1996 United States Olympic Trials (swimming)

The 1996 United States Olympic Trials for swimming events was held from March 6–12 in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was the qualifying meet for American swimmers who hoped to compete at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

1996 United States Olympic Trials (swimming)
Host cityIndianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
Date(s)March 6 – March 12
Events26 (men: 13; women: 13)


Key:  Highlighted swimmers achieved the qualification conditions to be included in the Olympic team in that respective event.

Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m freestyle Gary Hall, Jr.22.27 David Fox22.50 Bill Pilczuk22.55
100 m freestyle Jon Olsen49.46 Gary Hall, Jr.49.53 Josh Davis49.97
200 m freestyle John Piersma1:48.97 Josh Davis1:49.29 Ryan Berube1:49.37
400 m freestyle Tom Dolan3:48.99 John Piersma3:51.41 Peter Wright3:52.85
1500 m freestyle Carlton Bruner15:12.85 Peter Wright15:17.96 Lawrence Frostad15:22.79
100 m backstroke Tripp Schwenk54.94 Jeff Rouse55.15 Brian Retterer55.46
200 m backstroke Brad Bridgewater1:59.16 Tripp Schwenk1:59.42 Tate Blahnik2:00.48
100 m breaststroke Jeremy Linn1:01.94 Kurt Grote1:02.03 Eric Wunderlich1:02.39
200 m breaststroke Kurt Grote2:14.22 Eric Wunderlich2:14.45 Steve West2:14.96
100 m butterfly John Hargis53.42 Mark Henderson53.51 Jason Lancaster53.73
200 m butterfly Tom Malchow1:57.39 Ray Carey1:57.66 Melvin Stewart1:57.89
200 m IM Tom Dolan2:00.20 Greg Burgess2:01.55 Paul Nelsen2:02.91
400 m IM Tom Dolan4:12.72 Eric Namesnik4:17.19 Iian Mull 4:22.16

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m freestyle Amy Van Dyken25.17 Angel Martino25.23 Jenny Thompson25.61
100 m freestyle Amy Van Dyken55.27 Angel Martino55.39 Jenny Thompson55.45
200 m freestyle Cristina Teuscher1:59.50 Trina Jackson2:00.62 Lisa Jacob2:00.65
400 m freestyle Janet Evans4:10.97 Cristina Teuscher4:11.59 Trina Jackson4:13.46
800 m freestyle Brooke Bennett8:31.41 Janet Evans8:33.60 Trina Jackson8:35.52
100 m backstroke Whitney Hedgepeth1:01.52 Beth Botsford1:01.59 Barbara Bedford1:02.31
200 m backstroke Beth Botsford2:10.66 Whitney Hedgepeth2:12.10 Amanda Adkins2:13.41
100 m breaststroke Amanda Beard1:08.36 Kristine Quance1:09.72 Kristy Kowal1:09.89
200 m breaststroke Amanda Beard2:26.25 Jilen Siroky2:28.23 Kristine Quance2:28.35
100 m butterfly Angel Martino59.63 Amy Van Dyken59.72 Misty Hyman59.75
200 m butterfly Annette Salmeen2:12.39 Trina Jackson2:12.89 Jean Todisco2:12.97
200 m IM Allison Wagner2:13.71 Kristine Quance2:13.76 Cristina Teuscher2:15.52
400 m IM Allison Wagner4:41.61 Whitney Metzler4:46.88 Jennifer Parmenter4:49.50

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