2002 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships – Men's 100 metre breaststroke

The men's 100 metre breaststroke competition at the 2002 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships took place on August 24–25 at the Yokohama International Swimming Pool.[1][2] The last champion was Simon Cowley of Australia.[3]

Men's 100 metre breaststroke
at the 2002 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships
VenueYokohama International Swimming Pool
DatesAugust 24, 2002 (heats &
August 25, 2002 (final)
Competitors23 from 8 nations
Winning time1:00.36
    United States

This race consisted of two lengths of the pool, both lengths being in breaststroke.[4]


Prior to this competition, the existing world and Pan Pacific records were as follows:

World record  Roman Sloudnov (RUS) 59.94 Fukuoka, Japan July 24, 2001
Pan Pacific Championships record  Kurt Grote (USA) 1:01.22 Fukuoka, Japan August 12, 1997


All times are in minutes and seconds.

KEY: qFastest non-qualifiers QQualified CRChampionships record NRNational record PBPersonal best SBSeasonal best


The first round was held on August 24.[1]

134Kosuke Kitajima Japan1:01.07Q, CR
214Brendan Hansen United States1:01.63Q
326David Denniston United States1:02.11Q
424Morgan Knabe Canada1:02.19Q
535Jim Piper Australia1:02.35Q
625Jarrod Marrs United States1:02.51Q
733Mark Gangloff United States1:02.52Q
823Mike Brown Canada1:02.69Q
936Regan Harrison Australia1:02.89Q
1032Chad Thomsen Canada1:02.94Q
1112Henrique Barbosa Brazil1:03.04Q
1115Yoshihisa Yamaguchi Japan1:03.04Q
1313Justin Norris Australia1:03.32Q
1417Wang Haibo China1:03.80Q
1516John Stamhuis Canada1:03.88Q
1637Daisuke Kimura Japan1:03.94Q
1722Jiro Miki Japan1:03.99
1827Marcelo Tomazini Brazil1:04.17
1931Tam Chi Kin Hong Kong1:05.26
2028Trent Steed Australia1:05.42
2138José Belarmino Souza Brazil1:05.55
2221Kieran Daly New Zealand1:05.81
2318Michael Andrew Scott Hong Kong1:06.43
-11Rafael Chua PhilippinesDNS


The semifinals were held on August 24.[1]

124Kosuke Kitajima Japan1:00.34Q, CR
214Brendan Hansen United States1:01.52Q
323Jim Piper Australia1:01.70Q
426Mark Gangloff United States1:01.93Q
525David Denniston United States1:01.96Q
615Morgan Knabe Canada1:02.21Q
716Mike Brown Canada1:02.60Q
822Regan Harrison Australia1:02.76Q
913Jarrod Marrs United States1:02.88
1021Justin Norris Australia1:03.00
1117Yoshihisa Yamaguchi Japan1:03.05
1212Chad Thomsen Canada1:03.20
1327Henrique Barbosa Brazil1:03.26
1418Daisuke Kimura Japan1:03.34
1528John Stamhuis Canada1:03.69
1611Wang Haibo China1:03.72


The final was held on August 25.[1][5]

-Kosuke Kitajima Japan1:00.36
-Brendan Hansen United States1:00.84
-Jim Piper Australia1:01.68
4-Mark Gangloff United States1:02.02
5-Mike Brown Canada1:02.21
6-Morgan Knabe Canada1:02.28
7-Regan Harrison Australia1:02.53
8-Yoshihisa Yamaguchi Japan1:02.93


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