1996 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championship

The 1996 NCAA Women's Gymnastics championship involved 12 schools competing for the national championship of women's NCAA Division I gymnastics. It was the fifteenth NCAA gymnastics national championship and the defending NCAA Team Champion for 1995 was Utah. The competition took place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, hosted by the University of Alabama in the Coleman Coliseum. The 1996 Championship was won by host, Alabama and was their 3rd NCAA Title, setting a new NCAA record score of 198.025.

Team Results

Session 1

1 Georgia Gym Dogs49.40049.17549.02548.800196.400
2 UCLA Bruins48.87548.82548.92548.675195.300
3 Michigan Wolverines49.47548.12548.12548.250193.975
4 Nebraska Cornhuskers48.65048.95047.90048.450193.950
5 Penn State Nittany Lions48.25048.42547.80048.225192.700
6 BYU Cougars48.12547.95047.72448.700192.500

Session 2

1 Alabama Crimson Tide49.55048.77548.47549.525196.325
2 Utah Red Rocks49.00049.15048.87548.975196.000
3 Oregon State Beavers49.25049.02548.70048.725195.700
4 Arizona Wildcats48.77549.40047.90049.050195.125
5 Florida Gators49.15048.87548.47548.325194.825
6 Stanford Cardinal48.50048.47548.47548.575194.025

Super Six

1 Alabama Crimson Tide49.77549.47549.15049.625198.025
2 UCLA Bruins49.45049.25049.50049.275197.475
3 Georgia Gym Dogs49.67549.57549.40049.125196.775
3 Utah Red Rocks49.25049.20049.15049.175196.775
5 Oregon State Beavers49.47549.17548.92548.950196.525
6 Michigan Wolverines49.30049.00048.97549.100196.375
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