2002 Slovenian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Slovenia in 2002. The first round was held on 10 November, with a run-off held on 1 December after no candidate passed the 50% threshold in the first round. The result was a victory for Janez Drnovšek, who won 56.6% of the vote in the second round. Voter turnout was 72.04% in the first round and 65.24% in the second.[1]

2002 Slovenian presidential election

10 November 2002 (first round)
1 December 2002 (second round)
Nominee Janez Drnovšek Barbara Brezigar
Party LDS Independent
Popular vote 586,263 449,995
Percentage 56.58% 43.42%

President before election

Milan Kučan

Elected President

Janez Drnovšek

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Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Janez DrnovšekLiberal Democracy of Slovenia508,11444.39586,26356.58
Barbara BrezigarIndependent352,52030.80449,99543.42
Zmago Jelinčič PlemenitiSlovenian National Party97,1788.49
France ArharIndependent86,8367.59
France BučarIndependent37,0693.24
Lev KreftUnited List of Social Democrats25,7152.25
Anton BeblerDemocratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia21,1651.85
Gorazd Drevenšek9,7910.86
Jure Jurček CekutaIndependent6,1840.54
Invalid/blank votes15,209-14,275-
Source: European Elections Database


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