2000 St. Catharines municipal election

The St. Catharines municipal election of 2000 was held to elect a mayor and councillors for the city of St. Catharines, Ontario.

2000 St. Catharines municipal election

November 13, 2000

The Ward boundaries for the 2000 Election. The Mayor and regional councillors are elected across the city, Councillors in their respective wards.

Mayor before election

Tim Rigby

Elected Mayor

Tim Rigby


2000 St. Catharines municipal election, Mayor
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Tim Rigby acclaimed -

Niagara Regional Council

2000 St. Catharines municipal election, Niagara Regional Councillor (six elected)
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
T. Roy Adams 17,167 15.18
Michael R. Collins 13,890 12.28
Bruce Timms 13,750 12.16
Peter Partington 13,123 11.61
Mark Brickell 13,015 11.51
Brian McMullan 11,571 10.23
Christel Haeck 10,444 9.24
James Wilson 7,670 6.78
Ted Mouradian 6,544 5.79
John E. Kirby 5,900 5.22
Total valid votes 113,074 100.00

Electors could vote for six candidates.
Percentages are determined in relation to the total number of votes.

St. Catharines City Council

Ward 1 - Merriton

Candidate Total votes % of total votes
James Almas2,58937.17%
Wendy Patriquin2,06029.57%
Jennifer Stevens1,71124.56%
George Goff6068.70%

Ward 2 - St. Andrew's

Candidate Total votes % of total votes
Joseph Kushner2,80234.30%
Judy Casselman2,20126.94%
Joseph Cosby1,56819.19%
Doug Greenaway97711.96%
Phil MacKinnon3183.89%
Rob Gilmour3033.71%

Ward 3 - St. George's

Candidate Total votes % of total votes
Greg Washuta2,49135.82%
Rondi Craig2,19531.56%
Marie Poirier1,32919.11%
Doug Hobbs94013.52%

Ward 4 - St. Patrick's

Candidate Total votes % of total votes
Carol Disher1,83830.33%
Ronna Katzman1,83830.33%
John A. Davis1,24920.61%
Frank Hampson1,13618.74%
  • Carol Disher was elected to council in 1997, 2000 and 2003. She was president of the Niagara Bruce Trail Club in the early 1990s.[1] She tried to prevent the merger of Hamilton and St. Catharines power utilities in 2004,[2] and unsuccessfully urged council to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides in January 2006.[3] She was also a prominent opponent of the Port Dalhousie tower complex purchase.[4]

Ward 5 - Grantham

Candidate Total votes % of total votes
Dawn Dodge2,87329.10%
Brian Heit2,56625.99%
Brian Dorsey2,40324.34%
Clarice West-Hobbs1,39414.12%
Dan Antonides6376.45%

Ward 6 - Port Dalhousie

Candidate Total votes % of total votes
Bruce Williamson2,59226.57%
Sue Erskine2,23722.93%
Norm St. George1,53015.68%
Erick R. Roberts1,36213.96%
Morton Sider1,33513.68%
Henry Bosch7017.18%


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