1997 Slovenian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Slovenia on 23 December 1997. The result was a victory for incumbent Milan Kučan, who won 55.54% of the vote. Voter turnout was 68.65%.[1]

1997 Slovenian presidential election

23 December 1997
Nominee Milan Kučan Janez Podobnik
Party Independent SLS
Popular vote 578,925 191,645
Percentage 55.54% 18.39%

President before election

Milan Kučan

Elected President

Milan Kučan

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Candidate Party Votes %
Milan KučanIndependent578,92555.54
Janez PodobnikSlovenian People's Party191,64518.39
Jozef BernikSDSS-SKD98,9969.50
Marjan CerarIndependent73,4397.05
Marjan PoljsakNational Labour Party33,4773.21
Anton PersakDemocratic Party of Slovenia32,0393.07
Bogomir KovacLiberal Democracy of Slovenia28,1102.70
Franc MiklavcicChristian-Social Union5,7130.55
Invalid/blank votes22,102
Registered voters/turnout1,550,59268.65
Source: European Elections Database


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