1997 UCI Track Cycling World Championships

The 1997 UCI Track Cycling World Championships were the World Championship for track cycling. They took place in Perth, Australia from 27 August to 31 August 1997. Twelve events were contested, eight for the men and four for the women. France dominated most of the events, taking home half of the gold medals on offer.

1997 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
VenuePerth, Australia
Date(s) (1997-08-27 - 1997-08-31)27–31 August 1997
VelodromePerth SpeedDome

Medal table

1 France (FRA)6028
2 Italy (ITA)2114
3 Germany (GER)1315
4 Australia (AUS)1225
5 Russia (RUS)1214
6 Spain (ESP)1113
7 South Africa (RSA)0101
  Switzerland (SUI)0101
 Ukraine (UKR)0101
10 Argentina (ARG)0011
 Great Britain (GBR)0011
 Mexico (MEX)0011
 United States (USA)0011
Totals (13 nations)12121236

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Events
Men's sprint
Florian Rousseau
Jens Fiedler
Darryn Hill
Men's 1 km time trial
Shane Kelly
1:03.156 Sören Lausberg
1:03.397 Stefan Nimke
Men's individual pursuit
Philippe Ermenault
4:23.058 Alexei Markov
4:27.350 Andrea Collinelli
Men's team pursuit
Andrea Capelli
Cristiano Citton
Andrea Collinelli
Mario Benetton

4:10.225 Oleksandr Klymenko
Olexandr Fedenko
Sergiy Matveyev
Alexander Symonenko
crashed Carlos Da Cruz
Philippe Ermenault
Jérôme Neuville
Franck Perque
Men's team sprint
Vincent Le Quellec
Florian Rousseau
Arnaud Tournant

44.926 Sören Lausberg
Eyk Pokorny
Jan van Eijden
46.257 Danny Day
Sean Eadie
Shane Kelly
Men's keirin
Frédéric Magné
Johann Van Zyl
 South Africa
Marty Nothstein
 United States
Men's points race
Silvio Martinello
37 Bruno Risi
16 Juan Llaneras
Men's madison
Miguel Alzamora
Juan Llaneras
19 Silvio Martinello
Marco Villa
13 Gabriel Curuchet
Juan Curuchet
Women's Events
Women's sprint
Félicia Ballanger
Michelle Ferris
Oksana Grichina
Women's 500 m time trial
Félicia Ballanger
34.681 Michelle Ferris
35.719 Magali Faure
Women's individual pursuit
Judith Arndt
3:38.730 Natalia Karimova
3:40.090 Yvonne McGregor
 Great Britain
Women's points race
Natalia Karimova
29 Teodora Ruano
29 Belem Guerrero
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