downtown Association.[10]
  • N. Carlos Garcia is a businessman, with consulting experience in North America, Europe, East Asia and Africa. He has Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees, and is past chair of Port Realizing our Unique Distinction (PROUD), an historical preservation group in the Port Dalhousie area of St. Catharines. PROUD opposed development plans proposed by the Port Dalhousie Vitalization Corp. (PDVC).[11]
  • Bart Brouwer was born in the Netherlands in 1983, and moved to Canada in 1997. He is a member of the Covenant Christian Reformed Church, and assisted in the 2006 federal election.[12]

St. Catharines City Council

Candidate Vote %
Ward 1 - Merriton
Jeff Burch285733.01%
Jennie Stevens (X)284932.92%
Sheila Morra (X)204923.68%
Robbie Craine89910.39%
Ward 2 - St. Andrew's
Andrew Gill345433.65%
Joseph Kushner (X)319931.16%
Cam Donevan (X)237223.11%
Wayne Sadlak124112.09%
Ward 3 - St. George's
Greg Washuta (X)343247.67%
Peter Secord (X)263536.60%
Darren Platakis113315.74%
Ward 4 - St. Patrick's
Heather Foss217324.19%
Mark Elliott152016.92%
Milica Kovacevich141415.74%
John Bacher120513.41%
Bill Buckle102511.41%
Charles Gervais (X)101611.31%
Matthew Cutler6317.02%
Ward 5 - Grantham
Bill Phillips283321.14%
Dawn Dodge (X)254318.98%
Brian Dorsey (X)217316.22%
Mike Sullivan202915.14%
Salvatore Sorrento180713.49%
Laura Ip13329.94%
Tony Tullo6835.10%
Ward 6 - Port Dalhousie
Bruce Williamson (X)381830.71%
Len Stack238419.17%
Norm St. George225618.15%
Susan Bassett137211.04%
Tim Atherton11729.43%
Mark Klimchuk7395.94%
Richard Martinelli3853.10%
David P. Prentice3072.47%

Niagara Catholic District School Board

Trustee, Ward 1

Candidate Vote %
Tony Scalzi63150.28%
Alex McKee62449.72%

Trustee, Ward 2,3,4,5,6

Candidate Vote %
Maurice Charbonneau495138.82%
Kathy Burtnik317624.9%
Lorna Costantini228717.93%
Larry Newton152411.95%
Suzanne Westera8166.4%

District School Board of Niagara

Candidate Vote %
Lora Campbell1132018.32%
Marcy Heit1126018.23%
Dalton Clark1012316.4%
Lynn Campbell659110.67%
Andrew L. Bowles61329.93%
John Davis59249.59%
Elaine Manocha43156.98%
Flavia Orvitz36825.69%
Shawn Montreuil24223.92%


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