2004 Players' Championship

The 2004 PharmAssist Players' Championship was held March 31 April 4 at the Mile One Stadium in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The total purse for the event was $150,000 with $43,000 going to the winning team, which would be John Morris' Calgary rink. He defeated his cross-provincial counterparts from Edmonton, the Kevin Martin rink, whose team earned $24,000.


Pool A

Skip Wins Losses
Kevin Martin41
Mark Noseworthy32
Pat Simmons32
Tom Brewster23
Kevin Park23
Wayne Middaugh14

Pool B

Skip Wins Losses
Jeff Stoughton50
Brad Gushue32
John Morris32
Dave Boehmer23
Jamie King14
Ralph Stöckli14

Pool C

Skip Wins Losses
Brad Heidt41
Glen Despins32
Guy Hemmings32
Kerry Burtnyk23
Glenn Howard23
Craig Brown14

Tie breakers


  Jeff Stoughton 9  
Mark Noseworthy 1  
  Jeff Stoughton 6  
  John Morris 7  
John Morris 8
  Pat Simmons 5  
    John Morris 7
  Kevin Martin 6
  Brad Heidt  
Glen Despins  
  Brad Heidt 7 Third place
  Kevin Martin 10  
Kevin Martin 5 Jeff Stoughton 6
  Guy Hemmings 2   Brad Heidt 4

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