1st Guards Cavalry Division (Russian Empire)

The 1st Guards Cavalry Division was a Guards heavy cavalry division of the Imperial Russian Army.

1st Guards Cavalry Division
1-я Гвардейская кавалерийская дивизия
Country Russian Empire
AllegianceGuards Corps
Branch Russian Imperial Army
TypeHeavy Cavalry
Battle honoursBorodino
Great War



Each regiment comprised four squadrons (or, in Cossack regiments, four sotnyas, or "hundreds"); the colonels of the Guard regiments usually were Major-Generals in rank.[6]


  • 23.12.1910—30.03.1916 — Nikolai Kaznakov
  • 02.04.1916—22.01.1917 — Pavlo Skoropadskyi
  • 10.03.1917—15.04.1917 — Evgeny Arseniev
  • 15.05.1917—06.08.1917 — Aleksander Eristov
  • 19.08.1917— ? — Afrikan P. Bogaewsky


  1. Leib-Gvardii Kirasirskii Ego Velichestva Polk
  2. Leib-Gvardii Kirasirskii Eia Velichestva Polk
  3. Leib-Gvardii Kazachii Ego Velichestva Polk
  4. Leib-Gvardii Atamanskii Ego Imperatorskago Vysochestva Naslednika Tsesarevicha Polk
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  6. Other Russian cavalry divisions generally comprised four regiments apiece, each of six squadrons (or sotnyas) of the same size -- 150 men and 8 officers -- under a colonel.

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