1st Cavalry Brigade (Hungary)

The 1st Cavalry Brigade was a formation of the Royal Hungarian Army that participated in the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia during World War II.[1]


Structure of the brigade:[2]

  • Headquarters - under Brigadier General Lajos Veress
  • 3rd Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 3rd Cavalry Regiment
  • 4th Cavalry Regiment
  • 13th Bicycle Battalion
  • 14th Bicycle Battalion
  • 3rd Motorized Artillery Battalion
  • 1st Horse Artillery Battalion
  • 1st Cavalry Artillery Battalion
  • 1st Cavalry Anti-Aircraft Battery
  • 1st Cavalry Engineer Company
  • 1st Cavalry Bridging Engineer Company
  • 1st Cavalry Signal Company
  • 1st Cavalry Traffic Control Signal Company
  • 1st Cavalry Brigade Service Regiment


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