2004 Japanese House of Councillors election

Elections to the House of Councillors, the upper house of the legislature of Japan, were held on July 11, 2004. The House of Councillors consists of 242 members who serve six-year terms. Approximately half the members are elected every three years. At these elections 121 members were elected. Of these 73 were elected from the 47 prefectural districts and 48 were elected from a nationwide list by proportional representation.

2004 Japanese House of Councillors election

July 11, 2004

121 (of the 242) seats in the House of Councillors
122 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Junichiro Koizumi Katsuya Okada Takenori Kanzaki
Party Liberal Democratic Democratic Komeito
Last election 111 seats, 38.6% 59 seats, 16.4% 23 seats, 15.0%
Seats after 115 82 24
Seat change 4 23 1
Popular vote 16,797,686 21,138,032 8,621,265
Percentage 30.0% 37.8% 15.4%
Swing 8.6% 21.4% 0.4%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Tetsuzo Fuwa Mizuho Fukushima
Party Communist Social Democratic
Last election 20 seats, 7.9% 8 seats, 6.6%
Seats after 9 5
Seat change 11 3
Popular vote 4,362,574 2,990,665
Percentage 7.8% 5.4%
Swing 0.1% 1.2%

seats won by

- DPJ - LDP - New Komeito
- SDP - Independent factions

- No election

President of the House of Councillors before election

Hiroyuki Kurata
Liberal Democratic

Elected President of the House of Councillors

Chikage Oogi
Liberal Democratic




The opposition Democratic Party won a plurality of the popular vote and seats contested in the election, sweeping the liberal urban areas. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party failed to win in its strongholds but once more received most of its support from the agrarian areas. New Komeito did well, reaching its goals, as did the Social Democratic Party. The Japanese Communist Party did not reach its goals, while independents won the rest of the seats. The Liberal League and Midori no kaigi failed to win any seats.

 Summary of the 11 July 2004 Japanese House of Councillors election results
Parties Proportional constituency Majoritarian constituencies Total seats wonElected in 2001+/-New composition+/-
Democratic Party (DPJ) Minshutō 21,137,45737.819 21,931,98539.131 5032+582+12
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Jiyū Minshutō 16,797,68630.015 19,687,95435.134 4966-2115-1
New Komeito Party (NKP) Kōmeitō 8,621,26515.48 2,161,7643.13 1113+124+1
Japanese Communist Party (JCP) Nihon Kyōsantō 4,362,5747.84 5,520,1419.80 45-49-11
Social Democratic Party (SDP) Shakai Minshutō 2,990,6665.22 984,3401.80 23050
Others 2,022,1363.60 126,1620.20 00000
Independents 5,696,50510.25 5207+4
Total (valid votes) 55,931,785 100 48 56,108,851 100 73 121 121 0 242 0
Turnout 58,006,11256.5% 57,990,75756.6%
Electorate2 102,588,411 102,507,526
Source: Adam Carr's Electoral Archive (2004) and (2001),
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Results of the 20th regular elections of members of the House of Councillors (as complete pdf)
Notes: 1 Official figures have been edited to contain no decimals.
2 80,885 Japanese registered abroad were at the time not eligible to vote in the election of majoritarian members.

Complete list of prefectural races

Elected candidates in bold

Compiled from JANJAN's "The Senkyo"[1] and MIC official results.[2]


  • All incumbents not running for re-election in their prefectural electoral district are counted as retirements even if they ran in the nationwide proportional representation.
  • In a multi-member district, there is no difference between Councillors elected with the highest and lower vote shares. Yet, "top tōsen", i.e. being elected with the highest vote, is considered a special achievement and thus noted where changed from the previous election for the same class of Councillors (1998).
  • Niigata is counted as an SDP hold because the elected Councillor joined the SDP parliamentary group.
Northern Japan
Prefecture Seats up Incumbents Party Result Candidates
Vote share
Hokkaido 2 Naoki Minezaki DPJ Incumbents re-elected
LDP gains top tōsen
Yoshio Nakagawa (LDP) 26.7%
Naoki Minezaki (DPJ) 22.3%
Masahito Nishikawa (DPJ) 19.9%
Muneo Suzuki (I) 17.5%
Chiharu Oka (JCP) 9.2%
Keiko Yamauchi (SDP) 3.8%
Nobuhito Sendai (Ishin) 0.7%
Yoshio Nakagawa LDP
Aomori 1 Masami Tanabu DPJ Incumbent re-elected Masami Tanabu (DPJ) 47.5%
Hidenori Nara (LDP – Komeito) 40.4%
Hiroaki Takayanagi (JCP) 6.2%
Hiroshi Inoue (SDP) 5.9%
Iwate 1 Motoo Shiina "Independent Assembly" Incumbent retired
DPJ pickup
Ryo Shuhama (DPJ) 48.5%
Yosuke Takahashi (I – LDP, Ind. Ass.) 39.6%
Kunihiko Takehana (SDP) 6.7%
Akio Wakayama (JCP) 5.2%
Miyagi 2 Mitsuru Sakurai DPJ Incumbents re-elected
LDP gains top tōsen
Ichiro Ichikawa (LDP) 38.4%
Mitsuru Sakurai (DPJ) 37.8%
Ikuko Endo (JCP) 9.8%
Toshiaki Sugawara (I) 8.6%
Katsuo Okita (SDP) 5.4%
Ichiro Ichikawa LDP
Akita 1 Shigenobu Saito LDP Incumbent lost re-election
Independent pickup
Yoetsu Suzuki (I) 50.2%
Shigenobu Saito (LDP) 42.9%
Kazunobu Imagawa (JCP) 7.0%
Yamagata 1 Koichi Kishi LDP Incumbent re-elected Koichi Kishi (LDP) 46.8%
Yasue Funayama (DPJ) 36.8%
Masahiro Kimura (SDP) 7.1%
Masayuki Sato (JCP) 5.4%
Fukushima 2 Yūhei Satō DPJ Incumbents re-elected Yūhei Satō (DPJ) 45.4%
Mitsuhide Iwaki (LDP) 41.5%
Yumiko Abe (JCP) 13.1%
Mitsuhide Iwaki LDP
Eastern and Central Japan
Prefecture Seats up Incumbents Party Result Candidates
(Party – endorsements)
Vote share
Ibaraki 2 Akira Gunji DPJ Incumbents re-elected
LDP gains top tōsen
Hiroshi Okada (LDP) 50.5%
Akira Gunji (LDP) 41.3%
Takeo Taya (JCP) 8.2%
Hiroshi Okada LDP
Tochigi 2 Susumu Yanase DPJ Incumbents re-elected Susumu Yanase (DPJ) 49.2%
Tetsuro Yano (LDP) 42.1%
Setsuko Nomura (JCP) 8.7%
Tetsuro Yano LDP
Gunma 2 Hirofumi Nakasone LDP LDP incumbent re-elected
LDP incumbent lost re-election
DPJ pickup
DPJ gains top tōsen
Yukio Tomioka (DPJ) 34.5%
Hirofumi Nakasone (LDP) 30.3%
Kosei Ueno (LDP) 29.4%
Shinmei Ogasawara (JCP) 5.8%
Kosei Ueno LDP
Saitama 3 Masakazu Sekiguchi LDP LDP incumbent re-elected
DPJ and JCP incumbents retired
DPJ hold
Komeito pickup
DPJ gains top tōsen
Chiyako Shimada (DPJ) 28.4%
Masakazu Sekiguchi (LDP) 24.8%
Makoto Nishida (Komeito) 18.6%
Hayato Yuge (DPJ) 12.8%
Sachiyo Abe (JCP) 11.9%
Fumihiro Himori (SDP) 3.4%
Renzō Togashi JCP
Toshio Fujii DPJ
Chiba 2 Wakako Hironaka DPJ Incumbents re-elected Wakako Hironaka (DPJ) 49.1%
Kazuyasu Shiina (LDP) 39.0%
Fumiko Asano (JCP) 11.9%
Kazuyasu Shiina LDP
Tokyo 4 Toshio Ogawa DPJ Komeito, JCP and Green incumbents retired
LDP pickup
LDP gains top tōsen
Masaharu Nakagawa (LDP) 18.3%
Toshio Ogawa (DPJ) 17.9%
Renhō (DPJ) 16.7%
Yūji Sawa (Komeito) 14.9%
Yukio Aoshima (I) 10.7%
Junichiro Imamura (JCP) 8.2%
Teruaki Masumoto (I) 6.9%
Naoto Nakagawa (SDP) 3.2%
Tetsu Ueda (I) 3.0%
Hisayoshi Matsumura (Ishin) 0.2%
Mitsuo Matayoshi (WECP) 0.2%
Toshiko Hamayotsu Komeito
Miyo Inoue JCP DPJ incumbent re-elected
Komeito hold
DPJ pickup
Atsuo Nakamura "Green Conference"
Kanagawa 3 Keiichirō Asao DPJ DPJ incumbents re-elected
JCP incumbent lost re-election
LDP pickup
LDP gains top tōsen
Akio Koizumi (LDP) 33.2%
Keiichirō Asao (DPJ) 23.4%
Keiko Chiba (DPJ) 23.0%
Kimie Hatano (JCP) 10.9%
Keiko Ueda (SDP) 7.0%
Hajime Manabe (I) 1.9%
Isao Kawakubo (Ishin) 0.6%
Kimie Hatano JCP
Keiko Chiba DPJ
Niigata 2 Naoki Tanaka LDP LDP incumbent re-elected
SDP incumbent retired
SDP hold
SDP gains top tōsen
Masamichi Kondō (I – DPJ, SDP) 34.9%
Naoki Tanaka (LDP) 29.9%
Ichirō Tsukada (LDP) 26.1%
Kayoko Kuwahara (JCP) 9.1%
Kinuko Ōbuchi SDP
Toyama 1 Masaaki Tanibayashi DPJ Incumbent lost re-election
LDP pickup
Tsunenori Kawai (LDP) 46.3%
Masaaki Tanibayashi (DPJ) 37.2%
Akira Ogawa (SDP) 11.3%
Toshihiko Ueda (JCP) 5.2%
Ishikawa 1 Sōta Iwamoto "Independent Assembly" Incumbent retired
LDP pickup
Naoki Okada (LDP) 56.1%
Takashi Katō (DPJ) 36.6%
Masayuki Satō (JCP) 7.3%
Fukui 1 Masaaki Yamazaki LDP Incumbent re-elected Masaaki Yamazaki (LDP) 56.0%
Makiko Isokawa (DPJ) 37.7%
Kunihiro Uno (JCP) 6.2%
Yamanashi 1 Azuma Koshiishi DPJ Incumbent re-elected Azuma Koshiishi (DPJ) 55.1%
Kenshi Ōshiba (I) 37.1%
Hitoshi Hanada (JCP) 7.8%
Nagano 2 Toshimi Kitazawa DPJ Incumbents re-elected Toshimi Kitazawa (DPJ) 40.9%
Masatoshi Wakabayashi (LDP) 27.2%
Norihisa Yamaguchi (JCP) 11.5%
Wakako Yamaguchi (SDP) 10.4%
Roppei Hori (I) 9.9%
Masatoshi Wakabayashi LDP
Gifu 2 Iwao Matsuda LDP Incumbents re-elected Iwao Matsuda (LDP) 44.5%
Yasuo Yamashita (DPJ) 43.8%
Takao Katō (JCP) 11.7%
Yasuo Yamashita DPJ
Shizuoka 2 Tōru Ueno DPJ Incumbents lost re-election
LDP and DPJ hold
LDP gains top tōsen
Yukiko Sakamoto (LDP) 29.3%
Yūji Fujimoto (DPJ) 21.6%
Tōru Ueno (DPJ) 21.2%
Yoshihiko Yamashita (LDP) 20.1%
Yukihiro Shimazu (JCP) 7.8%
Yoshihiko Yamashita LDP
Aichi 3 Yoshitake Kimata DPJ DPJ incumbents re-elected
JCP incumbent lost re-election
LDP pickup
LDP gains top tōsen
Katsuhito Asano (LDP) 28.2%
Taisuke Satō (DPJ) 25.4%
Yoshitake Kimata (DPJ) 23.0%
Hiroko Hatta (JCP) 14.3%
Yasuo Koida (I) 6.1%
Kenji Sasaki (I) 2.4%
Yoshifumi Hayashida (Ishin) 0.7%
Taisuke Satō DPJ
Hiroko Hatta JCP
Mie 1 Jūrō Saitō LDP Incumbent retired
DPJ pickup
Hirokazu Shiba (DPJ) 52.1%
Kenji Tsuda (LDP) 41.0%
Takeshi Nakano (JCP) 6.8%
Western Japan
Prefecture Seats up Incumbents Party Result Candidates
(Party – endorsements)
Vote share
Shiga 1 Eisuke Kawamoto LDP Incumbent retired
DPJ pickup
Kumiko Hayashi (DPJ) 48.0%
Kenichiro Ueno (LDP) 41.5%
Toshirō Hayashi (JCP) 10.5%
Kyoto 2 Tetsurō Fukuyama DPJ DPJ incumbent re-elected
JCP incumbent lost re-election
LDP pickup
Tetsurō Fukuyama (DPJ) 43.8%
Satoshi Ninoyu (LDP) 32.4%
Tokiko Nishiyama (JCP) 23.8%
Tokiko Nishiyama JCP
Ōsaka 3 Kiyoshi Nishikawa Dainiin Club Komeito incumbent re-elected
Dainiin incumbent retired
JCP incumbent lost reelection
DPJ pickup
Motoyuki Odachi (DPJ) 24.9%
Eiichi Yamashita (Komeito) 21.8%
Issei Kitagawa (LDP) 20.1%
Kiyomi Tsujimoto (I) 19.7%
Takeshi Miyamoto (JCP) 12.1%
Yoshio Masuda (I) 1.0%
Toyokazu Ōkido (Ishin) 0.4%
Eiichi Yamashita Komeito
Takeshi Miyamoto JCP LDP pickup
DPJ gains top tōsen
Hyogo 2 Shōji Motooka DPJ DPJ incumbent retired
JCP incumbent lost re-election
DPJ hold
LDP pickup
Shunichi Mizuoka (DPJ) 38.6%
Shinsuke Suematsu (LDP) 33.5%
Tatsumi Ōsawa (JCP) 14.0%
Kazumi Hara (I) 7.3%
Ichizō Miyamoto (I) 4.7%
Kōjin Katakami (I) 1.9%
Tatsumi Ōsawa JCP
Nara 1 Minao Hattori LDP Incumbent lost re-election
DPJ pickup
Kiyoshige Maekawa (DPJ) 48.9%
Minao Hattori (LDP) 41.1%
Yoshinori Mameda (JCP) 10.0%
Wakayama 1 Yōsuke Tsuruho LDP Incumbent re-elected Yōsuke Tsuruho (LDP) 53.8%
Shika Kawajō (DPJ) 35.1%
Hideaki Kunishige (JCP) 9.9%
Yoshiya Seki (Ishin) 1.2%
Tottori 1 Kōtarō Tamura LDP Incumbent re-elected Kōtarō Tamura (LDP) 49.7%
Masahide Tsuchiya (DPJ) 37.6%
Tomoko Ichitani (JCP) 12.7%
Shimane 1 Mikio Aoki LDP Incumbent re-elected Mikio Aoki (LDP) 62.1%
Itaru Gōdo (DPJ) 30.3%
Katsuhiko Gotō (JCP) 7.5%
Okayama 1 Satsuki Eda DPJ 1 seat lost by reapportionment
DPJ incumbent re-elected
LDP incumbent lost re-election
Satsuki Eda (DPJ) 55.7%
Norifumi Katō (LDP) 39.0%
Kanji Uemoto (JCP) 5.3%
Norifumi Katō LDP
Hiroshima 2 Ikuo Kamei LDP Incumbents re-elected
DPJ gains top tōsen
Minoru Yanagida (DPJ) 42.6%
Ikuo Kamei (LDP) 41.3%
Mitsuo Okamoto (I) 9.1%
Satoshi Fujimoto (JCP) 7.1%
Minoru Yanagida DPJ
Yamaguchi 1 Masuo Matsuoka DPJ Incumbent retired
LDP pickup
Nobuo Kishi (LDP) 49.1%
Hiroko Ōizumi (DPJ) 41.9%
Sadayoshi Yoshida (JCP) 6.0%
Shigeo Hiramatsu (I) 1.8%
Seiichirō Hirata (Ishin) 1.1%
Tokushima 1 Sekiko Takahashi "Green Conference" Incumbent retired
LDP pickup
Masakatsu Koike (LDP) 47.1%
Kyōko Tōjō (DPJ) 43.3%
Takayuki Kubo (JCP) 9.6%
Kagawa 1 Toshio Yamauchi LDP Incumbent re-elected Toshio Yamauchi (LDP) 46.6%
Emiko Uematsu (DPJ) 45.0%
Michiko Chikaishi (JCP) 8.3%
Ehime 1 Takeshi Noma LDP Incumbent retired
LDP hold
Junzō Yamamoto (LDP) 49.4%
Masamitsu Saitō (DPJ) 42.0%
Masahiro Sakane (JCP) 8.6%
Kōchi 1 Hiroyuki Morishita LDP Incumbent lost re-election
Independent pickup
Hajime Hirota (I) 43.6%
Hiroyuki Morishita (LDP) 35.7%
Sachi Nakane (JCP) 14.3%
Yumiko Matsuoka (I) 6.4%
Southern Japan
Prefecture Seats up Incumbents Party Result Candidates
(Party – endorsements)
Vote share
Fukuoka 2 Kazuo Hirotomo Komeito Komeito incumbent retired
LDP incumbent re-elected
DPJ pickup
DPJ gains top tōsen
Tsutomu Ōkubo (DPJ) 40.6%
Gōtarō Yoshimura (LDP) 30.7%
Chū Furukawa (I) 12.5%
Toyoomi Tsuno (JCP) 8.8%
Kunihiro Etō (I) 4.7%
Yutaka Fujimoto (I) 1.8%
Tomotada Ishihara (Ishin) 0.9%
Gōtarō Yoshimura LDP
Saga 1 Hiromi Iwanaga LDP Incumbent re-elected Hiromi Iwanaga (LDP) 47.7%
Minoru Kawasaki (DPJ) 42.9%
Akemi Mutō (JCP) 9.5%
Nagasaki 1 Sōichirō Matsutani LDP Incumbent lost re-election
DPJ pickup
Tadashi Inuzuka (DPJ) 49.5%
Sōichirō Matsutani (LDP) 43.6%
Toshihiro Haraguchi (JCP) 6.8%
Kumamoto 1 Ryōichi Honda DPJ 1 seat lost by reapportionment
LDP incumbent re-elected
DPJ incumbent lost re-election
Hitoshi Kimura (LDP) 48.9%
Ryōichi Honda (DPJ) 44.3%
Nobuhiro Yamamoto (JCP) 6.8%
Hitoshi Kimura LDP
Oita 1 Toshiya Nakamichi LDP Incumbent lost re-election
DPJ pickup
Shinya Adachi (DPJ) 54.8%
Toshiya Nakamichi (LDP) 38.7%
Masaru Ono (JCP) 4.6%
Kunio Fujiki 1.9%
Miyazaki 1 Mitsuhiro Uesugi LDP Incumbent lost re-election
Independent pickup
Shinpei Matsushita (I) 48.5%
Mitsuhiro Uesugi (LDP) 45.6%
Hiromitsu Baba (JCP) 5.9%
Kagoshima 1 Hiroshi Moriyama LDP 1 seat lost by reapportionment
Incumbent retired
LDP hold
Tetsurō Nomura (LDP) 53.2%
Inao Minayoshi (DPJ) 36.9%
Katsuko Iwaizako (JCP) 9.9%
(last held by Kichio Inoue, LDP)
Okinawa 1 Sōkō Shimabuku "Independent Assembly" Incumbent retired
Independent (OSMP) pickup
Keiko Itokazu (I) 58.9%
Masatoshi Onaga (LDP) 41.1%


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