2003 Summer Universiade

The 2003 Summer Universiade, also known as the XXII Summer Universiade, took place in Daegu, South Korea.

XXII Summer Universiade
제22회 하계 유니버시아드
Slogan : Dream for Unity!
Host cityDaegu, South Korea
Nations participating174
Athletes participating4,179
Events13 sports
Opening ceremonyAugust 21
Closing ceremonyAugust 31
Officially opened byPresident Roh Moo-hyun
Torch lighterLee Jin-Taek
Main venueDaegu World Cup Stadium


  • The alphabet letter "U" and five stars, which is FISU's emblem, make up the basis of the emblem for the Daegu Universiade.
  • It symbolizes the theme of "Dream for Unity" and the five goals (Dream, Advance, Equalize, Green and Unite) of the Games.
  • The wide green stripe emphasizing Daegu's image as an environmentally friendly city.
  • The Five-colored stripes symbolize Daegu as a city of textile and fashion.
  • The soaring figure of the Universiade's five stars and five stripes in harmony symbolize the challenging spirit of youth across the globe, Daegu's upright spirit and vision for the bright future.


  • The mascot embodies the Image of Daegu Summer Universiade, a festival of the University Students on the global village.
  • The rainbow colors symbolize the textile & fashion industry, environmentally friendly city and the dreams toward unity transcending all the barriers or differences.
  • Cyber-typed Mascot represents the creativity and challenging spirit toward the future of the youth.



  • Daegu Stadium — ceremonies, athletics, football
  • Daegu Athletics Park Swimming Pool — water polo
  • Daegu Athletics Arena — gymnastics
  • Kyeongbuk High School Gymnasium — taekwondo
  • Junghwa Girls' High School Gymnasium — basketball
  • Suseong District Stadium — football
  • Daegu Municipal Stadium — football
  • Daegu Baseball Stadium — archery
  • Daegu Citizens' Gymnasium — basketball
  • Daegu Gymnasium — volleyball
  • Daegu Il Middle School Gymnasium — volleyball
  • Riverside Football Ground — football
  • Daegu Expo Hall 1 — fencing
  • Yeungnam College of Science & Technology Gymnasium — volleyball


  • Gumi Citizens' Stadium — football
  • Park Chung Hee Gymnasium — basketball


  • Andong Gymnasium — basketball


  • Sorabol College Gymnasium — basketball


  • Yeongcheon Gymnasium — volleyball


  • Kyungil University Gymnasium — volleyball
  • Catholic University of Daegu Gymnasium — volleyball


  • Gimcheon Main Stadium — football


Events in a total of twelve sports were contested at this Universiade.

  • Note: Numbers in brackets denote the number of different events held in each sport.

Obligatory sports



Medal table

  *   Host nation (South Korea)
1 China (CHN)41271381
2 Russia (RUS)26223482
3 South Korea (KOR)*26121755
4 Ukraine (UKR)23151755
5 Japan (JPN)13132147
6 France (FRA)88420
7 Great Britain (GBR)83617
8 United States (USA)5131836
9 North Korea (PRK)38314
10 Poland (POL)34310
11 Chinese Taipei (TPE)33511
12 Belarus (BLR)33410
13 Germany (GER)32813
14 Hungary (HUN)32712
15 Czech Republic (CZE)3036
16 Australia (AUS)25512
 Italy (ITA)25512
18 Kazakhstan (KAZ)2406
19 South Africa (RSA)2125
20 Uzbekistan (UZB)2013
21 Spain (ESP)14813
22 Brazil (BRA)12811
23 Romania (ROM)1247
24 Netherlands (NED)1124
25 Morocco (MAR)1113
 Serbia and Montenegro (SCG)1113
27 Latvia (LAT)1001
 Moldova (MDA)1001
29 Mexico (MEX)0325
30 Finland (FIN)0314
31 Slovakia (SVK)0235
32 Iran (IRN)0224
33 Slovenia (SLO)0202
 Turkey (TUR)0202
35 Canada (CAN)0123
 Estonia (EST)0123
 Switzerland (SUI)0123
38 Cuba (CUB)0112
 Ireland (IRL)0112
40 Denmark (DEN)0101
 Uganda (UGA)0101
42 Croatia (CRO)0033
 Thailand (THA)0033
44 Israel (ISR)0022
45 Armenia (ARM)0011
 Austria (AUT)0011
 Bahamas (BAH)0011
 Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)0011
 Cyprus (CYP)0011
 Greece (GRE)0011
 Jamaica (JAM)0011
 Malaysia (MAS)0011
 Mongolia (MGL)0011
Totals (53 nations)189182233604
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