1st Florida Cavalry

The 1st Florida Cavalry was a Confederate army unit during the U.S. Civil War, originally organized in July 1861 at Tallahassee. Members of the regiment came primarily from Alachua, Clay, Columbia, Duval, Leon, Levy, Nassau and Suwannee counties. It left for the western theater in 1862.

1st Florida Cavalry
ActiveApril 5, 1861 - February 1862
Country Confederate States of America
Allegiance Florida
Branch Confederate States Army
TypeArmy Corps
Roleinfantry tactics
trench warfare
Part ofArmy of Tennessee
EngagementsAmerican Civil War
Col. William G. M. Davis
Lt. Col. George Troup Maxwell


  • Department of West Florida, April - October 1861
  • Department of Alabama and West Florida, October 1861
  • Army of Pensacola, Department of Alabama and West Florida, October 1861 - February 1862
Officers of the 1st Florida Cavalry Regiment
ColonelWilliam G. M. Davis[1]
Lt. ColonelGeorge Troup Maxwell
Lt. ColonelWilliam T. Stockton[2]


The 1st Florida Cavalry Regiment surrendered in North Carolina in April 1865.

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