2002 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships

The ninth edition of the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, a long course (50 m) event, was held in 2002 in Yokohama International Swimming Pool in Yokohama, Japan, from August 2429. [1][2][3][4] One world record was set over the six-day competition.


Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m freestyle
 Jason Lezak (USA)22.22  Anthony Ervin (USA)22.28  Brett Hawke (AUS)22.40
100 m freestyle
 Ian Thorpe (AUS)48.84  Ashley Callus (AUS)49.26  Nate Dusing (USA)49.47
200 m freestyle
 Ian Thorpe (AUS)1:44.75 CR  Grant Hackett (AUS)1:45.84  Nate Dusing (USA)1:48.11
400 m freestyle
 Ian Thorpe (AUS)3:45.28  Grant Hackett (AUS)3:45.99  Klete Keller (USA)3:48.40
800 m freestyle
 Grant Hackett (AUS)7:44.78 CR  Larsen Jensen (USA)7:52.05  Chris Thompson (USA)7:56.69
1500 m freestyle
 Grant Hackett (AUS)14:41.65 CR  Erik Vendt (USA)15:02.24  Larsen Jensen (USA)15:05.17
100 m backstroke
 Aaron Peirsol (USA)54.22  Randall Bal (USA)54.45  Tomomi Morita (JPN)55.29
200 m backstroke
 Aaron Peirsol (USA)1:56.88  Matt Welsh (AUS)1:57.69  Keith Beavers (CAN)1:59.35
100 m breaststroke
 Kosuke Kitajima (JPN)1:00.36  Brendan Hansen (USA)1:00.84  Jim Piper (AUS)1:01.68
200 m breaststroke
 Brendan Hansen (USA)2:11.80  Jim Piper (AUS)2:12.53  Daisuke Kimura (JPN)2:12.71
100 m butterfly
 Ian Crocker (USA)52.45  Geoff Huegill (AUS)52.48  Mike Mintenko (CAN)52.69
200 m butterfly
 Tom Malchow (USA)1:55.21 CR  Michael Phelps (USA)1:55.41  Takashi Yamamoto (JPN)1:55.57
200 m individual medley
 Michael Phelps (USA)1:59.70 CR  Takahiro Mori (JPN)2:00.61  Tom Wilkens (USA)2:01.17
400 m individual medley
 Michael Phelps (USA)4:12.48 CR  Erik Vendt (USA)4:13.15  Takahiro Mori (JPN)4:16.35
4×100 m freestyle relay
Ashley Callus (49.26)
Todd Pearson (48.92)
Grant Hackett (49.05)
Ian Thorpe (47.92)
3:15.15  United States
Anthony Ervin (50.30)
Scott Tucker (48.66)
Nate Dusing (48.53)
Jason Lezak (47.92)
3:15.41  Canada
Yannick Lupien (49.90)
Mike Mintenko (49.66)
Rick Say (49.73)
Brent Hayden (48.40)
4×200 m freestyle relay
Grant Hackett (1:46.60)
Craig Stevens (1:48.35)
Jason Cram (1:49.25)
Ian Thorpe (1:44.80)
7:09.00  United States
Nate Dusing (1:49.00)
Klete Keller (1:47.31)
Michael Phelps (1:47.49)
Chad Carvin (1:48.01)
7:11.81  Canada
Rick Say (1:49.71)
Mike Mintenko (1:49.37)
Mark Johnston (1:49.41)
Brian Johns (1:48.81)
4×100 m medley relay
 United States
Aaron Peirsol (54.17)
Brendan Hansen (1:00.14)
Michael Phelps (51.13)
Jason Lezak (48.04)
3:33.48 WR  Australia
Matt Welsh (54.52)
Jim Piper (1:01.43)
Geoff Huegill (51.69)
Ian Thorpe (47.20)
3:34.84  Canada
Riley Janes (56.07)
Mike Brown (1:01.01)
Mike Mintenko (51.91)
Brent Hayden (48.58)

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m freestyle
 Jenny Thompson (USA)25.13  Jodie Henry (AUS)25.32  Tammie Stone (USA)25.42
100 m freestyle
 Natalie Coughlin (USA)53.99 CR  Jodie Henry (AUS)54.55  Jenny Thompson (USA)54.75
200 m freestyle
 Lindsay Benko (USA)1:58.74  Elka Graham (AUS)1:59.72  Giaan Rooney (AUS)1:59.82
400 m freestyle
 Diana Munz (USA)4:09.50  Lindsay Benko (USA)4:10.28  Sachiko Yamada (JPN)4:10.79
800 m freestyle
 Diana Munz (USA)8:30.45  Sachiko Yamada (JPN)8:31.89  Hayley Peirsol (USA)8:32.27
1500 m freestyle
 Diana Munz (USA)16:07.86  Sachiko Yamada (JPN)16:16.28  Morgan Hentzen (USA)16:29.25
100 m backstroke
 Natalie Coughlin (USA)59.72 CR  Dyana Calub (AUS)1:01.49  Haley Cope (USA)1:01.74
200 m backstroke
 Margaret Hoelzer (USA)2:11.00  Aya Terakawa (JPN)2:12.28  Jennifer Fratesi (CAN)2:12.71
100 m breaststroke
 Amanda Beard (USA)1:08.22  Tara Kirk (USA)1:08.66  Luo Xuejuan (CHN)1:08.70
200 m breaststroke
 Amanda Beard (USA)2:26.31  Leisel Jones (AUS)2:26.42  Kristy Kowal (USA)2:27.59
100 m butterfly
 Natalie Coughlin (USA)57.88 =CR  Petria Thomas (AUS)58.11  Jenny Thompson (USA)58.64
200 m butterfly
 Petria Thomas (AUS)2:08.31  Mary DeScenza (USA)2:09.56  Emily Mason (USA)2:10.59
200 m individual medley
 Tomoko Hagiwara (JPN)2:13.42  Gabrielle Rose (USA)2:13.93  Maggie Bowen (USA)2:14.28
400 m individual medley
 Jennifer Reilly (AUS)4:40.84  Maggie Bowen (USA)4:44.39  Maiko Fujino (JPN)4:45.79
4×100 m freestyle relay
Jodie Henry (54.94)
Alice Mills (55.15)
Petria Thomas (55.35)
Sarah Ryan (54.34)
3:39.78 CR  United States
Lindsay Benko (55.35)
Natalie Coughlin (54.69)
Rhi Jeffrey (55.34)
Jenny Thompson (54.85)
3:40.23  Japan
Tomoko Hagiwara (54.97)
Tomoko Nagai (55.10)
Norie Urabe (56.28)
Kaori Yamada (55.88)
4×200 m freestyle relay
 United States
Natalie Coughlin (1:58.21)
Elizabeth Hill (2:00.92)
Diana Munz (1:59.58)
Lindsay Benko (1:58.25)
7:56.96 CR  Australia
Petria Thomas (1:59.77)
Elka Graham (1:59.14)
Giaan Rooney (1:59.72)
Alice Mills (2:00.62)
7:59.25  Japan
Tomoko Nagai (2:01.60)
Sachiko Yamada (2:00.46)
Norie Urabe (2:01.85)
Maki Mita (2:00.10)
4×100 m medley relay
Dyana Calub (1:01.98)
Leisel Jones (1:07.51)
Petria Thomas (56.94)
Jodie Henry (54.07)
4:00.50 CR  United States
Natalie Coughlin (1:00.09)
Amanda Beard (1:07.76)
Jenny Thompson (58.32)
Lindsay Benko (54.98)
4:01.15  Canada
Erin Gammel (1:02.32)
Rhiannon Leier (1:09.22)
Jen Button (59.16)
Laura Nicholls (54.99)

Medal table

1 United States (USA)21161552
2 Australia (AUS)1114328
3 Japan (JPN)24814
4 Canada (CAN)0077
5 China (CHN)0011
Totals (5 nations)343434102


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